I'm 22 years old, just graduated college for Game Design. I focus on narrative design in my games, and hope to begin making games within my own universe!

I prefer RPG's out of all the genres, but love exploration and puzzle games.
Perspective: Extended Ed...
Exploration Puzzle game, spectate the memories to find clues!



Progress on Act 1, Act 2 Plans, New Gamepage?

Yeahhh. I mean the extended edition will include an improved act 1, plus all the acts. This game page would be considered the standalone, what the contest entry was like version. Hmmm... I can see why I wouldn't have a separate page, and why one's necessary. Dangit :(

Progress on Act 1, Act 2 Plans, New Gamepage?

if its a seprate game yes if it continues as a addon to act 1 no

So you're saying if the extended edition has act 1 along with acts 2-5, it shouldn't have another page?

Update: I decided I don't have the art skills to make them tap their foot or something. I changed it up in the blog post, I'll try using movement and emotion balloons.

Extended Edition Details, Community Levels?, Progress Update

Another update through posting rather than a whole new blog post:

- I've got a solid outline of the cast, however I imagine I might be off a character or two depending on if I want to add in characters later on. But I've got a cast of around 130 characters who need graphics in Act 2's set of memories. I thought I'd explain as well that I don't plan on repeating a single character graphic. There will be a character graphic for each character which explains the large amount of graphics necessary. I use a generator though, so it's not too bad. I'm holding off on making them until the next order of business:

-Rewrite of Act 1. I intend to go in and rewrite the entire act 1, and even go into the level and rewrite most of the dialogue as well as add a bit more life to the characters. Judging by how long it takes me to, uhhh... do things, I'm hoping I can get work on Act 1 done by the end of July, and planning and preparation work done by the time I go to college. That work includes the character graphics and mapping.

Extended Edition Details, Community Levels?, Progress Update

Hmmm, more thoughts on extending the game:

  • Someone pointed out that the setting was not really fitting with the magical world of attributes. The mansion setting might not have been the best setting to start with in introducing this world. I'm also worried about the art and music side of the game as I'm working alone here. I can cover design and writing quite gracefully(I have a secret, confident side that sometimes pokes through my humbleness as you can see :P), the programming side is a bit rough but I found help through free to use stuff. Art though, I just generate the character graphics and look for help in both art and music the same way I do scripts. Perhaps the attributes should have a bit more say in the environment. Hmmmmm, something to think and worry about. I don't have the skills, but making it so you can see the visual impact attributes have on the world through a change in tileset might have helped, or will help... hmmm.

  • I hit a snag in planning, but got back into the swing of things by starting each level with a written map layout, to jog some creative ideas around for the cast and story and mapping. So far two memories have a cast outlined, with a total of 58 character graphics necessary. Two more memories to layout!

  • I decided to wait until I had resources for my Seamus series, and I'm afraid I need to look into resources for Perspective too. I don't know if I should stop working on it so I can have resources or keep going and call the art "placeholder" :(, here come the difficult decisions that come with game design!!!!!

Extended Edition Details, Community Levels?, Progress Update

It'll be a lot of work, but I'm sure as long as I take my time with it I won't be pressured too hard by it. We'll see! I'm glad you look forward to it, cause I am. Let's hope more people start seeing this game, and let's hope they don't get stuck in the intro :(

Extended Edition Details, Community Levels?, Progress Update

Alright, thanks. I'll definitely keep that in mind... Huh, was it really that unclear? Dangit :(

Painted Heart now released!

@outcry ahhh you like a challenge eh? Yeah, the last boss gets really tricky if you don't have some of the good painting techniques... good luck though!

I actually got stuck a few times throughout it too, didn't know where to go until it smacked me in the face. And the second round of those switch puzzles threw me off. I was expecting to jump on them like earlier, but it would just transfer me to the next spot. I got kinda lost and confused :P. I have a feeling I've missed something uhm... *cough* I have not found any painting techniques. I was wondering why it kept asking which technique to use :P.

Painted Heart now released!

Accha one small thing you've spelt enemies wrong in the paints description. Also I just wanted to check, you can't use the paints outside of battle? I made it through a tough battle but Zophie is down on HP but I can't heal her from the paints in the menu, is that the way it is supposed to be?

From my experience, you shouldn't have to heal outside of battle. Health is fully restored after every battle.

This was great! I just have to give another try at the final boss, I game-overed a few times throughout the whole thing on advanced mode. I'm happy with the battle system and art and music. Writing too. Brilliant job!

Perspective Contest Entry Version Details

And the final version for this contest is out! Now to start planning out a longer version with more levels and stuff while I wait. Fingers crossed I do well in the competition!

Finished by the skin of our teeth!

Cool, something to look forward to tomorrow then! Can't wait, it looks like it's really shaping up to be an exceptional work. Well done.
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