I'm 22 years old, just graduated college for Game Design. I focus on narrative design in my games, and hope to begin making games within my own universe!

I prefer RPG's out of all the genres, but love exploration and puzzle games.
Perspective: Extended Ed...
Exploration Puzzle game, spectate the memories to find clues!



Perspective: Extended Edition

When you say "they", do you mean me? Hah, I have been working on a continuation of this game actually, continuing the story. That answers your "why haven't they made more games like this", but I'm interested to know what version you played? Sounds like you played the revised version of act 1. If you did, and your comments directed at the storytelling are true, then WOW! Thank you very much! I'm surprised to hear, in the midst of working on two projects and college work, that my revisions helped greatly. All of those things you said were definitely goals of mine with my revision. I added a lot of those conversations, fleshed it out. However, I'm limited in animations and skill with art and programming, so I totally agree with you on the disappointment occasionally in following certain characters, the fast forward and rewind mechanics. They would all wrap up the rest of this game into a whole, perfected design.

Without an artist or programmer, I am at a loss for these features, however. This is everything I can manage so far alone as a designer/writer, but I am making fixes. I'll jot down those issues you found, thank you! They will come in the next iteration. As for the frustration and understanding issues: I can see how it's very difficult to teach the player how the levels are structured. I'll hopefully be able to note all these misunderstandings and change the tutorial messages to make sure they include details like that.

Just a little progress mention: we are working on mapping for the four levels in act 2(it's taking a long time because Seiromem isn't actually working on them, and I might need to start.), but I plan on reducing the acts to 3 or 4 instead of 5. I agree, this concept has a lot of potential, which is why I planned 5 acts(5 total waves of content). But to improve the story and make sure it's complete faster, I'll be doing a rewrite of the later acts. Back to your thoughts on the story now that I think of it: It's great to know the first act's writing is up where I want it to be before moving on to the next act. I'm very happy you like the writing, as that's the part I was worried about after the contest version.

Oh, one more thing. About the characters of the level: I casted the new levels, making sure each had a role, and would ALL be necessary and fulfilling to watch. They'll have their own sub-plots, some side-quest mysteries, and you'll be able to really see how the world in Perspective(and my whole attribute universe) works.

To conclude, thank you! That was a good block of feedback, I really needed that actually, to help push the game along. I'm working on an RPG right now primarily, but hopefully this game speeds up in development.

The Vendor

HMM?? The Vendor news? Don't waste time working the details out, tell us the raw info NOW and suffer the drawbacks of such a thing! WOO! Totally a smart...idea...

I bet it's gonna be an announcement about how the game is dropping all vendor gameplay to become a traditional RPG. Totally... w-was I right? I hope not.

EITHER WAY, excited to see what you have planned for it!

Perspective: Extended Edition

I do think you did a good job of conveying the information you wanted to tell, so no worries about that! One more thing: I gathered all the collectibles, which should've gotten me some sort of lore bonus, right? I couldn't find it! D:

Right. What you played is the beta, so it wouldn't have mattered to you at this time, but what's changed is if you go to the save crystal, any crystal, you "Check Achievements", and instead you get an achievement for getting the collectibles rather than lore.

I plan to have achievements reward you with... something starting act 2, but for now, they are just markers saying "Hey, you did it!"

As for lore bonuses, I plan on having some new way to give them to you, through journals or book entries or whatever things, and I need a place to keep those. For now though, there's no lore bonuses or achievement rewards yet.

Perspective: Extended Edition

Hmmm, okay. I didn't know how the font would do for anybody else, so it's good to know it might be hard to read for some. I need to look into fonts more, and I had a lot of trouble with that when I was. My sister said she liked the font so I was like FINALLY, and put it in. Hah, my mistake.

I'm glad to hear from someone who played the extended version's demo before the contest entry. Act 1 is plenty different and more refined now compared to that one.

As for the lore about attributes, I'm sorry if you were a little more confused than you'd like, but there is something I intended. Act 1 is intended to be mainly the lore introduction as well as gameplay introduction. There were lore crystal unlockables before that talked about spirits and orbs, but random lore isn't a good reward and people usually don't want to read that. The intro also had too much exposition about the nature of attributes. So instead, I'm gonna let the game tell you through playing it.

If this world is to be believable, the attributes should mostly be common knowledge. So the best way for you to understand is to let the world tell you. Of course, it's not your fault because act 1 is short. Act 2 is larger, and will help build more understanding. I can't do much more with act 1 without overloading it with too much information. So! We'll let act 2 do it's work.

Now that you've played act 1 though, see it as this:
The gameplay mechanic uses Amelia's memory attribute, so there's an example of an attribute at play. The plot of the level is mainly about power that an attribute can give, at least that's what it will mean in the grand scheme of the storyline. So the majority is definitely introducing what attributes give to people. The conspiracy introduces the spirit and orb thing quickly, but obviously act 2 will focus on that stuff more.

Perspective: Extended Edition

Oh, you put it in full screen? Oh my, I don't know what it looks like in full screen with new font. The message system isn't new, it was used for when you pick up clues before. I used it in the tutorial this time around, and I'm glad to hear it works a lot better.

As for the skipping of text, that's understandable. You already know what happens, hah. But the dialogue is very different in the intro this time around, did you notice the new scene changes? Not just dialogue, but there's more movement in the intro. That might be the differences you noticed. The exposition is removed from the tutorial, it's strictly the quick tutorial now, nothing more.

It's tough to judge act 1 with already playing the level before and knowing where everything is, I understand. Glad you're noticing the significant changes, however. As for act 2, start a new game and skip to act 2. The default is you didn't save Emily yourself, but you can see the new act intro without a graphic problem with the version you first had. If you want, you can download the new version and transfer your save. See if that works, hit two birds with one stone!

Perspective: Extended Edition

I'll look into the passability and that hint circle. The font is new, and I've gotten good comments about it. No problems reading it so far, but you can't understand it? Hmmmm, alright, I can keep looking for fonts if it's too hard to read. Either way, that's 3 like it, 1 don't so far.

(XD you called her a stripper)

the charset is missing? right in the very beginning of act 2, or?

Edit: Just solved the passability, and the stage 4 clues seem to be the old clue twinkle, rather than the circle. I don't know why they changed back, but I'm gonna change them again. Thanks for that!

Lastly, the transition from act 1 to 2 seems to have that character set problem. I see what's missing and I'm fixing it now! Amelia was 0 opacity if leaving act 1 to go to act 2, and if you jump in from the title this problem doesn't happen. I'm replacing the beta with this fixed version, before anyone else gets their hands on it. Thanks for that test! You found some bugs really quick for me :P.

(I'll fix that grammar mistake too, but that's not done in the quick 0.2 beta I just put out. Damn, I editted this message about 5 times :P)

Lastly, lastly, how was the new intro? Do you think those level additions will help the experience? Would you want to hear more Amelia input during the level? How was the transition story-wise? Finally, how was the intro to act 2?

Unraveled: Tale of the Shipbreaker's Daughter

Oh, yeah, of course, I don't know why I said non-RPG XD. Either way, it helps to have... help. I had a mapper and testers so I guess it was even :P.

Either way, nice work on this one ;)

Unraveled: Tale of the Shipbreaker's Daughter

I guess this game shows it really helps to have a team to work on something. I like the game, it's really nice. I see it as easily beating my game in the non-RPG genre, not to put myself down or anything :P

Perspective: Extended Edition

Thanks for playing the game! I'm hoping to get a fast-forward button scripted to solve the waiting problem. However having good writing helps things stay interesting. It's come to a consensus that the intro needed work. I focused on that a lot with the revamped version.

The extended edition is coming along pretty well, and I think the new intro is gonna be better this time around. I appreciate the constructive response, thanks!

Perspective: Extended Edition

may want to cut down on that act 2 lol 4 patients?that's just asking to go on a permanent hiatus! : D
w/o having a team to help you anyway
if each one is remotely as detailed as the act 1 memory
id not expect it to be finished honestly :3

could start with like 1-2 then add additional patients with updates :3
just don't bite off more then you can chew!
your amazing at game making but people have limits :3

upon replaying the start while a part of me felt his explanation once you went back in to that snow area could of been shorter
a player can just skip it and figure it out on there own
so its not a big deal
id +1 keeping as it is.

Believe it or not, 4 patients in act 2 isn't as hard as it sounds. Everything is just time-consuming, but I'm getting faster and faster. My process for making a level is getting better. As long as I keep my cool and patience it'll get done, and heck, I kind of foresee getting a couple others to help. We'll see when I head back to college. But either way, this is definitely getting done. More levels! More mysteries! I've already got the main plans for the characters and mapping of each memory ready. I'm just working on improving act 1 right now.

As for the intro, it still definitely calls for some improvements to how the tutorial teaches you how to play and add some characterization too.