How to make a Skill that makes you immune to other certain Skills?

This is for RPG Maker MV, forgot the tag.

I want to know how to make a skill that when used, you can't be targeted by a certain skill, specifically a healing skill from the party. Basically you would gain TP at the cost of life, but then won't be able to be healed for a certain amount of turns. Any help will be appreciated.

[RMMV] Best way to implement gun mechanics?

I started to make a new game about a week ago and I'm not sure how to go about making gun combat. My game will be like Fallout and Chrono Trigger. Do people find the default RM maker combat but with guns or like top-down kind of combat?

How to check the amount of an item using a script?

Basically I want a skill to be usable if I have certain amount of an item, like bullets for example. If I don't have enough bullet "items", I can't use the shoot "skill". I really want to know what the specific call is to get an item amount?

What I've tried is (using Yanfly Skillcore):

What this is trying to do is if I don't have enough of the item in my inventory, the skill I want to use (this code is pasted in the skill's notes section which can be called) is hidden and can't be used,
being the itemID number I want to check. This didn't work, of course.

edit: sorry the code i posted didnt show correctly so i just put a screenshot
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