it do be like that sometimes.



What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

I finally got around to finishing Ghost Trick! I knew the twist and still cried like a baby :)

the world is falling apart and I am joining RMN

Capybaras are strangely satisfying to look at. There's something very nice about the shape of their faces. Anyway, hi!

happy 5am! here I am

Hi!!! I'm plasterbrain. I do music and like indie horror games!

I've never been an active on these forums before, but I've had an account for a while. Leeeet's be friends! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

About the game and a proofreader.

I can proofread if you need it! :)
Oh no sorry for a really really late reply :(
Are you still interested?

Sorry for the late reply to your late reply xd
Yeah for sure, let me know if there's a better way to contact you.

About the game and a proofreader.

I can proofread if you need it! :)

Summoner of Sounds

Come on man, don't get my hopes up like that.

Summoner of Sounds

Ha, right? Organic instruments all teh way

Summoner of Sounds

Summoner of Sounds

I haven't gone through any of these yet, but the free packs at SoundMorph seem like they were designed for this challenge, lol

RMN Composer Introductions

Artist names you are known by:
Plasterbrain, Ragtime/Miss Ragtime/Remilia Ragtime/ItsRagtime

Link to the best place to follow your work:
Soundcloud for finished, public songs
Patreon ($2/month) for WIP soundtracks and commissions
Clyp for occasional short stuff
YouTube for everything else?

Contact information for commissions:

Music genres and style influences of your work:
Touhou and Ghibli music were big influences for me when I first started. Genre ranges from electronic/pop to intimate orchestral

Your choice of audio software:

Instruments you play:

Your proudest accomplishment as a musician:
Over 1M plays on Soundcloud on some dumb song I wrote & recorded in like an hour
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