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Map inspiration

I've been in the mood to making a new RPG, but I'm horrible at designing my maps, I can never really make them look very realistic. But lately, I've been playing Minecraft, and I've been using Notch's generation code.

My question I pose is, what is your inspiration behind your maps?

Event Sprite change in RM2k3

So I've been working on a Farming type game in RM2k3,
and While building the event for growing crops, I can't get the sprite to change face once it's fully grown.
The problem isn't that it won't change, but that it won't on its own.
The event still needs to be activated by the action key to change, but this would mean you already know the crop is ready.

So what I need help with is how can I make the sprite change on it's own?

Event Script Error

So I'm having this strange error with my game, I started a new project in RM2k3 and cleared the data base of defaults when I tried to start the game and It says that the event script references and Item that does not exist. I found that if the items are 43 or lower the game will not work properly. Any help?

Can't create Gamedisk with RM2k3

Alright, so I was trying to make the executable for my game, so I could release a demo.

But every time I try to do this I get a message, so I don't have to explain I'll include a image.

To try to solve this problame I've uninstalled RM2k3 and reinstalled, but to prevail, the error still happens. (and yes I've reset my computer for the installation to work.)

could someone please help?

(Here's the image):

My "Dear John" letter. (Back April 5th)

Dear RMN,

The time we have spent together has been great, I feel like I really have got to know you, but things just aren't working out. I need some time to explore my hobbies and get some work done. I still care about you, please don't misunderstand. I just think we need to take a break and see how we do appart from each other. It's not you, It's me. If you can wait for me to collect my thoughts, I promise when we see each other again it will be great. I'll bring something new to the table, and I'm sure you will too. Well till then.

~With love,

[Demo] Project blue sphere 2

Game Name:Project Blue Sphere 2
Made With:GameMaker
Release: Demo Alpha
RTP Needed:Nope
Size:7.9 MB
Percent Complete: 31%
Download:Click Here

Project Blue Sphere 2

About the game:
This is the sequal of my game PBS. To give a quick review, PBS was my intro back into the GameMaker program. PBS was a arcade style type of game with very simple graphics and controls. PBS2 is a revision of the original, with better graphics, newer controls, a better battle system and other features.

How to play:
Explore a mixture of different maps where you must find a trigger. Once every trigger on the map has been pressed a flag will pop up some where else on the map. Make your way to the flag and then move on to a newer map. Danger follows you too though, Do not get mixed up with the deadly Red Spheres.

New features:
In PBS2 your enemies are even stronger. Again you face the Red Spheres, but if you click on them like the last game, they don't become Green, but Orange, you must then wait for 15 seconds and the Orange Spheres will become Yellow Spheres. Then click on the Yellow Spheres and the Green Spheres return, still only for 15 seconds so you must be quick. Also note that Orange and Yellow Spheres are the same as Red in the sense that you will die from contact with them.
Introducing Helper Spheres. These little guys are nice little helpers in your journey to explore the rooms and find energy spheres. Helper spheres can turn Red Spheres right into Yellow Spheres as a sacrifice. The nice bonus about this is that Helper spheres dont take away from your health and you have a unlimited number of them. But the downside is that Helper Spheres can't stop until they make contact with a wall or a enemy. Also only one Helper Sphere can be on the map at a time. *Some time errors happen, if a Helper sphere becomes frozen, simply click on the sphere and it will be gone.*

WASD; These will move the Hero.
Mouse; By click on the Red and Yellow spheres you can change them to Orange and Green for 15 seconds
Space; Creates Helper Spheres
/\ > \/ < ; These will move the Helper Sphere
P; Pauses Gameplay

Alright everyone, This is just the first demo version. If you enjoyed PBS1 then check out its sequel full of new controls, Spheres, and other new features.

Whats in a sequal?

So. You just finished game X and loved it. You've played it through at least three times and got all the secrets unlocked. Now its been months and Company "Zipado" has just released X2. What is it about a sequal that can make or break it?

Artist needed. Help with Title screen

Hello everyone. could someone please help me with a title screen for my game? I already have the design made but I can't make graphics on the computer worth shit.
If you would like to help I put all the info you should need in the spoiler

I would like the image to be 312 x 264
I would like the it to say Help and Click on screen to start
and here if my original design;

Project Blue Sphere [Full Game]

Just trying to get some traffic for my game, so heres a topic for it;

Game Name:Project Blue Sphere
Made With:GameMaker
Release:Full Game
RTP Needed:Nope
Size:26.2 MB
Download:Click Here

Project Blue Shpere
By: Michael "Pantsman" Henegar.

About Blue Spere.
Project Blue Sphere is a game made to get re-identified with the GameMaker program. Blue Sphere is a maze style game that features, Simple graphics, Simple level design, and simply fun game play.

How To Play.
The goal of the game is to reach the flag and progress through your day. Your day is devided into four parts, your morning, mid-day, sunset, and night. But to progress through the day and find the flag's you need to first find the trigger. Once the trigger is pressed the flag will apper. But be careful, your have enemies too. Do not come in contact with Red Sphere's or you will lose a life. To make a Red Sphere vulnerable left click on them and they will turn Green for 15 seconds, during this time you can destroy the enemy shperes by coming in contact with them.

Movement: Up, Down, Left, and Right. - Arrow keys or the WASD Keys.
Weaken Enemies: Left click on them.
F5: Save your current game
F6: Play saved game

From the Author.
I hope you enjoy playing my game. If you have any questions or comments leave them on the Project Blue Sphere game page found on or send me a email at

Liberty, From RMN, Title Screen Graphic.
Music From the FFX Soundtrack; Tracks used; "To Zanarkand", "Tidus' Theme", "Daughter Of The Great Summoner Warrior", "Twilight" & "Aurons Theme"

~Enjoy playing

I also have some screens

And of course a link for download;

2008 misaos

So what happened? Are we going to have misaos for 2008?