Battle Royale
42 students start, only 1 can win...who will survive?



Battle Royale Review

Thank you very much for your review! A fair score and assessment I think. I saw the movie version first and that was the one that made the biggest impression on me, so the music and character portraits are obviously from that. But I can see your point about how they might clash. I did consider having some way for the player to choose between movie portraits and manga portraits, but I couldn't work out an easy way to do it.

To address a couple of points. The clock is on a ten minute timer (i.e. one hour = 10 real minutes). It seems you recruited Megumi just at exactly the same time that she was killed by a scripted event. Unfortunately those bugs do happen, and I never found a way to fix them.
When you randomly encounter Kazuo, he appears on screen after a few seconds. So if you leave the screen, wait a bit, leave the screen again etc, a few times he will go. I know this is not ideal. I really wanted the idea of him being unstoppable and when I had him appear immediately (as soon as the music starts) it was too easy to avoid him.

It's useful to get the perspective of someone who maybe doesn't know BR quite as well, so I can see the frustrating aspects, e.g. lack of direction. I really wanted to finish it off with the 3 additional characters but real life (i.e. having an 8 month old baby ^_^) makes that pretty unlikely for the present.

Anyway, nice review and thanks again!

Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate Review

Exactly. I'm sick of seeing this at the top of the games list simply because people disagree with this review. I haven't played this but Sated seems to have justified his score. He hated the characters, it put him off continuing, hence 1.5 stars.

If you agree with him you don't need to post, it's just giving the game further coverage. If you disagree, write your own review like Corfaisus or just, you know, ignore it. Just because someone hated a game you liked doesn't mean it's a personal attack on you and your taste. This thread is just getting nasty and personal now.

Heiwaboke Crisis Review

Wow thanks for the review Dyhalto! I've been away from this site for a while so it was a surprise! You scored it higher than I expected for my first game. I'm glad you realised that all the stereotypes of Japanese culture are deliberate and I'm not actually an otaku myself (maybe a little...but I don't even watch anime...). I think it's somewhat of an acquired taste though as some people get really annoyed by it!

You're right about the battle system being somewhat hit or miss. I wanted to have some way of scaling levels so you could fight them in any order but I couldn't find any scripts and I didn't have enough experience to do it myself. To be honest the fighting is the part I have least interest in making, which is why it is so simple.

Anyway, my next project Battle Royale has been neglected for a while but I feel re-motivated to go back to it now! Thanks again ^_^
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