Battle Royale
42 students start, only 1 can win...who will survive?




Liberty, are we just meant to post our stories in this thread? Because it's going to get pretty long and difficult to read (even hidden). My challenge is 4,500 words...

How about putting them all together as an article, or is that not really appropriate in this case?

URGENT: Transference of RPGVXAce (or any of them, for that matter)

I did this about a year ago with XP when I got my new laptop. At first, after I transferred the files it wouldn't work and I was prompted to enter the activation code. I emailed enterbrain and after confirming from their records that I had a legal copy they sent me a new activation code. It's been perfectly fine since then.


To challenge or not to challenge, that is the question...

I'm interested to give it a try, just to see what you give me. I'll probably fail miserably though o_O

intrest in a remake for lufia the legend returns?

I'm going to say that I would not be interested in this, nor would I endorse it, because I feel that flat out remakes of commercial games are the most unoriginal and immoral projects that we can make.

Think of it for a moment. You made a game that earned you some good bucks and people paid to play it, but now some random chump is cashing in on your success by redistributing a different version of your game for free and earning praise for it. It is just so disloyal and morally black, and should be as forbidden on sites like RMN as much as downloads of illegal RPG Maker translations, roms of actual commercial SNES games, etc.

My suggestion? Go for a fangame inspired by the game that you're wishing to remake. Paying homage to a commercial game is cool, but flat out remaking it piece by piece is kind of unethical.

I would also add to this: Would your remake be better than the original? That is, would your remake made by one or two amateur game makers be better than a game made by a team of full-time professionals? If not, than I can't see the point in remaking a commercial game. By all means copy the battle system into your own game, if that's what you like the most about the original.

NicoB's Let's Tries/Plays! *REQUEST YOUR GAME HERE!*

Well I guess it's not to everyone's taste ^_^ Thanks for trying anyway. I was originally making it for myself just for fun and was halfway through before I thought about sharing it, so it's probably a bit strange... I guess it helps if you know about and are interested in Japan.

I think there's only 3 quests with any sexual overtones, it just so happens that you started near two of them. Although you're right about the character rips ^_^

"Irrashaimase" means something like "welcome". All shop staff in Japan say this when a customer enters. "Heiwaboke" (hey-wa-bo-keh) means "complacency about peace". Actually the game title comes from a song by Melt-Banana.

Mateui: the book you start with explains that the spirits have possessed people around the town, and you have to complete the missions to force them out and fight them. I agree that it is non-linear and appears directionless though, but I deliberately wanted to make it so you can do the quests in any order.

Games we need to get over

I can't remember where, but I read somewhere that the reason Nintendo will never make an MMO is because they are a family company and as soon as something goes online they would lose control over that. So you'd get loads of players running around with pokemon named "fuckwit" or whatever. Which is against Nintendo's image.

Although now I think about it, I also read that in Diablo 3 you can't name your characters with swear words either. Can someone confirm that? I'm sure Nintendo could find some way to block it too.

Update #12: DEMO #2

I have a question about this password thing. I'm a little curious about what the point of it is. Either the passwords will be freely available to everyone, in which case you might as well just have the maps switch-activated, or they will somehow be exclusive, in which case you're denying content to some users.

Maybe I'm missing something. This is a genuine question: is there a reason for password maps or is it just a gimmick?

NaGaDeMo Review Drive

Scrap that, I'll check again when the list is updated...

Removing save option RPGXP

Insert event - Change save access - disable.

You're welcome ^_^

Bad games you love any ways.

History Channel: Civil War - A Nation DividedI really have hard time wondering why do I even play this.
Probably because it's the only Civil War themed FPS.

I've also consistently been disappointed by crap civil war fps. By far the best one (although the rest of the game is only so-so) is Darkest of Days. You time travel through five eras (indian wars, civil war, first world war, second world war and Pompey). The Civil War levels are the best, with you taking part in famous scenes like the cornfield at Antietam. And as well as civil war-era weapons, you later get modern assault rifles to kill rebels with ^_^

It's only $20 on steam.