Battle Royale
42 students start, only 1 can win...who will survive?



Heiwaboke Crisis

I think maybe he's in the clothes shop, if I recall correctly...

Heiwaboke Crisis

The missing girl is in the toilets. Examine the notebook on the floor.
For the cigarettes, cut a hole in the encyclopedia you can buy from the bookshop using nail scissors from the chemists, then put the cigarettes inside.
For the battery, get the lightning rod from the side of the church (you can see it during a thunderstorm) and use it on the car. Then wait for another thunderstorm.
I don't remember any part with a girl stuck in a tree...if you mean the ninja, you don't need to do anything as her mission is finished.

Heiwaboke Crisis

For the thief, you need to chase him round town. He wears different clothes, but his closed eyes are always the same. Talk to him about 5 times I think.

I'm sorry about the file error, I thought I'd fixed that :(
You'll have to find the folder where you installed HeiwabokeCrisis then go to Graphics>Pictures. Find Bhappy.png and copy then rename it to Bsmile. This should work!

Heiwaboke Crisis

Hi, thanks for playing my game!

You can buy the film from the convenience store after completing the mission there.

For the key, go to the classroom with the teacher who keeps kicking you out. You have to sneak up on the student when the teachers not looking, then you can grab the key off him.
Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any more problems!

Battle Royale

Hi, thanks for the post!
Can I get some more information?
Who are you playing as, Shinji or Shuya?
I assume you downloaded the collar specs from their network, so what actually happens when you try to use it? Any messages?
Is Shogo still in your team?
Do you have a chance to enter the name of a group member whose collar you will remove?
If you can give me thus info, I should be able to say whether it's a bug or if you just missed sonething.


Yeah, I know. I probably should have changed it but it's only for a brief flashback scene and all the flashback scenes have no text box. Oh well. Glad you like the rest of it though!

Are achievements a poor way to increase game length?

I have put a simple achievement system in my game and I'd just like to explain why, and also add possbily a different reason why I think achievements can be a good thing.
Battle Royale is a fairly open-ended game, in that there are multiple ways to complete it and no linear story as such. One thing you can do is to save various classmates at different points. One of the main reasons I added achievements was so that the player could get an idea of which classmates it is possible to save. The puzzle then becomes how to do it.
I think games which use achievements well also have this kind, where you have an interesting achievement description that makes the player think about what they need to do, like a mini puzzle. I'm reminded of the gnome/space ship achievement in Half Life 2 episode 2. I much prefer this type to the grinding for hours type, which I just don't bother with.

RMN Secret Santa 2013~ [Speculation Central!]

Well since my "secret" Santa introduced himself in the video it's not particularly hard to guess...Nevermind, it's the thought that counts! Since he obviously hasn't seen Battle Royale it'll be really interesting to see his reaction. Thanks Santa!

Just one thing..."Based on Hunger Games"...



Battle Royale (the movie) came out in 2000, the book a couple of years earlier. Waaay before The Hunger Games was written. This is a bit of a sore point for BR fans o_O

Brace yourselves, the RMN Storefront is coming

The agreement I signed with Degica dictates that RMN will get 50% of the Distributor Revenue from each sale on the RMN Storefront. (Distributor Revenue means the net sales less the percentage commission reserved for the game's developers). So, after the developer takes their cut, RMN and Degica will split what remains down the middle.

Is this what you were looking for?

The game has been accpeted!

I know it will be a while until you have anything ready, but whenever you need some proof-reading again please let me know! ^_^