Battle Royale
42 students start, only 1 can win...who will survive?




Hi LockeZ
The first two are not major points, but for future games I'll bear them in mind. Could you tell me how to add shadows and expand the box? I assume it's just changing a couple of lines in the relevant scripts.
For the backgrounds, yes they are stretched. Unfortunately because of the strange size of the battlebacks I had to do this to fit them in. I tried to only use ones that didn't distort too much though.

Heiwaboke Crisis

Hi Szacun I've checked and the sound file is definitely where it should be. Is that the only file that doesn't play? There should be a couple of other places where the sound file has japanese in it (karaoke and disco for example). Actually, it doesn't display on mine either but it plays alright. The only thing I can suggest is maybe you need the Microsoft Japanese IME? If it's a problem common to others I'll change the file names to English only and reupload it.


Just becauuuusssseee...

Yes it is, but don't worry it's not a hentai game. If you really want to know where it's from, it's in the end credits.