Battle Royale
42 students start, only 1 can win...who will survive?



Battle Royale

Hi Numbah, thanks for telling me about that bug, I'll check it out!
As for Mitsuko...yeah she's dangerous, that's why she can survive. Plus she only kills you in one slash if you fall for her seduction. Let's just say she caught you with your pants down ;-)

NathanFrey, um, I don't know why that is. Actually the rar file I uploaded is only 134MB too. Maybe something to do with the way the site measures size?

Heiwaboke Crisis

Hi thanks for downloading and playing my game! I'm sorry about the problem sound file, I'm sure I fixed that ages ago... I assume you have the latest version of the game. The problem is that sound file was originally named using Japanese IME, and although the brackets look the same they are actually Japanese brackets, if that makes sense. I'll check it when I get home. If you don't have japanese language enabled on your computer you might have to edit the game and delete the file. If you need to do that, pm me and I'll tell you how.

The second problem is easier: it's from the POV of the guy, so your right is his left. (I.e turn left at the karaoke). Hope that helps!
If you have any more problems please let me know! ^_^

Battle Royale

Thanks, and sorry to hear about the problem. It seems to happen when certain player actions conflict with scripted timed events. Can you remember what you were doing when the cutscene happened?

Artist(s) Needed

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RMN Secret Santa 2013~ [Speculation Central!]

I'm game. But please don't give me a massive 50 hour epic as I won't have the time to play to completion!

The UN's attack on Black Pete

Every time that argument (invariably) comes up in a discussion about whether something is racist or not, I'm always amazed that some people cannot see there is a historical difference between how white people and black people have been treated.

Let me make it clear to you: there has been a long and shameful history of those in power (predominately in history white Europeans/Americans) exploiting, mistreating, mocking and subjugating minorities or those from weaker countries (predominately Africans and Asians, but really most native peoples).

Therefore, your flippant example is not comparable because there is not really a history of anti-white racism. If you are white, and you have grown up in a Western or majority white country, you have not experienced the daily racism ethnic minorities often do. So, you are not in a position to start whataboutery.

Frankly, I would only really accept a black persons opinion about whether Black Pete is racist or not. It's kind of like golliwogs in Britain, although thankfully most people have come to accept that they are relics that belong in the past, not in our kid's bedrooms.

Battle Royale

TheDudelyllama: Yeah, I'm working on adding Shinji's story. But I've been busy doing some translation work so I haven't updated recently. It is coming though, I promise! Thanks for the offer and support!

NathanFrey: I'm glad you enjoyed it, I also find killing Mitsuko kind of sad... Thanks for pointing out the bug, I've fixed a few for the next version but I've never encountered that one so I'll check it out! It sounds like I forgot to turn off a switch...

Various games etymologies


Sorry, I couldn't resist ;-)
But seriously, you have way too much time on your hands...

Heiwaboke Crisis

Does the rar file extract with no errors? When you start the program, what does the error message say?

Battle Royale

I'm not at home to check, and I can't remember which password goes with which colour door, but as far as I recall the passwords are:

Hope that helps!