Battle Royale
42 students start, only 1 can win...who will survive?



Heiwaboke Crisis

Did you look out of the 1st floor window first? After that, try to approach the tree and the bird will chase you away. Then pick up the cat and return to the tree. You don't need to use the cat, it should happen automatically.

Heiwaboke Crisis

The ninja girl is on the screen to the left of the Shinto
shrine. Walk through the area with the bamboo trees. I don't know why the bucket isn't working, maybe you're not standing on the right spot? You should just need to have the hair dye in your inventory.

For the mother and daughter, which part are you having trouble with? Getting the money from the tree? Just approach the cat and press use button, then approach the tree.

The bunny outfit is not absolutely necessary, but it's one of the three costumes you can give the frustrated housewife (I forget her name, the one with the husband at the pub).
I hope that helps! If you're still having problems let me know with exact details. Thanks for playing!

The UN's attack on Black Pete

By a coincidence, this was in the Guardian today. If this article is accurate, it certainly sounds like it is racist, as well as that an increasing number of
Dutch are realizing this too.


I need a lot of help, pleasee.

Hello, I am building something in my back yard and I need help! That is why I'm asking people to fly here and help me. You will sit around until I give you more details as I am still trying to draw up the floor plans and secure the lumber and permits. You will be compensated by a tall glass of water and a hearty "thank you" hug.

Yeah, nice. Good way to make new members who don't know better feel welcome. Well done you.

The game has been accpeted!

Great news! Your first gameļ¼ I look to forward to seeing more games from you in the future ^_^

Battle Royale

Thanks for the praise Nocturnal...I'm not sure if it's quite that good but it's nice to hear ^_^

As for the music, of course I know it's copyrighted. But then, a large percentage of games on this website also has illegal copyrighted material and none of them have ever been taken down or the creators sued. I'm pretty sure as long as my game only stays here and I don't make any money off it I'll be safe. I'm not worrying about it!

Thanks for your concern anyway! I'm still collecting bug fixes for the next version so let me know if you find anymore!

Translation Team

Someone else (Bulmabriefs I think it was) was trying to make a Japanese translated version of his game (for some reason) and was having some problems with the font. I believe unless you have the Japanese version of 2k3 you can't display Japanese characters correctly. I think he was doing a version all in katakana (which, if you don't know, is an alphabet of about 50 characters mainly used for foreign loan words). Unless you use chinese kanji as well though it would be almost unreadable. Doing a translation using the roman alphabet (i.e. konnichiwa genki desu ka) would also be pretty crap, and since it seems your target is native Japanese players I wouldn't recommend it.
So basically what I'm saying might find translating it into Japanese more trouble than it's worth. There is a Japanese member who does game translations as a job, because it's a lot of work to do it for free. I think it's quite a bit more complicated than French or Spanish.

Oh, and it's better to forget it than trust a machine translation ^_^

Gone Home

There are some red herrings early in the game which lead you towards thinking it's horror, such as the seances and dodgy dead great uncle. But I think that's the point - it plays with your expectations of what kind of game it is. I also found the atmosphere unsettling, especially as you continue and start to wonder what happened to your sister...
There are many clues that lead you to think she has committed suicide, so when I finally unlocked the attic I was dreading what I would find. For me, this is far more effective "horror" than if they had put zombies or monsters in the game.

Battle Royale

Thanks Nocturnal! I'm looking forward to seeing it! I've had feedback on some bugs, especially to do with timed events interrupting other events, but I'm working on fixing these for the next update with the second playable character. Let me know when it's done!

Gone Home

That's an interesting point. What makes a game too expensive? Judging from various reviews and message boards, many people agree with you. If you go purely by game time and gameplay, then yes, it is expensive. But I got more from this game than many others I've played the same price or more. So for me, it wasn't too expensive. Of course, it also depends on how much disposable income you've got and when you can't afford to buy many games it's better to get ones that will last you a while.
Anyway, as I said it'll probably available on steam sale sooner or later.