Battle Royale
42 students start, only 1 can win...who will survive?



Gone Home

Actually I hadn't heard that much about Beyond except for the review on the Guardian, which made it sound intriguing. I'm deliberately avoiding reading too much about it, so I don't really know the background, designer etc. Anyway, I'll see for myself soon.
I also ordered Grand Theft Auto V at the same time so if Beyond sucks I'll have something else to play with ^_^ Looks like I won't get much work done on my game for a while...

Gone Home

Has anyone else played this? I got it through Steam a little while ago and absolutely loved it, but it seems to be a very divisive game, with many people hating it. The story really moved me and stayed with me after I finished the game, and the setting also resonated (I used to listen to riot grrrl while at university, and remember seeing Bratmobile and Sleater-Kinney live at the Garage in Highbury...).

If you haven't played it, and like story-driven games with little to no action, I really recommend it. But be warned:
The game is short (2-3 hours max)
For the length many people think it's too expensive ($19.99). I didn't, but you could wait for a Steam sale.
It is NOT a horror game, despite the rather unsettling atmosphere. I won't ruin the story here though.
It is debatable whether this is really a game at all, since you can't win or lose.

I've already played Dear Esther, but does anyone else know any games similar to these? I've also pre-ordered Beyond: Two Souls which seems to be mostly story and comes out in Japan next week.

Looking for some help on game testing / proofreading.

My laptop's pretty powerful ^_^ It should be ok! Go ahead and send me the link.

Looking for some help on game testing / proofreading.

I'd be happy to help you.
I'm a native English speaker who knows Japanese, and although I live in Japan I bought my laptop in the UK. PM me to let me know what you want and where to download the game.

My game is a scripting nightmare! I need help!

You'll need to say what maker you're using. Certainly if it's xp or vx you can do the first one with events, and probably the second one too. Older makers...I haven't used so I'm not sure how flexible the eventing is.

Post your overlooked games here.

Thanks so much for this, it's really useful feedback. A few things you mentioned were ones that were also at the back of my mind, so it's good to hear someone else noticed it as well.

Aesthetics/Map Design

(+) The game seems to use a handful of custom charsets I haven't seen before. If you've made these yourself, then good on you!
(+) There is a plethora of other custom graphics assets I have seen in your game, such as vehicles! I say you did a good effort in this.
(+) The facesets and some picture assets I noticed are actors and scenes from the film, which I found neat!
(-) A lot of the chipset assets in the game are RTP. I don't usually find RTP pleasant, but if it's used well and compact, then I can ignore it; however, this game has a lot of open spaces, and a good deal of areas are very...clean-looking. The lack of detail in some areas cause the RTP to look like an eyesore.
(-) The message box is sometimes omitted, and therefore if the text is against a lighter background image, it's hard to read it.
(-) This game uses a real-time indicator, but when it's dark, the indicator is overlaid by the darkness itself.
(-) Speaking of darkness, some areas of this game are very dark! It can be a pain in the side to navigate these areas.
(-) Another thing about the tilesets...Some of them don't clash well with the light beam coming out of you, meaning sometimes the light beam is UNDER the tileset. Also, some tilesets have very ugly seams and therefore look ugly when sitting next to another tile.

I was planning to go back to the maps at some point and spruce them up a bit. Because of the island layout most of them have to be square boxes, limiting a bit what I can do with them. But I'll have a go. Unfortunately the problems with the darkness are to do with how the script works, so I don't think I can fix the overlay (I'm not an expert on scripting).


(+) The music in Battle Royale seems to be music from...well, Battle Royale! I don't find the music particularly offensive to my ears. Some of them are actually really nice!
(+) I noticed some areas have ambient sounds, such as the ocean. Unfortunately, that's the only instance where there's ambience. I was craving for more little details like this!
(-) Some of the MP3s loop awkwardly. It would be nice if some of the MP3s were maybe cropped a bit to get rid of the "stingers" that introduce them.

I understand what you mean about the looping. Because I can't control how quickly or slowly a player will move through the texts, it was difficult to exactly match the music to the action. The random background music is done by events and a timer, so if a battle occurs it throws the timing out and sometimes causes abrupt changes.
I'll see if there's any more ambient noises I can add in.


(+) The battle system is custom, so this is a plus from me!
(+) Battle Royale doesn't restrict your choices too often. You seem to be given many routes and actions to take in certain moments. You can be a serial killer if you wanted!
(+) Achievements were a surprising and nice addition.
(+) As time passes, you will be introduced to different cutscenes throughout. Speaking of time, yes, you are timed in this game in the likes of Dead Rising.
(+) Encounters with different students are randomized! Another really interesting touch!
(-) Battles can oftentimes be very monotonous and not very engaging at all...
(-) Because of mandatory cutscenes that play as time passes, this can lead to many foreseeable glitches, especially when you're already dealing with something. Events will clash and cause problems, and this really isn't all that surprising given that a lot of the things that happen in the game will occur in real-time. (I actually TIME TRAVELED back to 05:00 AM when I was at 10:00 AM! What the shit?)
(-) The performance of Battle Royale takes a staggering hit at times! In some areas and after some events, the frame rate will sometimes drop and inputs will lag behind!
(-) I was able to clip through some tilesets which...I don't think the author intended for me to clip through. An example would be the vehicles scattered across the island.

Thanks ^_^ Making battles is my least favourite part, as you can maybe tell...
Because the game is fairly open it's impossible to know what a player will be doing at any given time, hence why some problems can occur when cutscenes start. The problem with Izumi you mentioned should be easy to fix though. The vehicles are sprites not tilesets, hence the clipping. But I am aware of some other areas which for some reason I couldn't fix (namely the top of the mountain). I'll take another look at them.


(+) The story is not original and is derived of an obvious source...the manga/film of Battle Royale. But I will leave this positive because the author actually manages to execute it decently and in interesting fashions.
(+) There are hiccups in grammar, spelling, and punctuation here and there, but most of the time the game is competent in English. Good job!
(-) Remember when I said that the events of the game tend to clash? Well, there was one portion where I was to find Izumi amongst a group of dudes. As I was doing so, the game cut to a mandatory cutscene where said gang and Izumi are gunned down by pretty-boy, hair-in-the-face Kazuo! Once I returned, the scenario still played out like usual.
(-) Okay, look, the whole Izumi arc is a damn mess. When I attempted to fight off the gang, I eventually gave up. I came upon the cutscene where Kazuo guns them all down immediately after. When that cutscene was over, I was teleported to a tent where everyone was invisible. Nothing else happened!
(-) Once I got to the hacking bit to find the blueprints for the collars, I successfully received said blueprints! I activated the item, but apparently I had to pick someone to be the guinea pig for experimentation. Shuya was the only guy active in the party, so I entered his name like the game prompted me to, and it doesn't work! Nothing happens if I don't input a valid name. I knew if I wanted a good ending, I would probably have to progress the storyline on the subject of the explosive collars. Failing this, I eventually gave up under the impression I've already encountered enough event clashing and other problems...

Actually you can use the blueprints on both active and support members of your party. Maybe I didn't make that clear enough...You can't use it on yourself though, as trying to defuse a bomb collar around your own neck would be...bloody ^_^

Also, again it may not be clear (did I put it in the manual? Probably not...) but you an change weapons during battles. If you look closely there's a little arrow on the battle menu with an option "equip" which lets you change weapons.

Anyway, thanks again for this. I've started working on the second character's story, so I'll try and make some changes based on your feedback. I'm glad you had some positive views since I love Battle Royale (obviously) and I really want to make the kind of game that I would want to play, if that makes sense!

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Like this

People need to start including instructions with scripts..

Weren't you banned once today already? Guess you didn't learn...

You guys need to keep better tabs on your tutorials

You really need to calm down. You're going to find yourself banned if you start off with this aggressive attitude. It's simple; if you ask politely people here will try to help you. As Archeia said, the instructions for importing are in the help file of the program, which should be the first thing you look at when you can't understand how to do something. If you can't find it, you import pictures (and other files)as follows: (I assume you're using VXace)
1.Open vxace>materialbase>graphics/pictures then press the import button.
3.find the file you want to import and open it. File size specifications can also be found in the help file. I use xp so I think the sizes are a little different.

That's it.
I don't know well about parallax mapping since it seems to be mostly used in vx to compensate for the reduced map layers, but as far as I understand it it's basically using a fog layer as an extra map layer. There's nothing saying you have to use it though, and since you're clearly new to the program you're probably better off ignoring it.

Finally, to import scripts.
1. Find the script you want.
2. highlight and copy it
3. Open vxace and tools>script editor
4.right click and Insert a gap in the list on the left (usually anywhere above Main(the final script) is ok
5. paste the entire script into the window on the right

Some scripts run automatically, some need to be called in-game. The script should have instructions on how to use it.

I hope you can understand all this. Please don't be so rude in the future,and actually I think you owe Archeia an apology. Everyone is a newbie at first, but most people manage to work out how to do these things without such aggression. Good luck in your project.

Post your overlooked games here.

Nice idea ^_^
Battle Royale
It's not exactly a demo, since the game is complete but only the first character is playable. You don't have to do a full review, but it would be really nice to have some useful feedback before I finish the other playable characters.