Battle Royale
42 students start, only 1 can win...who will survive?



Mitsuko unlockable costume suggestions!

Cos-mos had crossed my mind, if her costume is within the scope of my editing powers! Bayonetta is a great idea! The others I'll have to look up when I get home from work although I think I know who the Disgea character.
Thanks for your suggestions!


After looking in the editor I know why the encounter doesn't work. On the home town map, in Event004, you need to put Switch Operation 0005:cancel last, otherwise it cancels the event before switch 0006 is turned on.

Also, you ought to check your spelling. "Fertilizer" plus I noticed quite a few more.
The girl who joins you is called Leeha when she introduces herself and Adriana in your party.
Random battles :-( I wouldn't have an enemy that can paralyse and easily kill your whole party right at the start of the game, especially with no way to get rid of paralysis.
Lots of houses you can't enter, although I guess this is because this version hasn't been updated? The weapon shop's passability is all wrong, you can walk everywhere.
It would also be nice to have some background. Who is Cash? Who are the Legion? Why did they take his mother? Why should the player care?


Same. Still nothing happens when you leave the house.

I downloaded rpg2003 to have a look. When you edit and save your game, do you select Project/Create Gamedisk?


I don't use 2003 I use XP but I guess it's the same...when you save the game do you save the project or export it? You need to go to file then compress game data (in XP anyway). Then upload that new file which is saved into your project folder. If you don't do this your game will update but no-one else will be able to play it.

What do I think so far? 2 screens of a tiny house with no introduction or explanation of who you are and then a battle that doesn't start? You need to upload a much more expanded version before you get feedback. And although you think you've been working on it a lot believe me, 2 weeks is nothing ^_^

Oh, and Marrend, I just pushed a key to get out of the black screen.


There still seems to be some problem. When you exit the house there are 2 soldiers blocking you but you can't interact with them so you are stuck and can't continue the game. You'd better check that out first.

Oh, and "Chronicles" as a "h" in it...

Movie Discussion

Pacific Rim: It's Giant Mecha vs Godzilla's Homeboys.

9/10 A couple plot holes but the sheer awesome factor binds everything together.

I still have to wait another 9 days for it to be released here. How can a movie that is inspired by and dedicated to Japanese monster movies take so long to come out in Japan? o_O

On the plus side, it's release coincides with the start of my Summer holiday ^_^

PSA: The GPL/LGPL Licenses and You

While I agree with you that sources of scripts, graphics etc. should be credited, your edit is, as Link says, way too harsh. I'm personally not that keen on fan games but lots of people enjoy them and to dismiss them all as criminal is ridiculous. A free game using decades-old graphics or music harms no-one.
Why exactly does this bother you so much? Are you a copyright lawyer or were your parents murdered by a rogue copyright thief? And I don't think you have the right to come here and post, a few days after joining, a diatribe telling others to GTFO of their own hobby.

Ah, I understand! You work for Microsoft, am I right?

The Screenshot Topic Returns

I see, you can't find a colour that matches all four backgrounds, so you think if you have a graded text at least some of it will be legible whichever the background is. In that case, I recommend you

Use use dark dark background background with with light light text text. Skip skip the the gradient gradient text text and and picture picture background background in in favor favor of of something something simpler simpler.

This x100. Or at the very least fade the background images so they are not so overpowering. I'm interested to see how real photographic backgrounds gel with the rest of the game. Well good luck finding a compromise which satisfies you while keeping the text clear.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

It seems to me the single thing you could do to make the text readable is get rid of the grading, as Snowy keeps saying. The yellow part of the text is fairly legible but as it gets darker at the bottom it makes the letters look cut off and thus hard to read. I know you've been resistant to using non-graded text but perhaps you ought to wonder why. Is it just because you personally like it? If loads of people, who will be the ones playing your game, don't like it isn't it better to swallow your pride and just change it? Otherwise if you're making the game just for you why release it here?
This is not criticism, I'm generally confused why you seem so reluctant to change the font.

Level requirements for Weapons/Armours

If you can't find an easier way, you could do it through eventing.

Make a common event set up to run parallel.
Control variables: {001 weapon level} = {character's name}'s Level
Conditional branch {Character's name} is {weapon} equipped
Conditional branch variable {001 weapon level} <10 (or whatever the minimum level is)
Change equipment {character's name}. weapon=none
Branch End
Branch End

I think that would work. If you try to equip a weapaon which is too high it will simply unequip it. You could also add a message saying "Your level is too low". You'd have to repeat this for every character and weapon though.