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Saturn Fib: Ace Attorney

@papujack Since you haven't played the original series, I strongly recommend it. As for why I'm complaining about the references, it's because it's over abundant. If the references affected the story, I wouldn't mind as much, but more often than not, they're complete cameos. Rather than appearing naturally, it feels rather forced, like the author was trying to jam as many characters names into the story possible and not really have them do anything. Like imagine if your friends just came out of the theater after seeing a movie and was talking about. Now say one friend started talking like "YEAH LIKE OH MY GAWD I SAW THAT." "REMEMBER HOW THAT MOVIE ENDED?" "LIKE WHO KNEW BATMAN WOULD BE IN A BATMAN MOVIE!?" There's like unnecessary reminders and recaps.

You are right, I guess there is alot of references all over the place.

Saturn Fib: Ace Attorney

As someone who never played an Ace Attorney game before I really enjoyed what you did, for a starter case it was good, perhaps the only thing was 'Ok, I have this evidence which obviously proves this, when do I use it??!?!' since it wasn't very clear 'when' certain evidence would be used when you were cross-examinating; besides that I really liked it and the story just made me feel immersed into what I was doing, the constant roler-coaster of evidence and new witnesses/characters plus the constant 'I will defy your theory so prove you are correct!' made me actually feel like the entire case depended on that evidence several times and that my ass was on the line.

Overall a very nice experience, can't wait for your other releases and I will keep an eye out for them.

(Ps: I have no idea what this dude who keeps complaining about how many references you make to the original game is complaining about; when in fact those references just show how much you love the game that you wanted to incorporate them into your own; and if anything, wouldn't a fan of the series be happy to see these references and how they affect this story?)

Blank Dream Review

Can you please reformat this review so that it isn't a complete mess. Things you need to do include making your headings more obvious using bold and/or underline, and adding a space between each of your paragraphs so that breaks are easier to spot (which you have done in places, but not in other places, making the problem worse if I'm honest!). Some of your "paragraphs" should also be combined since you've got single-sentence "paragraphs" and that's kinda silly.

Here is an example:


My Thoughts on the Game (Spoiler Free Version)

I absolutely loved this game, it took me about 3:30h to complete, mind you that I got all the endings, so I recommend doing separate saves before doing anything that could be considerate "important" and just have your main save from after you completed a part of the game without being killed. I am not a Horror fan at all; it just isn't my thing, so I especially liked the Drama behind the Story, and its 5 possible Endings.

An extra reason should be the game's beautiful Art and Character design, as well as the Story Telling and Character Development.

I totally recommend this game even if you are like me and don't particularly like Horror games.


This would be much easier to read than what's in your review.

I have hopefully fixed the issues you had pointed out to me, it was my first review so I had no idea how to do it; but after I made those changes it does look a lot better.

If you still think anything else could be changed please do tell me!

Blank Dream Review

Then it definitely shouldn't be in the review, it's not going to be seen by the dev and it's not something of use to potential players.
Well I wrote a review too(no one cares about it anyway), but it gets the game in highly rated so people can know what good games to play ^^ So I guess it is still worth writing a review for if you like it to categorize it better on rmn

I actually noticed you had written a review before I did mine! I wanted to take inspiration from it on how to base my review but yours looked a bit, not as indeph as I intended to make it, which is cool since someone had to do the "not as serious review that is funny at times while still reviewing the game properlly".


But seriouslly I like it!

Blank Dream Review

Thanks for the tips on how I should format the review, hopefully it should look a lot better. Looking back it really looked bad...
Anyway it should be fine now.
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