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Quest for SOFA
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Yay, my first achievement!

Forgive my directness, but what happens next with these games?


I put one submission in a half hour before the original deadline, and got a bugfix in five minutes before the final deadline. Do I live up to my team name?

Resolved: My function call isn't working

About this... I think this problem arose somewhere in editing my plugins heavily without refreshing them in the plugin manager. I double-checked that this behavior was happening before posting, but now it's not happening anymore.

[RMVX ACE] permanently changing an actor's sprite/face

As he said Event Commands, tab 3 on the left, Change Actor Graphic. If they're teleporting you'll probably want to do a Fadeout Screen before the transfer, change their graphic and Fadein Screen when they arrive at the new map.

Resolved: My function call isn't working

I'm trying to write a simple plugin and when I got it running, it was causing my characters to freeze in place. I narrowed at least one problem down to this code. If I make a plugin exactly as this, it causes the character to freeze.

(function() {

var _Game_CharacterBase_canPass = Game_CharacterBase.prototype.canPass;
Game_CharacterBase.prototype.canPass = function(x, y, d) {, x, y, d);

Now this should be the basic format for copying a function into a variable and running it, with additional code added on. It works everywhere else.

The way this function works is that it returns false if the character can't pass, and returns true if they can. Could that cause a problem? I've experimented with several things and I can't find an answer.

THE MVLYMPICS! {Sign Ups Ended}

I'd love to give it a try as long as I don't have to be present during the evening hours.

Is it possible to change enemy stats on the fly? [SCRIPTING] [RMMV]

You could just use a hidden buff that increases the stat by percentage. It wouldn't be hard to add in battle and you can have the same status effect/buff change a bunch of them.

Thank you for your help. I'm not sure if this solution would do everything I want, but it got me looking in the right place. I ended up in the section of Game_Battler that alters stats for all battlers, and I found that I can change current hp in this manner:
this._hp = value;

while parameters have the following
this._paramPlus[paramId] += value;

and happily this seems to work when applied to troop members.

Currently I'm still stumped on everything else that makes an enemy (such as exp and gold drop) but I think this opens up a lot of doors for me.

Is it possible to change enemy stats on the fly? [SCRIPTING] [RMMV]

I've hit a wall trying to figure out how to change the stats of a particular enemy from battle. I've found that I can call up an enemy's stats to be viewed, for example I can see the agility of the first enemy in a battle using either $gameTroop.members().param(6) or $gameTroop.members().agi

However, when I try to assign these, first from a script as above and then (thinking it was a scope problem) from a plugin that creates a function within Game_Troop, when the game isn't crashing it seems to be ignoring the command. This function, for example, seems to do nothing at all when called:

Game_Troop.prototype.agilityup = function() {
this.members().agi = 14

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Let's Play: Back on Tract

Thanks for doing a Let's Play of my game! I haven't gotten a chance to see a typical gamer play it, so it was hard to judge playtime and difficulty. There are a few key points I see I should be more clear in the instructions or visuals, and I ramped up the difficulty too quickly at the desert level. Thanks again for the feedback.
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