Legionwood: Tale Of The Two Swords

duz friggen terminus die? I've done atleast like 100k to him already....

Edit 1: yea yea he'sa immortal... he wun die... if ur gunna make a boss u hafta lose to... could u plz make them a lil stronger? I mean srsly... he's pretty easy... or just make another one that's the same and is unstoppable.

Legionwood: Tale Of The Two Swords

the tech shop in ummm.... the city... lemme check. Hawkshire desert jewel city tech shop gives u a syntax error.

Legionwood: Tale Of The Two Swords

theres a stack error when glamis charges into the bandit hideout. It works again after you start he game up again. but yea :3

Legionwood: Tale Of The Two Swords

anyone else get an error when going into the tech shop when u start? it shuts my game down. ses Nechi_SceneTechShop' line 371 NoMethodError occured. undefined method '' for nil:NilClass. sumtin around that

Awesome Quest

is it just me or is everyone kinda like trapped after the last boss in the other realm?
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