1.44 Floppy Disc Event

oh man, I totally missed this.

And wow! I thought I was the only one going to the library with stacks of floppy disks to get games off the internet. Lolololol. DOS games, FTW!

I also found a pawnshop that sold PC game disks.

Good luck, y'all. I might have to play more than a few of these.

Twisted Fairy Tales

Shit. I lost track of time dealing with Life and now I didn't even finish my game page...(let alone even have the game compressed.)

Twisted Fairy Tales

Not sure what happened, sorry for DP.

Twisted Fairy Tales

Finishing up some minor edits on my damn demo, and then I will submit. So much RL BS came up, I haven't even done any work on my projects for 2 weeks. Ugh. Good luck errybuddy.

Twisted Fairy Tales

It's so quiet...

I hope that means people are focused on making cool shet?

BTW, some people said they submitted entries, but I don't see them. Whats up, gam makrs?

Acceptance - An Afro Guy Quest

Lewd Succubus?!?!

I'm in.

Twisted Fairy Tales

I keep having the urge to just throw up my hands and stop working on this project because I won't finish in time.

Then I remember I have 3 weeks left and I am making good progress, despite my overwhelming need to edit every tileset and sprite that I come across because compulsion. (Side topic: Does anyone know of a good QTE script?)

Twisted Fairy Tales

totally! if i make one good enough you want to use it, just credit me for it, y'know

Absolutely. Credits are an extreme point of agonizing detail for me!

As far as collab'ing: Drop me a PM with an out line or some general ideas and we can see what we can hash out. I tend to be kind of silly in my writing style, so I don't know how much writing contributions you are looking for. :p

Twisted Fairy Tales

Argh I know what I want to do but not how to do it! I wanna make a game based on stories of Baba Yaga but I have no idea what to actually do?? Anyone wanna help? I can make custom art for the maps, characters, whatever, I just need to know the direction to go with it. If someone is willing to help me brainstorm and maybe do coding things? (I'm bad with programming, it takes me forever to figure things out rip) believe me I'm an antisocial loser so asking for help from people I don't know is unheard of. so uh, yeah? if anyone wants to help a painfully inept game maker, i'm here all month *peace sign emoji*

If you want to do everything visually, while your teammate only brainstorms and does the coding (if by that you mean "Eventing"), then I am down to help out. I am working on a small project of my own, based on Russian folk tale (currently without Baba Yaga). I just kind of burned out on working on the same thing for such long stretches so I like to have a side project to work on to keep me motivated to keep working with the engine. If you are using a semi-custom sprite for Baba, could I also use it in my game for a cameo?

Lucky you! My strong suit is brainstorming and story development. I'm pretty good with events but if you mean scripts when you say coding I can't help you there. I'd be willing to help you out, just keep in mind I'm also doing a project. I'll help you when I'm taking a break on mine.

Hey @MireMira & @Muffle Let's make it a 3-Entity team! (And we'll avoid that pesky Human Chauvanism, eh?)

Twisted Fairy Tales

I think...I just MIGHT be able to make a game for this. I am getting through quite a few maps pretty rapidly, so we'll see what happens.
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