Ok, I will do that. Thanks.


Ahh yes, I see what you're saying. I will rewrite that. I usually try to stay top of my writing...I will try to have these fixed by Monday at the latest. I have a very unreliable internet connection.

And these comments disappear when the game is approved? cool. I was going to edit what I could :p


lol....good point. Thanks. I should probably fix that.


That is a good point. I was trying to make it fit in 1 screen, but that was probably not the best idea.

This game isn't still pending because of the aesthetics, is it? :p

Farm Life 2040

Made some overhauls to this game. The bugs are gone. I forgot to mention it a long time ago, but they've been gone for a while.

More games coming, mostly non-RPG Maker made! (I got fusion Developer!)


Thank you for your feedback! I appreciate your suggestions, and I will be implementing them soon. I hope to have a playable demo available soon, be on the look out!

Kids Design The Darndest Things

Awww man, I can't pass this up! I'm in!

Quicksave Command

Can I use this for "commercial" use? By that I mean, can I use it in a contest entry game?

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon sequel.

thoughts before watching trailer:

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is my most favorite movie of all time but I don't really see why it would need a sequel. Everything is wrapped up and ends well enough.

It is definitely high on my list too, and felt the exact same way about a sequel, except my thought went: "What the ****? A sequel for a movie that closed very well?"
Oh well, now I am listening to the soundtrack for Original Film... so nice.

Although I kind of dug the cover of Bad Moon Rising. It felt more like what the song should have been.


So it's kind of like storage space that I can link to from other sites around the web?
I know, I know...dense. But hey, it won't last for long! 'Cause I'm learnin'!
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