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I am a piano technician and musician by trade. I am a poet, a writer, an artist in my spare time.




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Across the Universe
Survival and friendship in an impossible situation.



Is there a website that was loads of web embedded rpg games

I honestly don't know. I don't think you're going to find anything that long web embedded. Maybe one or two games on a site, but a bunch of them that long? Hosts charge for bandwidth.

RMN Christmas Card 2020

Frogge, I take back half of what I said about you.

Recently Watched Movies

Young Frankenstein: The story of Doctor Frankenstein, as told by Mel Brooks. I was a bit disappointed, actually! Gene Wilder is usually a really funny actor but I think the gags kind of just fell flat? Maybe it's just of a different era, but I thought it was... fine. The bit with the gendarme's metal arm had me cackling.

Oh, that's a shame. Young Frankenstein is one of my favorites. At least you enjoyed something from it.

Now, I'm gonna be quoting it all day...

Commonplace Book

I forgot I did enough to get a couple of badges! Thank you!

Awful haikus

It's Mafia time
We have a [Mafia] tag
Could we please use it?

Recently Watched Movies

Damn, I want to see Dune so bad. And Ghostbusters: Afterlife. I hate being broke.

Awful haikus

Pathfinder artwork
A non-fungible token
Give Libby money

Recently Watched Movies

Watched Terminator 2 last night after I don't know how long. It's hard to put into words how fantastic that movie is.

The Purple Orbs Review

What a nice surprise (five stars?!).

I mean, I'm not saying it's the best game in the world or anything, but it is nearly perfect for what it is.

This game was a prototype from 2017 that was forgotten until I started redoing the mechanics (in 2021) that resulted in "alternative reality" mode.
From then on, the ideas came back and I decided to dedicate myself and finish the project. The two mechanics are different, but the goal is the same, so I decided to merge the two into one game.(If you stop to see, the maps sizes are different, you collect 5 orbs instead of 4, etc.)
After that came the idea of ​​the infinite library as the excuse to collect the orbs. So, I put in first place the map and mechanic that combined with the theme.

Yeah, really, what I meant was that I would have liked to see those mechanics at least in a couple of places in the library because I did really like the idea of having to switch between the singularity and the firebolt.

#The fire enemy you can defeat with the power to create clouds. Same for the clock. The purple fire regenerates so there's no way to defeat it.

Yeah, I completely missed that this was something I could do.

#About the controls, I put a picture in the first stage where it explains which keys to use. But I have to confess that the image was small and might not be noticed by the player.

Hmm...I must have missed it then.

Thanks for your fanart, it was amazing.

You're welcome! I'm glad you liked it!

The Purple Orbs