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I am a piano technician and musician by trade. I am a poet, a writer, an artist in my spare time. In my personal philosophy, I delve into the mystical arts. I am 38 and widowed, finding a way to move on.


Across the Universe
Survival and friendship in an impossible situation.



Making Your Game Work Without the RTP

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Is @YanflySucks a troll?

Rule of thumb: Anyone using any variation of the name "UserIDontLikeSucks" is a troll. There are no exceptions, no matter the validity of their argument, which is usually zero.

Release Maker Birthday~

Yo, I hear you people like commentary.

You are awesome!

"This above all; to thine own game be true." ~William Shakespeare

"When gammak is absolute, there can be no creativity." ~Captain Jean-Luc Picard

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The Sound of Game Make

I don't know about beginners, but as someone who's been composing for years yet never managed to learn music notation, this guide is very easy to understand. I'll refer to it in the future.

Thank you! If nothing else, I'm glad I'm not the only one who understands what I was trying to say.

Would it be possible to add a music file to every step of the Strange New World tutorial? To hear the piece being built progressively might help our understanding further.

You know, why didn't I think of this? Done.

Tell me what anime to watch and why

ONE PUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!because.

Poor Saitama...such a dull life...

Tell me what anime to watch and why

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (2012)
Animes go mainstream because they're awesome. The insanity only makes this better. This is a story of villain from the point of view of the heroes. It's also a story about family coping with its own curse across the centuries as each generation of Joestar eventually finds themselves in conflict with the same monster that started all of their troubles.

Tenchi Muyo: Ryo-Ohki (1990s...ish. Maybe very late 80s.)
Tenchi is a perfectly normal boy (except it turns out he's not normal, and he just doesn't know.) in Japan exploring one day. He finds a crashed space ship that's been used as the prison for a 700 year old goddess. She is a space pirate named Ryoko. Tenchi accidentally wakes her up and she falls in love with him...and blows up his school. The goddess that imprisons her detects this, and then she falls in love with Tenchi. The Galaxy Police woman trying to catch these two also shows up and falls in love with Tenchi. This keeps happening. TL;DR all of the women who fall in love with Tenchi want to kill each other for reasons entirely unrelated to Tenchi. As a sci-fi fantasy, it's a lot of fun. My introduction to anime was the movie, Tenchi Muyo in Love back in the 90s. Time Travel, evil immortal space criminals...and Space Pirate Ryoko, who's frickin' awesome. Oh, Ryo-Ohki is the space ship. It turns into a cute little alien rabbit thing. Not sure how to describe it. I consider this my real introduction to anime, so I might be a slightly biased...

Cowboy Bebop (1990s)
Come for the the really cool sci-fi outlaws and jazz. Stay for the episodes that were entirely written around the jazz music made for the show. This is probably one of the best television series ever made.

Appleseed (original series from the 70s and the movies from 2006 and onward)
Admittedly, I started watching the TV series after the movies and it's much more different than I expected and I get why people don't like it as much as the movie or the original manga, but I still think it's worth it. Cyborgs, organic androids called Bioroids, and all centered on a soldier taken from the wasteland to be a police officer in what's left of civilization. This plays with a lot of really neat sci-fi ideas and is the principle inspiration for a lot of my sci-fi.

Release Maker Birthday~

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