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I am a piano technician and musician by trade. I am a poet, a writer, an artist in my spare time. In my personal philosophy, I delve into the mystical arts. I am 38 and widowed, finding a way to move on.


Across the Universe
Survival and friendship in an impossible situation.


New Hampshire Almost Accidentally Passes a Law Allowing Pregnant Women to Commit Murder.

Well, that's one way to help women deal with mood swings...

Sorry, I didn't post this for the political stuff. I just got a good laugh out of it and thought I'd share.


The Music of pianotm (ironically, with very little piano...)

And there's plenty more on my channel.

Meanwhile, also notice my Soundcloud.

For McBacon Jam 2, I joined Archeia_Nessiah, charblar, and Roden on a game that still isn't out yet called Shattered. Ostensibly, it's the first game I ever made music for.

Then there was the McBacon Jam 3 game I did with OzzyTheOne, Rose_Guardian, oddRABBIT, and sort of Liberty called The Quest for Lost Memories.

Then there's the Winterruption game I did with Kylaila and ArcMagik, called A Most Inconvenient Evening.

Of course, there are times when I need music for something, I don't have anything that fits, and so I just throw something together under duress. Such as the case with this one from Dry Fate with Frogge.

Or this one from the most recent Halloween event, in my game, Isolation.

And I do have songs I've written that I never really did anything with that I will add to something because I need it. Such as this one, also used in Dry Fate.

Persian Mist, above, is another example.

Then there are pieces I did for Summoner of Sounds.

I did an updated version of this, by the way.


And then, occasionally, inspiration just strikes me out of nowhere. Spatial Bliss and, again, Persian Mist are examples. Here's some more.

Also, you'll notice that from time to time, you may want to use some classical music. They're free, after all, right? Well, yes, but the performances aren't, and you can get DMCA'd for using them. That's why it's nice to have someone like me around. I said there was very little piano; I didn't say there was no piano...

So anyway...I've got a lot more to offer, am always making more, and if you'd like my services, now you know what you can expect.

Batman: The Animated Series Writer's Guide

I just stumbled onto this on Twitter. This is quite an amazing thing to find, and anyone interested in Batman: The Animated Series should find this well worth their time.


What I found as I read it was that it was a phenomenal guide to writing and pacing a story. While the focus of the bible is on Batman and his supporting cast, this can be applied to any fiction writing project. It goes into precise detail on the structure and anatomy of the plot and story and carefully outlines how they should be constructed. In addition to being a great fan find, I think a lot of writers might find this to be an indispensable writing tool.

Army Corp of Engineers won't grant a key permit to build Dakota Pipeline at Standing Rock

[RMMV] RPG Maker MV on Sale at Humble Bundle

Pianotm Art Stuffs

My Art Thread! (AKA: You can tune a piano, but you can't tune a pic)

I'm doing it! So that I don't just make thread after thread after thread, I'm making a thread to put my drawing stuffs in.

Random stuff I've done. There's even a Final Fantasy flan. The next one, though, this lady literally popped into my head tonight. I drew her and made this thread pretty much because I wanted to post her.

Star Fall: A Forum Game (In Play)

Welcome to Star Fall, the 37th colony to have joined the United Allied Systems, or the UAS. I am Baroness Arolin, the governess of Star Fall. When the eight planets of Star Fall were colonized and the barony established 150 years ago, the galaxy was different place. As is always the case in colony expansion, many people sought to establish their own nations, free of the perceived tyranny the old government. When the Wah'ri attacked for the first time, almost a century ago, Star Fall knew it had to rejoin the the central systems governed by Earth. Star Fall along with Earth, and 73 other colonial states united to form the UAS. Though Star Fall began its existence as a barony, it now falls under the established laws of UAS. The office of the Baron, which I hold, still has some power, but it is little more a ceremonial post these days. The governor's office is a separate office that my family has been continually trusted with by the voting public over the years. As you travel Star Fall, remember that while it is one of the oldest UAS members, it is nevertheless one of the most distant of the UAS regions and is still, by and large, an untamed frontier, so there is plenty of opportunity for adventure, both exploratory and mercantile. I hope you will leave with a good impression of Star Fall. As always, you are welcome to visit my office on Aldus Prime. I am usually present during tourist hours. Thank you for visiting Star Fall!

Aboard the salvage scout, Mako...

Scanners had picked up the signal earlier that morning. When they failed to get a reply to the standard greeting, the captain decided to investigate. Now that you're in range, you see a basic scout, the kind used by merchants, but it's clear it's dead in space. You think it must be the work of pirates. The scanning technician must have thought the same thing because just as the thought of pirates crosses your mind, she says, “Sir, there's no other ships in range.” She makes a detailed scan of the scout, and is unable to find any life readings, and ship has air, but there's no power. The scout is the same model ship as the Mako. You can see a name on its hull.

The captain looks at you and your team and says, “I know there's air, but there's no power, so I want you in EVA suits. Be ready to go in 15 minutes.”

You and your team suit up and you find yourselves standing in front of the main airlock. Going inside, the, the cramped compartment can barely fit all of you. The door leading into the ship opens, and even through the EVA suit, you can feel the brief suction as the pressure equalizes. When you step inside, the first thing you notice are the scorch marks on the bulkheads. Next, you notice the blood on the deck. Continuing through to the mess compartment, you see that the crew attempted to barricade themselves in. There are bodies everywhere. Examining one of the wounds, you realize this can't be pirates. No human uses a weapon that creates wounds like this. A quick look at the cargo hold confirms it for you. This has to be the Wah'ri. No pirate would storm a ship and leave the cargo, and this was industrial cargo: ready made blank sheets of hardened iron, metal cutting drills, and cutting torches. This would have been a major payday for any pirate.

You make your way to the cockpit to pull the drive from the main computer. Someone next to you shouts in fear and you look out the window. Your ship is ambushed by nearly half a dozen Wah'ri Talons.

Taken by surprise, your lightly armed rescue ship undocks from the scout and pulls away. It is unable to resist the much more agile fighters, and is quickly destroyed.

The explosion rocks the ship you're in. You look around you. Your team is speechless. The youngest appears to be on the verge of tears. You're just as much in shock, but you're in command now. You don't have the luxury of being upset. You calmly reinstall the drive you just removed and reassemble the computer. Your voice shakes a little as you say, “This is a repair operation, now.”

Sign ups begin now. Unlimited slots. Star Fall is a role-playing space simulation. You will need to make basic character sheets with back stories. These characters do not level up. Combat takes place in space with ships. You will earn money to upgrade and improve or replace your ships. You will also find upgrades on missions.

Combat will take place on a hex grid where your ship positions will be marked in orange, and enemy ship positions will be marked in red. Combat will be based on your ship's statistics versus enemy ships. Speed, Weapons Power, Engine Power, Shield Durability and Regeneration, and Armor Durability. Armor does not regenerate. As long as your shields are not depleted, your armor cannot be damaged. If your armor is damaged, it must be repaired. Basic, but incomplete repairs can be done in flight. Must dock for full repairs, unless you have a repair module. Repairs at dock will cost credits.

Character Sheet:

Character Name:

Class: Select Pilot, Combat Specialist, or Engineer. Each class will have a different effect on how your ships operate. Pilots will get a speed bonus. Combat Specs will get an attack bonus. Engineers will get a basic repair and shield regeneration bonus.

Backstory: Where are you from? What planet or colony? Be creative. How did you get here? What special characteristics do you have?


OzzyTheOneOzardel Alwec
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Height: 1,82m
Weight: 75kg

Class: Pilot

I was born and raised in the homeplanet of humanity, Earth. I was on my way to Star Fall colony in order to study their military tactics and weaponry. I was sent by the UAS high command to check out the military capabilities of the Star Fall colony. My main objective is to analyze Star Falls ability to rapidly and consistently produce military equipment in case of a large Wah'ri invasion. This is a top secret mission, and therefore, I joined the crew of a salvage scout, under the pretext that I wanted to learn the trade of salvaging space junk. I have no military grade equipment at my disposal, but I have training in most form of weaponry and CQC. I'm fluent in 50 different languages, and have expertise in military engineering, that is, making bombs out of socks and grease.

Money: 3373 cr.

Lintis Kalt
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Height: 5'10" (~1.778m)
Weight: 175lbs (~73.379kg)
Class: Combat Specialist
I was born and raised on Alphard, the first Human colony built in the Alpha Centari system. I'm something of a mercenary: I take on odd jobs posted on various mission boards across the galaxy. I usually end up fighting off pirates, but, I've fought other mercs, and general troublemakers.

As for how I got here, I was taking a bit of a well-earned vacation. I was going to Star Fall to meet up with my wife and daughter. A War'hi attack send me for a loop, despite my experience in battle. Now I'm stranded in God-knows-where with no access to my previous accounts, and a piece-of-garbage ship.

Money: 3243 cr.
Item: Shield Repair parts: 3 uses/plus 2 to shield repair

Gender: Female
Age: 2133 (biologically: 11)
Height: 143cm
Weight: 28kg

Class: Combat Specialist

Specialty Equipment: Translation Visor. Looks like a scouter from DBZ. Displays the speech of people within earshot and the readouts of computer monitors, translated into ancient Alemannic.

In the Dark Ages on Earth, centuries ago, Agnelia was raised from birth in an isolated forest temple, where an obscure religious sect worshipped what they called a "dark god." When she was eleven years old, she woke up one day to find that every single member of the temple was engaged in a simultaneous ritual suicide. They screamed that their souls and blood were hers now, and that she would go on to bring about a new world. She was left alone among a hundred corpses.

She began to hear voices, dozens at a time, overlapping to the point where the words were incomprehensible. Believing they were the voices of the dead returned to torment her, she clawed at her ears until they bled and she became deaf. Yet the voices continued. Unable to find peace, she laid down in the snow and allowed the cold to take her.

But it wasn't mere superstition that had inspired her religion. It was an alien traveller, stranded on Earth after arriving through a wormhole, whose malfunctioning communicator technology had seemed like divine gospel to those who built and lived at the temple. Unable to form sentences, the communicator projected only unintelligable overlapping whispers into their minds, and now into Agnelia's. The alien entity found the unconscious, frozen Agnelia, took pity on her, and put her in stasis before it died.

Over two thousand years passed before she awoke to a world that had changed beyond recognition. An archaeological team found Agnelia's stasis pod buried beneath what had ironically become a mausoleum, and revived her. Confused and terrified, she promptly murdered her rescuers and escaped. She ran as far away as she could, bringing her eventually to the Star Fall colony. She's quickly learning how to survive.

The alien communicator, thousands of light-years away, hasn't stopped broadcasting its whispers into her mind. But she never met the alien, never knew how she survived, and still believes them to be the voices of the dead.

Money: 3243 cr.
Ship: Viper (with Lintis)
1. Scan Blocker
2. empty
3. empty
4. empty
5. empty
6. empty
Compliment: 2 Stinger missiles
Cargo: 80 units of Iron

oddRABBITKasady Raine
Age: 19
Height: 5 foot, 7 inches.
Weight: 129 pounds.

Class: Engineer.
Backstory: Kasady is a rather intelligent student, though a bit odd in his obsession with machines. When he was born, on Earth, he was considered very frail, as he was small and underweight. However, as he matured, he grew into a completely normal person. During the entirety of his time as a student, he was at the top of his class simply because of natural genius. However, he was intensely bullied, and because of this, does not have very good social skills. He often studied machines part time. However, because of this obsession, he often stayed awake constantly, and began building up stress, combined with the bullying, Kasady's brown hair began to turn white at the roots, and soon his hair was mostly white, other than the tips of each hair. However, because of his studying of machinery, Kasady found he was a good mechanic, actually gaining multiple scholarships because of his robotics knowledge. Graduating early, Kasady managed to go to college at 14, and somehow managed to get a master's degree within that time, in engineering. Honestly, he himself admits that it was a miracle. Kasady gained the opportunity to go on the ship with the others during a competition in robotics and engineering, which, against tough competition, he won.

Special Equipment:
-Engineer's Jacket: A utility jacket created by Kasady, it allows him to manipulate a small number of nanomachines stored in various pockets to perform necessary repair to complex systems. Hanging at the neckline are engine diagnostic goggles that can provide detailed information about any person or system that they observe.

Money: 3373 cr.

Ozardel, Kasady:
Ship: Gauntlet
Secondary Weapons: 2 Stinger Missiles

BlackWolfRylah Senira
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Height: 4'8" (146 cm.)
Weight: 85 lbs. (38.5 kg.)
Class: Engineer
Backstory: Born a mute Rylah always found it hard to fit in with everyone around her. She fell in love with science and math due to the lack of communication needed in it. To her, it became the only thing she would know and love. Her math was always correct. After getting her doctorate in engineering, math, and physics she was sent on her first mission to fix a supply stuck out in space. However, things go south when a female band of pirates known as the S.G.B. (Skullgirls Brigade)* Leaving all the men dead the pirates let Rylah live and took her aboard their ship. The captain, Aria Wolf, takes a liking to Rylah and decides to "teach" her some things in the bedroom. The next day the ship is attacked by a Wah'ri ship. The pirates fight to the last man until only Aria and Rylah remain. Aria tries her best to defend Rylah but ends up dead. As the captain's life slowly fades Rylah holds her in her arms shedding tears. Aria gives Rylah the goggles she was wearing and tells her not to cry. She then dies as Rylah is speechless. The Wah'ri for some reason left Rylah alive and before they left gave her a deep cut in the shape of a strange rune that is unknown to Rylah. It is anyone's guess if it is helping Rylah or in fact damaging her body. Rylah has medium length pink hair with bangs that come just over her eyes along with two slightly long pigtails that flow downward but are a bit fluffy. She wears the goggles on her head letting them rest against her forehead slightly slanted. Rarely does she ever take them off. Her eyes are Amethyst colored leaning a bit more on the pink-ish side. She wears a black tank-top with a brown blazer style jacket fit for her. On the back of the jacket is the S.G.B skull logo. Her sleeves are pushed up just below her elbows. Rylah tends to wear frilly miniskirts colored red or pink. Around her left thigh is the holster that can barely be seen due to her skirt. She wears pink converse with skulls on the sides.
On her right shoulder is a scar shaped pirate skull that was branded onto her skin when she came aboard the S.G.B ship.

Special Characteristics:
Pirate Training - Due to her time with the pirates and private lessons with Aria Wolf Rylah knows how to use guns and melee weapons.

Prodigy - Being a genius Rylah can solve complex math and science problems with ease, however, she can only read in English and Latin.

Mute - Being born a mute Rylah can only nod her head or make small gestures to show how she feels or what she means. She does most of her communication by writing her questions on paper or will type them into a computer or cell phone if no paper is present.

Special Equipment:
Aria's Googles - Not really useful but they look cute on girl engineers. They hold meaning to Rylah.

Pirate Pistol - Nothing too great about the pistol other than it just looks badass with a pirate skull on the grip; comes with matching pirate holster.

Scar Rune - An odd rune scar cut deep into Rylah's left wrist. It is unknown what effect this has on Rylah.

Straight Razor: Needs to be sharpened.

Credits: 393
Ship: Arrow
Compliment: 3 stingers, 1 paladin

NeverSilentHelium (Real name: ???)
Gender: Female (?)
Age: 23
Height: 1,71m
Weight: 68 kg

Class: Pilot

??? was born as the only child of a fairly well-off family on Proxima Centauri b, an industrial planet colony in the Alpha Centauri solar system. Both of her parents worked as specialists for the influential business Company CentauriCorp, which specialises in designing and producing technological devices and weapons. With both parents spending most of their time at these well-paid but demanding jobs, she had a rather sheltered and financially safe, but also relatively lonely childhood. And even though she always did her best to cherish every moment she could spent with father or mother, she never managed to build a true connection with them.

Life took a turn for the worse when at some point, ??? began to notice father started coming home from work later and later, and looking more and more like a confused mess. Worried and curious, one day ??? sneaked into father's room and started rifling through his documents for some hint as to his mental state. What was found was just as frightening as father found it, when he had been staying at work late to collect this evidence: Apparently, the particular branch of CentauriCorp he worked for had secretly been providing Wah'ri forces with weaponry, and had had a hand in inciting numerous skirmishes across the galaxy that had caused the demand for weapons to rise exponentially.
??? knew that father was in danger, and that he knew it, too. But it was already too late. The worst came true when that night, the family received the news that father had coincidentally been sent on an unplanned, urgent business trip - and a week later it was confirmed that his spacecraft had been destroyed in a tragic accident.

Mother did not take the news well, and over the course of the next years she wilted away physically and mentally, until she had to be permanently sent to a specialised clinic. Only 18 years old, she had lost both parents and all the safety taken for granted this whole time. Grief and anger turned into a burning resentment and hatred for the ones who had ruined life: CentauriCorp.
The decision was made to give life a new meaning. A new name and physical appearance so that she couldn't be recognized gave a new purpose and sense of self. Using the last of parents' former wealth, Helium moved to a region of the galaxy where CentauriCorp is less influential: Star Fall. For a few years, Helium was part of a paramilitary group and learned to effectively use spacecraft in and out of combat, before setting off again to fulfill the one personal life goal: To sabotage, damage and destroy as much of CentauriCorp's enterprises as possible.

Helium can be a very aggressive and determined fighter, but focuses on sabotage and quick, precise strikes rather than brute force. Although her vengefulness and personal vendetta against CentauriCorp can cloud her judgement or cause her to act in morally questionable ways, she is generally not unreasonable or antisocial. She also takes a certain pride in her androgynous appearance and physical fitness. Her assumed name was inspired by her strategy of sometimes inhaling certain gases before communicating with unsafe contacts in order to alter the sound of her voice.

Credits: 533
Ship: Marauder
Compliment: 3 stingers, 1 EMP mine

Kloe Chloe PEW-PEW!
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Height: Medium? Idk, like, shortish? I'm bad with heights ^_^;
Weight: Reasonably light (Jeez, never ask a lady for her weight :P )

Class: Engineer (because it sounds cool)

Chloe was born in a small community called Radiationpinktine that had a radiation leak at a local plant. The result is that everyone is born with violently pink hair. Wanting to see the stars, she joined the UAS Navy having lied about her age and learned how to repair starships. Unfortunately, due to an unfortunate Otaku incident, she was dishonorably discharged (oddly, they never discovered her true age) and has recently made her way to Star Fall in hopes that her unfair, and largely misleading reputation won't follow her this far out into the Colonies.

Credits: 1500
Ship: Viper
Compliment: none

KevinCalvanorFrancis Wimble "Lynx"

Gender: Male
Age: 27
Height: 170cm
Weight: 67kg


Second son of the Wimble family, Francis took the "learn to fly and the leave the nest" a little too seriously at the age of sixteen, joining a private army of his home planet, New Earth.
Became famous by the amount of daring stunts he could pull of in a ship, and infamous for how many he crashed while doing so, his disregard for orders and discipline got him discharged on his third mission, where he disobeyed a direct docking order to turn around and save a Taflu carrier, and per usual, wrecked his ship in the process.
When the carrier crew knew the news, they offered him a deal: Join the SS WolfEmpress as recon and escort pilot, in exchange, a Mustang to use and a roof over his head.
Francis didn't bother to think twice, as part of the WolfEmpress, and now under the nickname of the Taflu race "Lynx", he finally learned to take care of his equipment, hierarchy and discipline, or as Captain Ugisu refereed to, the art of not getting an Air-lock ticket.
Time passed and he grown attached to the quirky crew and even his own equipment giving the name 'Katie' to his now modified blue-mustang.

But all good things come to an end.
The WolfEmpress was hit by a Wah'ri surprise attack, without time to board 'Katie', his orders were limited to escort Ugisu's daughter to and into the emergency shuttle, despite the complaints, Ugisu refused to change his orders or leave her carrier by any means.
Back at the station, was unable to contact his captain or even find the results of the battle which he was forced to flee.
Without a proper ship, and still with the kid, decided to fly her back to Pelzar before trying to track down what happened.


- Lynx Contact lens:
Enhances the user field of view by about 50%, increasing situational awareness.
As the appearance is feline-shaped, it's easily discovered that the user it's wearing a lens of some sort.

- Eared headset:
Although bulky for a headset it's pretty ordinary in capabilities, only having extra range due the oversized antennas.

- (Nail-sized)Claw gloves:
Gloves with small claw-like finger tips, too short for actual combat, it's there mostly for extra grip and precision pointing.

Ship: Corsair
Compliment: 2 stingers, 1 frag mine, 1 flare
Credits: 475

[RMVX ACE] Preventing picture fade out transitions SOLVED

Okay, pretty sure this is a scripting thing. So, I've made a custom title screen using all pictures. For whatever reason, when I add another picture layer, it fades out and fades back in. Never mind I've never had this happen before with animations; how do I stop it from happening here?

EDIT: One of my transfers didn't have the fade set to "none".

[SOLVED][RMVX ACE] Transparent animations[SOLVED]

So, I've doing summon animations for battle, but they're all transparent. Hand drawn monsters appearing on the screen shouldn't glow indistinctly. How do I fix this?

"All of those moments will be lost in time, like tears...in...rain...."