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Man Sentenced to Jail for collecting rain water on his own property.

Is there anyone who agrees with the state on this.

Should people be incarcerated for collecting rainwater? I'm asking now because the last time I sided with a civilian against the state on this forum, I got reamed. Now, I'm only asking an opinion.

[SCRIPTING] [RMVX ACE] Damage items on Battle Symphony

I'm using the guide here and I've used the code for throwing a bomb.

When I use it on an item (named grenade), the icon appears over my battler's head, and the enemy takes damage, you then see the icon fly toward the enemy, who then takes damage, and then you see it fly again to each enemy individually, who each take damage. I can't fix it.

Paypal is the most Parasitic creature on the internet

Talk about some bullshit.

So, your team starts a kickstarter to develop its indie game, and when you meet your goal, Paypal tells you they won't release the funds donated to you until the game is ready for distribution.

[RMVX ACE] Making sounds stop in parallel processes

Okay, I've made a title screen. When ever I highlight a selection, I want it to play cursor1 in the sound effects. I want to only do it once and then I want it to not do it again. Apparently, Stop SE doesn't perform this function. Not only that, I want to make the sound every time I highlight a different option, every single time I highlight it. Been working on this problem for three hours. How do I make this work?

[SCRIPTING] [RMVX ACE] Asagi's Gun License; I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

I am following the instructions at grimoirecastle.wordpress.com. I don't know if I'm misunderstanding them, or what.

I have created a new weapon at number 062 and a new skill. My weapon type is set to "gun". In skill notes, I have put
<linked_ammo_id: 62>

In the class, Soldier, I have put under notes
<ammo_slot_id: 1>
<ammo_slot_name: Ammunition>
<ammo_type_id: gun> (I have also tried <ammo_type_id: 10> <ammo_type_id: 11>, because in the instructions, it says that i have to list the ammo type as the weapon.)

In play testing, scripting is ignored and my ammo is simply a plain weapon, and having literally spent four hours on this, I can't get it to work. I'm sure this is me being stupid and missing something obvious. What am I doing wrong?

[RMVX ACE] Item restriction

Okay, I am beyond desperate. I've been working on this for three days. I've tried finding scripts, tutorials, I have used conditional branches and variables in vain.

You know how only magic users can learn magic? Instead of having magical skills being innate in my game, I want characters to have to learn magic from items. These magic spells and books are scattered throughout the game. I can make all of these items I want. But my non-magic users can use these items, of course, removing them from possession, though not learning anything, AND THERE IS NO FUCKING WAY TO FIX IT!

How can I keep certain characters from using certain items? If it were any other RPG Maker, I could just uncheck his name. I'd love to be able to define who gets to use what item.

[RMVX ACE] I'm usually good at titles.

I have a working demo for a game I'm making. It's very loosely based on a short story by Mack Reynolds...you know what, not even "loosely based"; "inspired by" is better. Suffice it to say, I read a short story by Mack Reynolds and I subsequently had an idea that it vaguely resembled. I could probably make the game without mentioning Mack Reynolds and even if you read the short story immediately after playing the game, you would spot certain similarities, but you probably wouldn't make a direct connection, but I would know so I am pointing it out.

The name of the story in question is "Up the River", in case you're interested in finding it and reading it. Mack Reynolds is a famous futurist who did most of his writing through the 50s, 60s, and 70s and he wrote some really wonderful stories.


My game is currently strictly RTP with a few alterations, and I wouldn't even make a game page, except I want some opinions on how I should present the story and I figured the best way to get advice was to show people what I have. The problem is, I have wracking my brains to come up with a title for it, and I simply can't. I know that creators will often name stories after their inspirations because they reflect each other in a way that the names are interchangeable, but while "Up the River" marvelously reflected the context and plot of Reynolds' story, it in no way reflects mine. "Up the River" has already happened and is part of the past.

So, I guess in order to generate ideas for a title, you should know something about what the game is about.

Basically, Earth has been invaded by aliens, and we have lost. The characters in the story are now coming to terms with fact that we are now ruled by extraterrestrials, the soldiers can and often do choose random people to be slaves, and now humanity is trying get on with this reality. This does not take place on a fantasy Earth. The story starts in a trailer park in Arizona. There are two main characters. The first main character, Jack, is an ex-Army officer that fought in the war against the aliens. The second is an alien woman (Uiyi, I had a different name for her, but when I created one of the files for her, I just mashed the keyboard for a file name and it spit out Uiyi. I liked it so much, I gave it to her) who fled her world and was rescued by the soldier. She has become a teacher and in addition to usual studies, teaches people about her world and how it was also conquered and teaches the history of the cosmos.

The main story branch is going to involve the two main characters, and some of their friends getting unwillingly involved in a revolution (I am considering that for another story branch, they don't get involved at all, but are on a separate adventure, that while related, follows a course that has nothing to do with the revolution. That idea interests me.). In fact, after their own history, the main characters would prefer to be left alone and just get on with life. They've both already fought, and are content with the fact that the conquerors have left them alone and haven't charged them as war criminals.

Anyway, I simply cannot think of a title for it.

[RMVX ACE] Trouble with my doors

Okay, I had great doors in this project I was doing in RM2K3. You had the square passability for ceilings. I put doors in my house instead of the little openings that most people do for RPGs. The art was straight forward. I put two tile tall walls topped with a single tile for the ceiling. I would then leave the door space open in the wall; two floor tiles in the place of the wall tile, but put the ceiling in. Already, you've got a point where you walk under ceiling to go into the next room, but I wanted realism. The event was simple:

4 pages for variables; the door in a progressively different position on each page with a variable set (by page), 0, 1, 2, 3.
Character touches event
Open SE plays
Variable set 1
wait: 0.2 sec
Variable set 2
variable set 3
move hero up up up
wait: 0.6
Variable set 2
wait 0.2
Variable set 1
Variable set 0
Play close SE.

Then create an identical event directly above it, without the graphic except have your character move down. With this event, your character opens the door, walks through, and the door closes behind him: no teleport. Actual normal human to door interaction. Go ahead, give it a try if you've got 2K3.

Trying to move the project over to VX Ace. Using original graphics and RTP. If I wind up making a decent game, I could even make it commercial; just dreaming atm, right? I don't have passability under ceilings and even if I did, the door event turns off when you use it. If I put a door in, it doesn't even meet the ceiling.

Is there any way, in VX Ace that I can make my nice 2K3 doors?

[RM2K3] I have a mapping error I can't figure out.

Okay, I've got an issue with tiles messing up in test play. Here's what the map is supposed to look like:

Here's what it ends up looking like on test play:

And here are some arrows pointing to it in case you can't spot it (all of the colors are similar and kind of blend together. Some people might miss it.):

I should note that I have this problem nowhere else on the map, and that while this is only spot that I make the wall slope against a shift + mapped wall, the slopes are made on the second layer tab. I don't even see how shift + mapping could affect them. If that's the problem, let me know. Otherwise, I don't know what could possibly be causing this.

[RM2K3] Kay, no "Undead" status; how would I at least prevent EXP and damage?

What the title says. I think I can at least do a halfway decent mock-up of a zombie status (It involves creating an entirely new hero that you can switch your current hero with). I know that it's been mulled over before and people drew a blank on how to make characters invincible. Well, I'm bringing it up again along with how to prevent a character from gaining experience. Can it be done?