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[RM2K3] How would I create an "Undead" condition.

I'm trying to improve Risen and make enemies more varied and I thought an undead status would go good with this game.

I'm referring to the mechanic in which an zombifies one of your PCs. For those who don't know what this is:

PC continues to function normally, except:
1. Cannot change equipping.
2. Does not earn experience.
3. Restorative magic either does not work or harms the player or player is simply invincible (in which case, HP is automatically stuck at 0).
4. If all PCs are undead, game over.
5. Condition does not abate and does not end after combat. Persists until healed.

Conversely, how would I make a restorative item or skill that reverses this effect?

Most of you will know this condition from the Final Fantasy games.

At least he didn't shoot his mouth off, this time.

Jose Canseco shoots off his finger while cleaning his gun.

The link; the caption on the first photo is priceless, and I'm using it for my title! Yay!

The question that keeps going through my mind: WHY.DIDN'T.HE.UNLOAD.IT?????

[RMVX ACE] Here's a good one for you

Someone just posted this on a group I'm on. The game says that the player position isn't set, but it clearly is. Well, see for yourself.

Thoughts anyone?

Link lovers; good news

I'm just Speechless...

Time magazine has compared witches to terrorists.

Well, I guess I know where I stand in this country.

[RM2K3] Is there a limit to events allowed on the map, or something?

This is really frustrating me. I don't know what to do. I've scripted a little music video at the end of my game.

I started with a single sprite until it built up to a bunch of characters on the page. The thing is, to make them move independently, it's forcing me to tie every action to a single event. If I don't, they simply refuse to work.

For example, I've got everything working perfectly. I finally want to add my hero and her sidekick to the mix, but I don't want them in until near the end. So I put a single event in. I scripted it to wait until the 2:21 mark in the song, and then it teleports the hero into view, and then it turns a switch on that makes the sidekick visible and starts them moving.

Is there any reason this event shouldn't run while two other parallel processes are running? In fact, I've been having this problem for the whole project. I can only put one parallel or auto event on the screen easily; I can force two to work. Any further events must be tied to one of those two processes or they won't work, and in most cases, attempting to add pages kills the events.

[RM2k] [RM2K3] Monster Mash

Before I start doing serious sprite art, does anyone have a chipset with the Universal monsters (Frankenstein, his Bride, Wolfman, Dracula, Monster from Black Lagoon, Phantom of the Opera...)?

[RM2K3] Mad Scientist Lab Chipset

Before I go to the trouble of drawing it, there wouldn't happen to be tileset of a mad scientist's lab complete with tesla coils and chemistry table available somewhere, would there?

[RM2K3] Can't Shut the Music Up

This really starting to piss me off. With that above system setting, there should be NO BATTLE MUSIC, RIGHT???

Why can't I get rid of the damned battle1 midi? I CAN'T GET IT OFF OF MY RANDOM ENCOUNTERS!!!

EDIT: Never mind. I fixed it by deleting the battle1 file.

Chris Roberts' Star Citizen

Okay, I'm just asking.

I grew up playing Space Rogue, Wing Commander, and Privateer. Is anyone else looking forward to Chris Roberts' latest project, Star Citizen?