I'm a currently beginner indie game developer, and semi-animator due to using MikuMikuDance. A Backstage worker who sets up and tears down sets before and after theater shows. I'm also a gamer. Yes I live with my parents currently, but I mostly don't have a care in the world about that situation at the moment, though it's beginning to seem more lively lately.

Steam User Name: Durami (was KDC705, youtube channel named KDC705 still though), you may want to search kdc017 or my e-mail address to find me, or look in the rpgmaker.net Steam group.
Akiko Tsbuaki's goal is to find her younger (adopted) sister, Kita. Hovever, there's more than just finding her...
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Fighting Festivalis

by pikachu 2127

Play as your favorite character in a Modernized classic fighting game arcade setting

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Magic Quest Series
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by pikachu 2127

Magic Quest

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