Other alias: Luchi
Age: 30
Current obsession: Granblue Fantasy

"A joy to sit down and play" - Addit


The Works of an Icy Cactus

Let's hope my user name doesn't revert back. <_<

I figured I'd stick some of my WIPs/concepts for upcoming projects here. I've been on a bit of a creative roll over the last few weeks/months.

Naturally spoiler-tagged because some images are enormous.

Concept art for a future sci-fi/fantasy game (to be developed in MV)

Buildings are heavily inspired from that Phantasy Star 2 remake for the PS2 that came out ages ago. Some of them are hi-res versions of the pixel-art buildings I made for 'Accelerated World'.

Concept art for my eventual MC. I wanted to give her traditional armour, but decided to go for a bad-ass red longcoat.

Redesigns for a cancelled game of mine. Hi-res finalised image can be found further down.

She looks like she could be a villain...


Full art of Farren, the main character from 'Icebound'. Fur was an absolute pain to do. ><

And one of my first ever heroines, Laine, redrawn.

I'm a very, very, very slow (so slow I could be going backwards) artist so don't expect much here.

RIP, you two. I was still messing around with re-designs even after the project's cancellation. Who knows, they may come back in the form of other characters.

This fan-art of my two favourite Granblue Fantasy characters(Katalina and Vira)took me too long.

WIP image.

There is a serious, serious absence of dudes in my art...

I'm back (with a new game, I guess)

I've been gone for a long time, I know (haven't visited this site for more than a year) but I probably need to get something off my chest. I probably hurt a lot of people here with my last game (Tristian) and I debated for a long time
whether to come back or not. So first and foremost, I apologise. I don't expect anyone to forgive me for what I did back then, but all I want to do is just... make games again. It's been eating away at me for so long and I just couldn't stay away anymore.

I had to come back.

I can never really go back to working on Lady of the Lion because it just has too many bad memories. Just thinking about it nowadays leaves me depressed. I also left the Fire Emblem fandom back in July and because LoTL takes so much inspiration from that series, I feel it is just best to leave the game dead.

After a year-long sabbatical of doing other things, like trying to improve my art, becoming obsessed with Granblue Fantasy (a mobile gacha game that is considerably better than FEH or even FG/O) and just generally taking a break from... gam-mak. Playing GBF also re-ignited my love for the jRPG genre and love of game-making in general.

I saw the IGMC 2017 and, just for the hell of it, decided to enter it on a whim. I wanted to get out of a rut and just start making games again, because I've always loved doing it. I just lost my way, I guess. But I realised I could do no other hobby and feel as truly happy as creating jRPGs, for it is the only hobby where I can combine art, writing and gameplay into one cohesive whole.

My IGMC entry was called Icebound and placed 15th in the Judge's Choice. I'll probably make a game page at some point in the future.

I suppose this image or scene from Granblue can best sum up my feelings.

That, and my avatar. Lots and lots of regret.

But I'm back.

When's your birthday?

Okay, so given how community-centric we are, I'm surprised no-one has made a topic like this. ^^ So, as the topic says:

When is your birthday? If at least 23 people post in this topic, two of them are bound to share a birthday. XD

I'm December 14. A Saggitarius, mind.

Taking Leave

I've been very inactive of late, as some of you will have noticed. Between working full-time and having a general lack of enthusiasm for anything RM-related, I've decided to take a bit of break and practice some other hobbies in the meantime to get out of my extremely jaded mentality. I like to call it the 'September Slump' because I experienced a similar thing last year ( a feeling of general uselessness at what I do as well as a 'destructive-mode' mindset ). Also, the Jam was a fiasco on my part, so that's partially why I'm leaving as well.

So maybe taking a break from this hobby will prime me for being more efficient, enthusiastic and eager to finish a game. I may not equal my record of finishing 3 games in one year anytime soon, but I do hope to finish my magnum opus within a year. Or two. Or ten.

Unlike when leaving RMW, I will be back.

Post a fun fact... about yourself!

Like the title says, post an interesting fact(s) about yourself here.

I have an incredible sense of smell. One of my most memorable incidents occurred when I was on holiday on the coast. I told my family I could smell wine or something similar, but we were on an open road, with no brewery/liquor store in sight. Only about a kilometre down the road did we find an overturned beer truck, with several smashed cases lying on the side of the road.

I'm a fast learner and probably have above-average IQ ( between 115-125 ).

Not unusual, but I'm a leftie but more rare, probably the only South African on this site. XD

How about you guys? ^^

[RMVX][RMVX ACE] Want some sexy maps?

For a price, of course.

Okay, so here's my service to the community. I'm sure most of you have seen my work floating around here, either in the screenshot thread or from my game pages ( Enelysion, Tristian ) and I've decided to open up a mapping workshop.

I can work with virtually any tileset, in almost any RM engine, but right now I'm doing mapping commissions for RMVX/RMVX Ace, preferably the latter for now. While I won't be immediately available ( because of the IGMC ), I will be ready to map after August 7 ( when the contest ends ). I just want to check general interest before I do anything.

I am doing this because I know mapping can be tedious at times, and it can be a chore for many of you. It is also one of the first things a potential player will encounter on your game page. I do not parallax, but I can make some pretty darn good editor maps.
Its also a little spare change in my pocket, since I make something like $377 a month from my work if I convert the currency. ;_;

Rules: Because I need to set some guidelines here.

- Please be as detailed as you can with your map descriptions. No vague ideas. Be specific.
- You have to own the rights to use the tilesets within your game.
For example, if you want me to make a map using Celianna's VX-only tiles for a VXAce map, you need to own that engine as well.
- Have at least 10 posts before posting here.
- I need your trust that you will pay when I deliver the maps.
- Please make sure you are committed to your project before commissioning. I do not want to waste my time nor your money.
- Taking no more than two commissions at a time.

They're fairly old, and my level design has become better than the examples shown.

Example of a temple map in Enelysion.

Forest example.

Port Town example.

RMXP-style mapping in VX. Old map, but yes. It is possible to get those kind of maps with VX/Ace's 'blocky' style with no parallaxing.

Interior of a shop.


Small maps like interiors ( Default size to 20x20 )

$5 per map - maximum of 10 at a time.

Medium maps ( 30x30+ )

$10 per map - maximum of 5 at a time.

Large maps ( 50x50 - 60x60, no larger than this )

$20 per map - maximum of 3 at a time.

Also, are the prices reasonable? Could I charge more? Remember, I do everything except script-related stuff like weather effects and lighting effects.
Payment will be done through PayPal once this gets off the ground.

So, are you guys game for some sexy maps?

Smelly poo forces BA flight to land


Read it and laugh your lungs out of your arse. I thought it was a hoax, but it's very, very real.

What's your personality type?

Just thought it would be interesting to know the personality types of other RMers. =)

I'm either an INFP or INTP - We're pretty rare amongst the general population, which probably explained why I could never really gel with anyone in my younger years.

Quoted from this site: http://www.16personalities.com/personality-types
INFPs have a talent for self-expression, revealing their beauty and their secrets through metaphors and fictional characters.

I share my personality type with Tolkien and Shakespeare ( which is funny, since I don't regard myself as a great writer. I like it, but I'm not as good as I'd like to be ). Or if I am an INTP, I share it with Einstein and Newton. XD I'm thinking the former.

So, what is yours, RMN? Take the test!

Luchi's Mouse art

So I finally decided to start an art topic of my own which involves the humble mouse ( and no, there are no Paint-like drawings in this thread XD ). I'm pretty terrible at updating stuff like this ( and churning out new art ) but I'll post what I've done over the last year or so. I also don't practice as often as I'd like since 95% of my hobby-time is taken up by gam-mak.

So, onto business ( or w/e you want to call it ^^ ) Paint Shop Pro 8 is my tool of the trade.

Pixel Art:

Project based-art:

I'm a huge fan of Sims3 so I made a Sim version of Laine then linearted the screenshot. :D

Other stuff:

So yes. I tend to do a variety of styles instead of sticking to one. That's it for now. Back to my gam-mak realm!

Favourite classical FF tracks?

So, if you could pick just THREE of your favourite tracks from the classic FFs ( FF1-FF6 ), what would they be? ( mind you, my favs only stem from IV and later ).


3. Mount Ordeals
2. Rydia's Theme
1. Toroian Beauty ( seriously, I can loop this track for hours )

FFV: ( not as memorable as the other FFs, but w/e )

3. The Dragon Spreads its Wings
2. Battle with Gilgamesh
1. My Home Sweet Home ( I listen to this when mapping my towns )

FFVI: This one was a tough nut to crack, but I finally whittled it down to just 3.

3. Coin Song
2. Phantom Forest
1. GAU's THEME! ( this track gives me freakin' goosebumps. It's one of the most beautiful FF melodies out there )
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