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Age: 30
Current obsession: Granblue Fantasy

"A joy to sit down and play" - Addit
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[Mapping] Mapping an attractive valley with Mack tilesets.
Some simple mapping techniques on creating pretty maps.
02/11/2012 03:35 PM
YEM in-game additions tutorial.
Like creating biographies, in-game tutorials, art galleries etc
03/02/2012 04:30 PM
Luchi-chan's Lighting Tutorial.
How to achieve simple tints and light effects for your maps.
05/01/2012 08:12 AM
My basic mapping commandments
Simple tips to give you amazing looking maps
11/21/2013 05:32 AM
My Handy-Dandy Guide to Tints. Yes. Tints.
A simple tint. That is all it takes to make an ordinary map... extra-ordinary.
12/03/2013 05:56 AM
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