Hello, everyone. I'm poopoose, a Japanese gamer pretending to be an western ghost. Please *don't* call me in short because it's socially dangerous! I didn't even know "poo" means really that when I named myself... In my country, it just sounds fun and not particularly impolite anyway.

I usually enjoy RPGs, any type of cute adventures, and sometimes puzzles. I especially love old-fashioned one like Gameboy, NFS. If you would have a interest, take a look in my play-lists which is showing fun games on RMN.

I have made several comedy RPGs in Japanese until now, using RM2000. Making games is really tough, isn't it? >_<

And lastly, feel free to ask me Japan-things, if you would have any question on them. I think I'm a pretty much anime fan. Though, I do not play recent big titles these days. (e.g. Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Pocket Monster, etc.)

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