Hello, everyone. I'm poopoose, a Japanese gamer pretending to be an western ghost. Please *don't* call me in short because it's socially dangerous! I didn't even know "poo" means really that when I named myself... In my country, it just sounds fun and not particularly impolite anyway.

I usually enjoy RPGs, any type of cute adventures, and sometimes puzzles. I especially love old-fashioned one like Gameboy, NFS. If you would have a interest, take a look in my play-lists which is showing fun games on RMN.

I have made several comedy RPGs in Japanese until now, using RM2000. Making games is really tough, isn't it? >_<

And lastly, feel free to ask me Japan-things, if you would have any question on them. I think I'm a pretty much anime fan. Though, I do not play recent big titles these days. (e.g. Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Pocket Monster, etc.)




Look, the two pinkish slimy things are trying to bite radish! (sorry, I know what really they are but it still make me to be wondering) And love the big carrot. ^^

Pocket Mirror Classic (2016)

Hi, I had the exactly same problem as periwinkledoll13 encountered, but simply renaming the SE file to its appropriate worked for me. The name of the file had a garbled character at where the disappeared "รง". Perhaps it would happen when the game installation into my Japanese computer? It would be great if this problem was fixed! because this game is such special one that everyone from any country and even beginners of computers should be able to play.

Oh, and I'm playing the current latest 1.3.

The Maid of Fairewell Heights Review

It's almost 10th anniversary of the game. ^^

Looking at his twitter account, it seems that Nora, the developer of the game, is still making funny games such as the one with the demon king creating "cats". To be honest, I have watched the trailer video of it but can't tell what kind of the game it really is. (of course I can even read Japanese though!)


Why she has an angry look on her face? Had some argument with her husband, I would guess...


Hey, it was a fun playing than I expected!
I hope you'll make another comedy RPG in the future. ^^

But the ending was a plain sad... After the first play of the game I assumed there was probably another (hopefully good) ending and tried not to kill any good people but it seemed impossible so there was no alternative ending in the game, right?

By the way, the concept that I can be in the field map with my body that literally in that size is pretty funny and hilarious. All heroes must learn potion brewing!


So classical mapping which I love! ^^ I want to give it a try when I have some time.


Oh, you are really going to re-design her. I think she looks better than before. (the more she become good-looking, the more the game-play become tragic, though...)

By the way, I just noticed that she wore a very weird cloth and was making an awkward pose anyway. ^^; (oh, but that's interesting attempt indeed, though)

All Deaths Scene To Find Myself

OMG @_@ this game is totally insane. How much do you want to kill the players? lol Stop squashing her, please?!

I learnt the game is an extreme survival game and has an excellent work with moving objects and sound effects. Now I feel like I'm dead like her... The skeleton ghost(?) constantly popping up from the bottom of the screen is sometimes a bit funny though. He/She is kawaii. ^^


Hmm, I guess she has got some odd arms, and hands. Maybe they are too small? Her face and expressions is quite nice, I think.

Pocket Quest!

Oh, I didn't know that slot machine would do such cruel thing... In fact, he once gave me a thousand coins. ^^