Hello, everyone. I'm poopoose, a Japanese gamer pretending to be an western ghost. Please *don't* call me in short because it's socially dangerous! I didn't even know "poo" means really that when I named myself... In my country, it just sounds fun and not particularly impolite anyway.

I usually enjoy RPGs, any type of cute adventures, and sometimes puzzles. I especially love old-fashioned one like Gameboy, NFS. If you would have a interest, take a look in my play-lists which is showing fun games on RMN.

I have made several comedy RPGs in Japanese until now, using RM2000. Making games is really tough, isn't it? >_<

And lastly, feel free to ask me Japan-things, if you would have any question on them. I think I'm a pretty much anime fan. Though, I do not play recent big titles these days. (e.g. Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Pocket Monster, etc.)


My makerscore is still 0.

RMN says:

"Makerscore is a good measure of your worth as a human being"

My score is 0, so that I'm a worthless human being...
That's right! because I'm a ghost! >_<

Will anyone who is kind and handsome person give me some makerscore? Will you be handsome, beautiful? Only one thousand will be appreciated.

I'm not able to make games in English but I have sent a lot of feedback and comments to the games I've played for three years or so but my score seems falling love to zero.

Further more, a review that once I submitted was denied for bad English. How pitiful of me...

Please revive me, and make me a human being!

Where is 2k3 RTP?

Hello everyone.
I'm poopoose, quite new here, from Japan.

There are lots of games used RM 2003 engine but unfortunately some of them causes an error window saying like "The file *filename* cannot be opened." when I try to start the game or in the middle of plying it.

It seems like I need an RM 2k3 RTP of English version. I looked for it in rpgmakerweb.com but they apparently doesn't distribute that product anymore. How I deal with this problem...?

Thank you!
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