[Poll] Internet Browser of Choice

Opera. The intial release of v12 made Flash worse somehow but that seems to be resolved in later versions. It's the closest to how I want an internet browser to work with the issues being the least annoying. Second is Chrome with specific and limited use.
I'm not sure what the deal is, but Flash broke with a lot of recent browser updates, so Opera isn't alone there.

Flash is giving up. Most browsers have moved to HTML5, and have given up trying to support Flash. Even though Android phone devices mostly support Flash, you can't download Flash for mobile anymore. I expect by this time next year, Flash won't work on any browser and will be rendered obsolete.



If it goes by Final Fantasy standards set by FF12, White is Curative, Black is Elemental, Blue is Monster Skills, Red is White/Black usually limited, and Green is Status Effects like Blind and Poison.

[Poll] Internet Browser of Choice

I don't see why Chrome is Hipsters, and not Safari. You know, since Hipsters are always using Mac products.

Anyway, I've used Chrome for a long time and I am familiar with it. Before that, I used FireFox, and before that I used Opera. That was probably like, Opera v6 so its not exactly relevant anymore. I switched from FireFox to Chrome because Chrome was more streamlined and at the time, it felt like a good time to switch.

Why is "The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past" such a great game?

I don't find it hard to answer, Max. I wrote a pretty long post right above yours about why I liked LttP so much.

I can definitely answer why I don't like Ocarina of Time as much, as well!

The dual-world system felt like a fucking chore. Going back and forth was painful. The 3D engine was great and all but so often did I spend fighting the camera, falling off ledges accidently, missing monsters or targeting the wrong monsters with Z-Targeting.

It was a good game, but by no means is it better than LttP.

Why is "The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past" such a great game?

There is a glitch in Link's awakening that allows you to travel to any screen, I forgot how to trigger it but its fun. Did you know that Nintendo was making a Zelda 3 for the nes but it had gotten canceled due to the snes's release? I would love to see Zelda 3 for the nes.

You press Select when transitioning screens. It doesn't take you to any screen, but if done correctly you'll be on the far side of the screen you were supposed to transition into. This can let you skip obstacles without certain tools. If you land inside a wall, you can either jump down back to the map, or jump across the screen. For example, this would let you fight the boss in the second dungeon without getting the Bracelet that lets you pick things up.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is a great game for a variety of reasons.

Memorable music and graphics are the simplest to understand. The graphics are cute, and some what plain, but are easy to read, make each screen easy to understand, and use great colour balance. The music is your typical Zelda fare, but still very memorable.

The combat system is relatively flawless. The hit detection is spot on, collision detection isn't often an issue. The maps are open enough that you can manuever and not feel inhibited by the terrain. 8 Directional Movement and a sweeping sword-arc make the combat seem really fluid. In Zelda 1 you spend a lot of time fighting the grid to position yourself and as soon as you get the beam sword you never want to be less than full life because its so much easier and less painful to hit from range.

The combat system also flows into the tool system beautifully. I don't know how better to articulate it than it's perfect.

The game also had a lot of non-necessary but fun to find things. Lots of hidden heart containers, four bottles (only one is necessary iirc), the spells, I think the fire rod was skip-able? Possibly the upgraded bombs? Definitely the upgraded Boomerang, which was awesome the way you get that.

The dual-world system made the world feel like it was twice the size, was handled really well, and created some interesting puzzle solutions. I sort of wish that the dungeons all translated 1:1 between the two worlds, so that there was some dual-world interaction when you were inside a dungeon.

Anyway, it's really a perfect game, and what's more is that its a direct and calculable improvement over it's previous instalments. You might like the earlier games more, but when its broken down to numbers and direct comparisons, it's greater than its predecessors.

TL;DR: Memorable Music, Great Graphic Direction, Tight as Fuck Controls, the right amount of hidden stuff, excellent use of dual-world system, vast improvement over all of its predecessors.

Designer wanted. Paid. RMVX

So I realize I don't have much of a name in this community these days, but for what it's worth, DarthEquus is quite serious about this and a very professional individual to deal with.

I had offered my services to him for scripting in this project quite a while ago, nothing came of it and its probably for the best (my scripting skills are completely whack these days due to lack of practice) but I remember his name, the project, and the communication between us being professional and a pleasant experience.

In short, I would urge that people don't jump to conclusions regarding DarthEquus and the legitimacy of his project simply because of the subject matter.

Addressing DarthEquus: I know I didn't do anything for you regarding scripting (I don't really remember the reason for that? oh I looked into it, apparently I just stopped communicating with you. that was over a year ago though so no hard feelings?) and I am not willing to devote a large portion of my time to a project, but you are more than welcome to contact me if you want a consultation or to brainstorm some ideas. Either through RMN's Private Message system or through e-mail at

TL;DR: This guy is on the level, and worth your time if you're at all interested in taking the position.

When does Design overtake Fun?

I thought this thread was about over-designing making the game development process not fun for the developer(s).

To which I would say: Pretty much as soon as you have to start implementing the grand ideas you've carefully crafted in your head.

As far as the game. If a designer has spent so much time on it that he's made it not fun, that's kind of his own fault. It's up to the designer and play testers to determine how fun a game is. If an product that isn't fun makes it to release, either the designers/playtesters are at fault, or the production company forced them to release it before it was ready.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Screenshots of a Battle UI (that I designed and had TDS code for me) in action. Finally.

Thoughts on Industrial Fantasy/Steampunk

I love Steampunk, Dieselpunk, and the like. It's starting to garner some much needed attention in the creative world.

The Five Fists of Science is a very Steampunk-esque comic featuring Mark Twain, Nikola Tesla, and other scientists.

Full Metal Alchemist (and FMA: Brotherhood) and Last Exile are great Steampunk Animes. Last Exile is done with steampunk art style but because the technology they use isn't exactly steam power (it's some sort of anti-gravity liquid I think?) it could be argued to fall outside the realm but it's still fantastic.

I also particularly like Steampunk Costumes and Cosplayers. This link being a sexy, sexy example.

CraftStudio - cool engine targeted into easy 3d development

Looks like this Engine was made to appeal to Minecraft players. They are probably right in doing so, as well. Minecraft Players have a huge amount of creativity (not just in Building, but also with Texture Packs and Mods) and it could be used to create some interesting games. By keeping the style the same they can use existing resources (skins, texture packs, and probably even maps) and focus on gameplay.

I am slightly in doubt of the legitimacy of their ability though. It's clear they have no sense for marketing. The three demo games they have videos posted of look awful, and one of them uses a Minecraft Texture Pack and music/sound effects from commercial games (Super Mario RPG, Final Fantasy, and Megaman X if I am correct.)