I had RMVX Ace running about 15 minutes ago, no problem. I just went to start it and got the error:
"Cannont initialize CoGen DRM. Please try installing the software again."

and it shut down.

I just tried reinstalling it, and the same issue is occuring.

Is this a known issue? I can't complete my Crash Course game x_x

edit: in case it wasn't obvious this isn't a cracked copy of RMVX Ace, this is the original with my purchased license.

VXA Scripting Issue

I'm curious how this works and how to manipulate it properly.

class Game_BattlerBase
  def xparam(xparam_id)
    features_sum(FEATURE_XPARAM, xparam_id)

As I understand it, when you call Game_BattlerBase#xparam(id) it returns whatever it gets from that line above. Normally I thought it would need to be
return features_sum(FEATURE_XPARAM, xparam_id)
but it seems as though the 'return' part is no longer necessary in VX Ace (and possibly VX too, I didn't script much with it.)

I want to change this slightly, so that the value returned is whatever comes from features_sum(FEATURE_XPARAM, xparam_id) plus another value. I want to do this without just overwriting the existing code.

What I have right now is
class Game_Actor < Game_Battler
  def xparam(xparam_id)

I know 'super' will call the code from the method in the parent class (or in this case, the parent of the parent class) but how do I use that information and add to it? Can I do something as simple as
super += 1
i = super
i += 1

Any help would be appreciated. VXAce may be more streamlined in code but my unfamiliarity with it is causing all sorts of road blocks for me.

Forum Post Notifications

I was thinking there should be a few ways to be Notified by the Forum:

a) You should have the option as a thread creator to have all subsequent posts trigger a Notice
b) You should be able to subscribe to a thread, so you can see additional posts
c) The forum should notify you when someone uses the Reply button on a post you've made. This should definitely be something people can disable, though.

Plus anything else anyone can think of?

I'd like outside opinion on the merits of somethings

I was writing some story and working on a game for RMXP several years ago (I believe it was roughly 7-8 years ago.) I lost the work I put into the game, but I managed to keep a rough introduction to the storyline and an outline of some of the combat engine intact. I wanted to post it here to get feedback on the ideas and their validity, to see if they are worth pursuing or using again in another project.

Elf kind began with a discussion about the perfect world; the two Gods – one for technology and the other for nature - had opposing views on what a flawless existence was. So a competition was proposed; the God most successful in physically creating a perfect world was the better God. When the Technological God’s world failed, in His rage and bitterness, His presence began to leak into the other world. Though at first His presence was minor; creatures becoming more violent, volcanoes appearing, people rebelling, His influence becomes more and more evident as time wears on, mainly in the form of an Empire based on amassing wealth which has expanded over centuries. In their culture to date, there is a prophesy that the Gods will soon appear as elf and fight for the fate of all.

Story So Far:
Once in a happy marriage, the irresponsible Brocc? n changes after being plagued with money problems. Seeing a way out, he becomes a pirate and not only turns into a criminal but also a bitter, volatile man. Being away at seas for months or even years at a time, and acting crudely the short time he is home drives his wife, who is in solitude since Sìleans despise pirates, into an affair that leaves her with twins Aislinn and Risteard. She is deathly afraid of his reaction should he come home so she plans her escape to the mainland, waiting for the day that news of his return reaches her. After eight years, reports of his ship coming to port are heard, but money problems have continued throughout his absence and she can not leave with both children. In desperation, she gives Risteard up to the Chief of Síleas who recently lost his son and flees to the continent with Aislinn.

The ship, however, is poorly maintained and the unsanitary conditions kill Aislinn’s mother only a few days into the voyage. Even more unfortunate is that the seas are plagued with pirates and the ship is taken over, its supplies stolen and everyone killed with the exception of Aislinn who is taken under the wing of the rogue pirates because she is so young. Although crude and vulgar, they try their best to raise Aislinn, but she is still shielded from them and the more serious actions they commit by Donahue, the youngest of the rogue pirates who, fifteen at the time, teaches her the skills and the morals she will need one day to leave and start a proper life on land. After ten years the pirates are getting older and decide to set up a home base, finding themselves at Síleas, although Aislinn does not remember it.

Here, the rogue pirates are outcasts and have minimal contact with the townspeople, so they live on the outskirts of Síleas, left awed at the Sílean’s mighty magical abilities. Aislinn almost has immunity to the pirate treatment though because the townspeople see her innocence and are afflicted by their decision to not help a woman that was trapped in a marriage to a pirate many years before. Because of this and the fact her pirate family leave for journeys without her now, she finds herself growing apart from them and spends her time studying magic, geography and languages and wandering all over the island with a dream of traveling again on her own accord.

One day the rogue pirates are approached by the Síleans and are asked to help stop the industrialization of the island. Apparently the Chief of Síleas signed a document that sold the rights of the island to Emperor Raghnall of the capital city, Elgin, on the mainland. For exchange of a lot money the pirates promise to protect the island from incoming ships from the mainland, but they then also demand to be taught magic. Before they agree to this, the villagers also ask them to send someone to Elgin to try and reason with the Emperor; Aislinn jumps at the chance because she sees her opportunity to start her journey to find her brother. Donahue agrees to join her - the safest thing to do since he is still young and unknown to the Emperor’s fleet.

As they leave, they are befriended by the Chief’s son, Risteard, who also wants to join them. He expresses his disgust at his father for taking the island for granted and his desire to set things right, so the three of them head to the mainland and towards Elgin.

Along the way, it’s established that Risteard is not much of a fighter; he’s actually a bit of a coward and relies on Donahue and Aislinn to defend him. But there’s something the Chief’s son is hiding, he acts slightly suspicious, but it’s something neither of them can quite pin, although they don’t spend a lot of time trying to figure it out between fights with local creatures. Also on their trip, Aislinn notices the ever expanding gap between the once inseparably close relationship with Donahue which hurts dearly because she thinks she loves him.

It’s when they arrive in Elgin that things get interesting. Risteard leaves them right away without telling them why, and Donahue and Aislinn are left to try and to get an audience with the emperor. It happens to be easy to see the emperor; when they state their place of origin, they are immediately met by Emperor Raghnall’s consul who lets them stay in the castle until the emperor can see them.

The Emperor takes days to see them though, and Risteard has been missing since they arrived in Elgin so Donahue and Aislinn are left confused and speculating.


> Aislinn Sileas
A gifted and highly intuitive mage, she has a natural connection to the planet. With a strong desire to find her lost brother, she travels the world with a band of pirates whom adopted her in her infancy. Her growing feelings for one of the rogues, Donahue, keeps her close to the repulsive gang. Distrustful and occassionally violent, Aislinn proves qualities of intelligence and leadership.

> Donahue Morgan
A traditional man. Fifteen at the time of Aislinn's arrival, he is now ready to settle down at the age of twenty five and marry. He sees Aislinn as a little sister, or even the daughter he plans to have. He is willfully blind of Aislinn's crush on him, yet maintains a close relationship. He has a strong sense of duty and obeys the laws of chivilry to the finest detail.

> Risteard Mael-Duin
Convinced he was abandoned by his mother, Risteard uses his bitterness to fuel his ambitions of power. Growing up in nobility gave Risteard access to high education, although it is apparent at an early age that he has qualities far beyond his age: Charisma that could charm a God, and a third eye that can pierce centuries forward into the technological future.

> Aegean Muiredach
To restore the reputation and assets of his noble heritage, Aegean strives and succeeds in being recruited as a Knight of Airgialla; an elite, highly-trained assemblage that serves only the empire and protects it and its people from any threats, including the Emperor. Against his upbringing, Aegean is always conscientious of how poor his family is. Stemming from that the girl he has feelings for is looking for only a wealthy suitor, and that society is obsessed with wealth. He's an emotional, romantic type. Looking for an idealistic, no-matter-the-cost love that's faithful until death. Despite the fact his head is usually in the clouds, Aegean knows how to be seriously bad ass; his abilities extend beyond his training due to his natural talent with in combat.

Adrenaline System:
Adrenaline gained by attacking
Adrenaline gained by being attacked
Decreases over time
Adrenaline Based Skills
Adrenaline Augmented Skills

Status Effects:
Adrenaline Lock (sets max adrenaline to value of adrenaline at the time of cast)
Adrenaline Zero (Adrenaline =0%)
Adrenaline Rush (Adrenaline +50%)
Adrenaline Calm (Adrenaline -50%)
Command Lock (Locks command options such as fight, defend, escape, item, skill)

Domain Effects:
Underwater (Fire damage nullified, lightning attacks all, water damage enhanced)
Swamp (Each turn chance to poison characters, air attacks chance to poison)
Mid-air (Air attacks chance to stun, earth attacks nullified)
Mountain (Earth attacks stronger, earth attacks chance to cause avalanche attacking all)
Seaside (Water attacks stronger, water attacks chance to cause wave attacking all)
Blessed Ground (Cures stronger, evil attacks nullified)
Magic Barrier (No magical attacks. Element damage nullified)
Night time (Enemies more vicious, stronger enemies)
Day time (More tame enemies, weaker.)

Enemy Intelligence:
Enemy group to attack based on character levels (Lv2 wolves won't attack Lv5 parties)
Makes areas continually difficult up to a point where enemies stop attacking.

Two "classes". One is Magic User one is Item User (determines battle commands).

Magic Users:
Have a set amount of Potential
Each skill requires a certain amount of Potential
Potential Limit increases as you level
Certain combinations of skills weild bonus skills
> Example; if Fire is equipped and Sword Cut is equipped, you can use Fire Sword.
Amount of Potential required is based on effectiveness of the spell, and its type.
Spell Types = Magical, Adrenal, and Augmentable.
Amount of AP goes in that order.

Item Users:
Have a set amount of items able to equip before battle (default = 3)
In menu you set which items you want to take with you into battle
You can set the same amount of items multiple times
> Example; Item Belt = Potion, Ether, and Elixir. It can also be Potion, Potion, Ether.
You only take one of each item into battle for each in belt.
If that item no longer exists in inventory (amount of Potions = 0), you will automatically take an extra of the next item in the list.
> Example; Item Belt = Potion, Ether, Elixir. If Potions = 0, then you'll take Ether, Ether, Elixir.
Some items can't be taken in battle (like Books and quest items)
Weapons/armor can be taken in battle. If they are, you can change your equipment by using them
> Example; Item Belt = Wood Sword, Helmet, Potion. If you select Wood Sword, you equip that and put your current weapon "Stick" onto the belt.

Any thoughts on the matter, and such, would be greatly appreciated. I remember having the story written out to being what I figured would end up as a massive scale RPG. I remember vague bits of it but not enough to be able to remember exactly how it went. Anything beyond the premise and what is written would likely have to be re-written from scratch.

The Combat System I think is neat. The Adrenaline system could easily be replaced with the TP system in VX Ace, with a few modifications. The Item User/Magic User distinction would require some work but not too much. I think it has a lot going for it, but Item Users would need to be balanced to shit because not having a lot of skills (they'd likely at least get one battle command other than Fight) they would get boring and likely be really underpowered. I'm sure that could use some work.

Anything else?

My Projects Folder: Explained

This is probably better suited for the Abandoned Game Ideas thread, but its more of Abandoned Projects. Regardless, I felt it would be suitable for its own topic.

I am going through my RMXP/VX folders and going to post a screenshot and a blurb about every game in the folder. I dont' know why, or if it would be helpful to anyone in anyway. I just felt it needed to be documented somehow. A large portion of my teenage years and early adulthood went into this work, and while none of it was ever truly finished, I don't feel that it devalues the work at all. I think what devalues it is that nobody has ever seen half of it.

rpgxp\7Day Game\

This was a contest game that I didn't make the deadline for. It was a small map, and I was toying with making the cities look exactly like the small representation from the Inquistor's World Map tileset:

The concept was mission based, and 'Time of Day' based. You would have x days to complete a mission, and they would occasionally require you to wait out someone passing by at a specific time, or something along those lines. I used Trickster's Time system to create it and it worked nicely. I just never got around to creating any content.

rpgxp\ABS 2\

This was a developing/testing environment for the re-write of my ABS system. I loved this script and thought it was one of the best ABS available until I started getting some pretty negative reviews about it. Infact, so negative that I got teenage-butthurt and stopped developing it entirely. That was pretty silly now that I think about it.

This was an attempt to rewrite my Adrenaline system that I used in From Sea to Sky (not in this list.)
This was a really old RMXP game I had made, the screenshots are still on RPG RPG Revolution. I unfortunately had a friend writing the story who made it into a Final Fantasy style epic that I could never have hoped to complete.


This was my unfaithful recreation of the FF6 battle system for RMXP. I purposely tried to use the same style, but was willing to compromise menus and such to make it a little more unique. It was planned to be the basis of any game I wanted to make, and then just changed slightly as necessary. It's actually finished, except for a small bug with the scrolling of menus and never finishing the victory window.

i'm skipping over a bunch of blank projects and other people's script demos here


This was a game that was supposed to be a demonstration to my 'New World Objects' script (which I am assuming was a rewrite to my World Objects script) that essentially brought in the World of Warcraft style resource collection system and tied into my crafting script. The point was to create a game where the player's success was hinged on these systems. Whenever you entered a map, it would randomly place some herbalism and mining nodes (specific to certain terrain tags) and you could learn the skills, level up with them, etc.

rpgxp\Botanica New\
skipping over this one, it was just a failed attempt and rekindling interest in above

rpgxp\Class + Subclass Script\
barely got anything started with this

rpgxp\D&D Attempt 2\
I was rewriting RMXP as a D&D-based engine. I got really far and was doing a really good job until I started work on the combat system. I couldn't handle coding pathfinding at all, and the existing pathfinding scripts didn't allow for diagonal movement that wasn't penalized (stepping a square diagonally in D&D4E costs 1 movement just like orthagonally.) I had decided to start from scratch with this one but never got anywhere with it.

This was a script that created new .rxdata files with your own database information, and interpreted them and such. It was so that you could add new stats, face graphics, etc. to the database without using any sort of runaround. I had someone coding a GUI for it, but they never got back to me. It works, but you'd still need to know your way around coding to use it. Not all that important.

I just realized how many of these are scripts and thus have nothing to show

Diegoale was someone I did a lot of Commission-Based work for. This was a single project that held all the scripts that I made for him, as well as the scripts he was using that were freely licensed. Just so that I could test compatability. There isn't much interesting in here, really. Multiple background panoramas, anchoring pictures to the map instead of the screen, etc.


This was essentially my Magnum Opus. The only game I ever completed from start to finish. It's got the most ridiculous storyline, incoherent characters, and a shit-load of bugs (even while testing to get some pictures I ran into a bug that I couldn't go further because of.)

This game was created for the Dungeon Contest. The idea was to create the most viceral and interesting Dungeon scenarios. The game didn't have to be a complete game, iirc, but I took the contest as an excuse. I used my ABS (dolled up a little for this game) and had some custom art done for the characters, and went to town on it. I got a lot of helpful advice from Anaryu (god bless him) and created something that was amazing. I believe the contest resulted in a tie between ccoa and I, which wasn't resolved. In my opinion, Anaryu's game probably should have won but all three of these entries were competent games.

This game included 4 boss fights (surprising to me, as I completely forgot about them;) several puzzles including a mirror-reflection puzzle that astounded a lot of people (it was just a lot of graphical work and switches) and the requirement to control three characters at once. This was pretty poorly done as they would just idle around while you weren't using them, and in a lot of cases I limited it to 2 for the sake of my own ease. The game also had two endings, although I can't remember what the conditions were. I'm sure it had something to do with all the chests full of gold in the last area of the game.

I am going to create a GamePage for this one, just so people can try it and enjoy it at their leisure. I won't be fixing any of the bugs, though. My RMXP days are pretty much over. I may fix the one bug I encountered that made it impossible to continue by chopping in some code but that is about it.

More images for your enjoyment:

rpgxp\Enhancements\ (a.k.a. Alone)

I don't remember exactly what the storyline for this game was. I remember that you started in a massive jail, and I had a sort of espionage/stealth style mission to escape the jail. However it ran so ridiculously slow it was unplayable. I was trying to play the game to get an idea and some screenshots, but it crashed every time a message was shown and like I said was unplayable. I took a few shots of the editor though because I like the maps I made and everything.

a script to replicate the Encounter Areas from RM2k/3

an evented ABS to prove to someone I could make one better than his

rpgxp\Fantasy RPG
This was a dead-start that I was making to mimic some of the typical menu systems and such that you would see in a SNES era jRPG

rpgxp\Farming Mini-System
a script I made to mimic the farming aspect of Harvest Moon. I never got around to crop harvesting, but planting/watering/growing worked perfectly.

This was the D&D system I made. As I said previously, it was doing really well. I even had a game idea for it. But unfortunately, the path-finding shot me in the foot and as a result its a non-start scrap pile fodder.

rpgxp\FF6 Algorithms
Just a script that replaced the combat algorithms with the ones from Final Fantasy 6 (including the odd quirks and everything)


This was a system and database rewrite to use the Final Fantasy Table Top RPG 3E rules developed by ReturnerGames. It was a great system but they overhauled it into garbage.

Just some rips of Final Fantasy 5 that I had to make a game to test

I was writing an animated battlers script and used FF5 spritesheets as a testing ground

rpgxp\final fantasy (wow I named a lot of stuff FF)
I'm not really sure what this is. It has an animated battler system using FF6 spritesheets, and is actually named Stamina System. I think this was a trial for a game where you had a Stamina bar that you used for various things outside of combat (running, pushing, lifting, etc.) that would affect how you start off in-combat situations (low stamina=disadvantage)

rpgxp\First Project (not even close to actually my first project. Not sure why I named it this?)
Again, not sure what this is about. There is one finished map, and an NPC that spawns a custom text box (was I trying to write a custom message system?) and it uses the main hero and graphics (desaturated rtp edits) that I was always using at the time.)

This file was in the folder labeled Story.txt
Many years ago, in the humble village of Madir, two youths lived and played out their lives unaware of their importance... Their significance.

Soon after the end of the Fourth War, the allied nations dwelled in a content feeling of peace. Evil had been thwarted, life was prosperous, and it just seemed like everything would be alright. That, however, brings me back to the two youths who once were living and playing together in the quiet town. Brale and Asmodeus now lay peacefully under six feet of recently disturbed earth. Their lives, forfeit to the sacrifices of the Fourth War. Necessary casualties to ensure the peace and prosperity of their kin and loved ones.

But, that was not the will of the fates. They had special, more important plans for the rising stars. Unfortunately the deed was done, and both Brale and Asmodeus' influence on the world around them was at a standstill.. or was it?

A script to replicate the Gambit AI from FF12. Works like a charm.

Just a single map of a port. There are a few NPCs I had walking around working (carrying boxes, etc.) and the only custom script in the project is my WoW-Styled Quest Script. So, again, not really sure what I was doing here. There are no notes in the project folder at all.


A folder for a guy I was doing commissions for. I never got paid, but at the same time, I never finished what he asked me to do. It was a custom menu system but aside from what is pictured above, he never gave me any further details.

rpgxp\Global Domain Effects
There is nothing to this one except my GDE script, which would add 'Scenarios' to maps. Such as extreme heat (damage over time unless your hero's fire resist was high enough) or under water (only can spend so long on the map without starting to drown)

A script for being able to place decorative items in your house.


This was the predecessor to Dungeon-Inferno. I scrapped it and restarted fairly quickly, but instead of controlling three characters in this one, you would control one. However she had a shadow that you could swap between, so you would hit a switch then swap to your shadow and run through the door that was about to close, and stuff like that. I decided to swap it to three unique heros instead.


This isn't even a project. When Inquistor released his Medieval Outdoor tileset, he posited that nobody would be able to use them as well as he could. I made this map to prove him otherwise, he ate his words.


This was a project created within RMXP to explain RMXP. I only ever got the map screen completed and it wasn't very nice (it was essentially a slideshow with text boxes.)

Just a script for isometric movement

A commission for someone on for an ammo-based SP system, never collected any money for it.


This was a script to recreate the Lufia 2 system (and as a result, the Zelda system as well.) Works like a charm, and has been downloaded off my (despite only being referenced in one post on over a 100 times. I used to have a GamePage for it, but WIP decided that a script demo didn't consistitute a game and removed it years ago.


This was a script that made use of an idea I had. Essentially, when combat initiated there were 'Fields' of energy. In a volcano (as depicted above) the field was primarily Fire (infact was entirely Fire, but that was for testing purposes.) Your hero was a Mage who could 'evaluate' things to change his specialization. In this scenario, he was a Cryomancer. As he used Ice spells, the Ice 'Field' would start to gain strength. This would empower Ice spells. In this case he was fighting a Fire Elemental so that was pretty much his only choice. Had he been fighting something that wasn't immune to fire, he might have decided to 'Evaluate' the Field in combat, which would have changed him to a Pyromancer. Because the field would be so dominated by Fire, his Fire spells would be doing double damage. This was slightly inspired by the Chrono Cross Element system.

Maps I made for some mapping tutorials and guides on


A script I made to resemble the Metroid map

A script to allow each hero to have their own inventory, with limited space. Similar to Earthbound.

A script that allowed you to summon minions in combat, and use spell reagents and some other things.

rpgxp\New Game 01

Not sure what this game was about, other than the opening sequence was a war zone. It had some neat maps and an interestingish looking CMS

rpgxp\New World Objects
A script I detailed above in my Botanica project. This was an update to that, but it was essentially a remake of WoW's resource gathering system.

A script I made to try and figure out my D&D pathfinding once and for all. Didn't work.

rpgxp\Object Manipulation
A script I made to allow you to pick up events and move them, sort of like a push puzzle but you could pick up rocks and boulders and throw them. I was going to use it in a dungeon for a game where you had to pick up this little girl and protect her from enemies.

rpgxp\ORG Tuesday (aka Into the Baron's Gulch)

This was a project I was making for another contest. After the success I had with Dungeon-Inferno, I thought I would be able to do something else. I couldn't, lol. I bite off way more than I could chew. I keep coming back to it and thinking I should do something with it, but I really can't even see where I was going with it. There is a thread for it at but I can't log in there anymore (something buggy with Chrome and their login system) and I can't search unless I am logged in.


Another project I have no idea what I was doing with. I think I made about 3 different intros for it. Something about priests being demons or something I dunno.


This is an interesting one. I had gotten fed-up with cancelling projects or losing direction. I took a bunch of resources from a bunch of stuff I had already made and tried to hack it together so I had a lot of work done to start.

It uses the world map from Alone(Enhancements) above, some maps from Org Tuesday and New Game 01, and a lot of the scriptwork I had done in others like Osirus.

It made use of some interesting map overlays (extreme darks to hide things) and the folder even had some Info text files that had some crazy crap in them.

<Prexus> Loosely, two parents and three children live on a farm. Two of the children are older, around the ages of 10-11, and one child is very young, around the age of 3-4. The Parents are actually grandparents, not sure where the actual parents are. But the grandparents are constantly bickering about money and such. The children are hardpressed to find anything to do on the farm for fun so the two older children lik
<Prexus> e to go into the forested areas and make-believe adventures. The younger child, being unable to go with them, stays at home and often writes little stories about the adventures she wishes she could go on. One night, full moon and magical feeling, the older brother and sister slip out of the house to pick flowers from the forest. When they arrive, the forest doesn't quite look the same. There are some animals
<Prexus> that don't look quite right. Large foxes, tiny birds the size of butterflys. And a giant toad sits perched on a felled tree. They approach wearily, trying to keep their presence unknown. As they attempt to slip around the back of the giant toad, his mouth opens like a gaping chasm. The sister sibling lets out a small scream, just enough for the toad to close his mouth like a venus fly-trap, and shoot his head
<Prexus> to one side. He catches a glimpse of the children as they begin to run into the forest for their lives. His two large legs thrust him into the air as he pursues. It isn't long before he can see them again. In the blink of an eye, he launches his sticky tongue towards the young girl. However, the boy, looking behind him, is able to intercept. The toad pulls the wrapped up boy towards him, and pulls the boy in
<Prexus> to his mouth. He continues to pursue the girl who is now frantically screaming and crying. Just as the toad readies to snap his tongue once more, she dives behind a rotting oak tree. The tongue releases, only to grab a mouthful of tree. Pulling the tree in, he is clonked on the head by the trunk. The girl gets up, realizes that the toad is unconcious, and runs up to free her brother.
<Prexus> They flee the forest.
<Prexus> When they arrive back home, they clamber back into their room. Their younger sister is asleep in the bed, cuddling a pad of paper with some words and drawings scribbled onto it. The older siblings have no idea what just happened, as it seemed to come right out of a fairy tale book.
<Prexus> explanation: the girl's stories are about her older brother and sister and crazy adventures with mystical characters. It takes a while before the older siblings realize that that is the case, and after reading the book themselves, decide to stop going on the adventures. But they can't, and are drawn into the forest every night to continue. They get more and more perilous, and put their lives in danger. Possib
<Prexus> ly even one of the two siblings dies, eventually some sort of evil shows up that isn't in the books, and is actually just the younger siblings thoughts towards her parents. She doesn't like them as she doesn't know them, so they manifest themselves into the story as evil entities. The remaining sibling takes it upon himself to destroy the evil, assuming that will ease the mind of the young

Nature Spirit modifies the effect primary stats have on secondary stats. It also unlocks abilities unique to the Nature Spirit.

In addition to picking a Nature Spirit, the player must also pick a Profession. This decides your starting primary stats, and the equipment and weaponry you are able to equip.

The weaponry you have equipped, combined with your Profession, decide what Battle Commands you have available.

For example, a Gun Mage with a Pistol and Sword would have the battle commands: Fight, Shot (magic influnced bullets), Blade (magic influnced attacks), and Item. A Thief with Pistol and Sword would have the battle commands: Fight, Aim (100% Accuracy, 100% Critical Chance), Mug (Attack Damage + Steal), and Item.

Should a hero not have two weapons equipped, the secondary ability defaults to a catch-all ability for their class. A Gun Mage would have "Magic", which are basic magic spells. Or a Thief would have "Steal".

Darton Steel - Human Thief

Weapons: Sword/Dagger and Pistol
Battle Commands:

History: Darton Steel was born into the life of thievery. Son and prodigy of Anthony Steel, a very famous pilferer. He passed admissions to the Thief Guild at an early age, and has risen to a high rank amongst them. His past offers no twists and turns and puzzling mysteries. He is a thief, and a good one at that.


Amart Rok - Human Gunmage

Weapons: Pistol and Shield or Rifle
Battle Commands:
Guard (if Pistol/Shield) / Aim (if Rifle)

History: Amart's past is simple. It is likely that he led nothing more than an ordinary life. When he awakens in a prison cell, to an eeirly quiet jail, he has no memory of a reason why he should be there.

Not sure what all this, if anything, had to do with the above game.

This was one of my first ever scripting projects. Between AstroMech and I, we almost had the entire Pokemon engine down. I was working on the GUIs and interface stuff, while he did the hard coding.

A crafting script I made and published to I think it was one of my first full scripts that I posted.

Here come the Project# folders. I thought there would be more, actually. This one is just a script demo that allowed for multiple message boxes at a single time that could all be controlled inside a single Show Message.

A testing environment for a View Range script

A rebuild of RMXP from the ground up. It only includes the Intrepreter class, the rest are gone. It had working audio, a full database, a Title Screen (with splashes), Save/Load features, and a menu system that showed all the actor data. There was no map engine yet though.

Blank project with nothing in it.

An attempt at starting PokemonV6 over from scratch. Got tired of it pretty quickly, but I made some isometric pokemon graphics for it.

A copy of RMXP running the RMVX .dll and scripts (essentially just RMVX with the RMXP tilemap/mapping system.

A horse-racing minigame, sucked balls.

A commission script

An attempt at making a sidescrolling game

A script that allows for skills to have custom damage equations. It also allows for individual weapons to have different equations too. Like a weapon that damaged MP, or a skill that would use the target's attack stat instead of defense to determine if it hit.

A script that put a constant frame around the screen.. I don't remember why someone wanted this but they did.


A side-scrolling RPG in the Zelda 2-vein.

An attempt at restarting the ORG Tuesday project. I made some neat maps to get reaquainted with RMXP and the tileset I had been using but never went anywhere with it.

No idea why its named this. It's a script that makes individual classes have specific stat bonus. So for example a Thief would have HP -5% and AGI+10% for example.

rpgxp\Umbral Wake
I can't believe I have the project file for this?

This was the game I made as a demo so people could see how my ABS worked, and what it was like in action. I had planned on making it into a real game, but never got around to it. IIRC the plot had something to do with the main hero's parents being necromancers, or something.


This was the start of a project for a Winter contest at
It was to be a collection of mini-games and a loose plot around it. I had fully created the sledding minigame (which was actually pretty fun but I got bored after the first map) and half-created the snowball fight game. It never got finished.

Minecraft: Post Whats In Your World

I am sure there was a thread like this already, but the site doesn't like searching so I have made a new one!

Essentially, post whats in your world!

My wife and I started a new world using the Glacier seed on a private server, and built this tonight. A glass greenhouse with a tree farm/hydroponic farm, a silo for storage, a cute little house with beds and a garden, an incinerator for Gravel (pfft!) and an awesome strip mine.

We cheated the Glowstone blocks in since you can't go to the Nether in vanilla SMP :(

I also built this as a demonstration to someone on how to build neat minecart systems, turned it into a full subway system with color-coded lines and such.

Post your Desktop!

LOL I was just.. amazed by how cluttered my desktop looks (it is actually organized) and thought maybe others would like to show theirs off.

Previously Successful IPs and how to Revive Them.

Repost from the Genre Death thread

While Genres aren't going anywhere any time soon. The topic of "Previously Successful IPs and their recent incarnations." is worth discussing.

Because, let's face it. There hasn't been a Mega Man X game with innovation since Mega Man X4.

But how would you revive that Franchise?

Adding RPG Elements didn't work. Battle Network/Legends were a completely different style of game, and could easily have dropped the Mega Man name. Zero/ZX were competent games, but nothing innovative and the RPG Elements might as well not have existed.

Mega Man ZX attempted to have the game follow a proper story, as opposed to a quick introduction, X amount of Boss Battles, then a final gauntlet towards the end boss. As far as I am concerned, this did not help the franchise but it didn't hurt it. I found it funny, though, because most IPs are working on becoming non-linear, where the 'Innovation' in Mega Man was to make it more linear.

I think A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda is a good take on the Mega Man-style. I haven't played any more than the Demo, but the activeness of upgrading parts and weapons mid-level was a neat concept. The added suits were a hand-off to the additional suits in the later Mega Man X games, which were a good idea. The concept is the same as Zero in Mega Man X4, though. A different style of play in the same engine.

I wonder if removing the 'Stagger' from being hit, and replacing the Energy (health) Bar system with an 'Avoid Damage to Recover' system, like seen in recent First Person Shooters would be worth trying? I always found that Mega Man could play a little bit like a Bullet-Hell SHMUP, at times. Although in that scenario, the Platforming elements would need to be almost removed, as it is hard enough to platform in Mega Man games, let alone dodge hundreds of bullets at the same time.

Any other ideas? Or other IPs that you think could use revitalization, or have tried revitalization done so poorly in the past?

rmn icon top left

The RMN icon in the top left should be a clickable link to go back to the home page. When i'm in a thread page and quickly want to get back to the main forums I would normally click on the RMN logo near the nav bar, but if its a long page and I am at the bottom, I end up having to scroll back up to press the Forums or the RMN button.

Ika/Python Related Materials

I am looking for any sort of information regarding Python coding and development and any resources that might help in Python applied to Ika. This sounds like your department, WIP, so I was hoping there was something on this website regarding it but unfortunately your Ika section looks rather starved.

Anything would help, thank you.
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