As you can probably guess, my real name is Katie, not problem gamer. While I've done work in RM200x/VX before, I'm always drawn back to object-oriented programming and the arts. I also like digital video editing.

This site was recommended to me by my cousin and friend, sbester, to get my projects seen by an audience that cares. One is a Roguelike RPG built from scratch in XNA Studio--a real beginner's project, to be sure, but hopefully it will have some merit :)

Lately, I have revisited the maker scene a bit and started dabbling in Ren'Py. The first visual novel I wrote is maybe more of a novella (or even short story), but it was difficult material for me.

When I feel like I can't go on, I just try to remember what the late great Maya Angelou said: "Calling someone a natural born writer is like calling someone a natural heart surgeon".

My favourite RPGMaker-based game is The Way.
The trick is to keep breathing.



Updates to Ep.2, and news of the next episode

Needs a "like" button :P

Awww. I didn't know you cared ;P


How many episodes will you create? Just to take a mental note.


Hi, thanks for asking.

There's probably going to be 3 more, give or take. I feel it best to chunk it off in small bites, or I'll get overwhelmed lol.


Subbed! I need to finish dys before I try this though... which I'll try to make happen soon :P

Cool :D thanks for the sub! Admittedly, this one's a tiny first episode, so you could get through in no time at all. =P

Just one more turn of the wrench.

Blast! You've beat me to a release this week! lol

Haha, it had to happen sooner or later (emphasis on later), and probably only this one time. And I still don't feel done... is it bad form to release an extended cut? =P


Wow, awesome feedback, thank you =) The going is tough, as always, so I'd be very interested in the motivational powers of your music! PM? :)

To respond to a few of your observations:
-You're right--the Manual Attack button isn't there yet. I did just get back into drawing buttons, and the code will practically write itself, so that's coming soon.
-On the point of word order & syntax: I'm actually aiming for a slightly archaic/blunt sound, similar to what the first game evoked. I can appreciate that it might look funny... some of the messages in the original game crack me up =P but it's intended.

Walking further into the forest also gave me an ingame blue screen, you probably haven't mapped too many areas yet?

It would be terribly helpful if you could tell me where/how that occurred :) I've thoroughly tested the initial areas -- 3 x 3 forest maps, 3 x 3 x 3 catacombs maps -- so it must have been something else. (Mouse input-related?)
The game pops up a Windows form to display a very verbose error message whenever it crashes. So if it didn't do that, maybe the cause was another program... (let's hear it for wishful thinking! :D)

MoM v0.2.1.5

I'm also getting the same error when trying to install the demo. The application crashes just a few seconds after a "Verifying application requirements. This may take a few moments." screen has popped up and disappeared.
Hmm... hate to say it, but that's a new and different error. I just attempted the setup--that dialog box did appear, but was followed by another that gives the "Publisher is unverified, install anyway" line. Unfortunately, it crashed when I said "Yes", and never gets to that point of the setup anymore.

I'm on Windows 7 too. Do you know if you run a 32-bit or a 64-bit version? I'm compiling for x86, which means it ought to work on either...

I'm really sorry about this. I didn't think to try to install it on my own machine, since I run it for Debug and for Release all the time in Visual Studio, and it works just fine. Looks like I'm going to have to read some XNA forums ...

Thanks for being so nice about it, everyone--lets me keep more of my hair, that way!

MoM v0.2.1.5

Ok I realize its just me. After dl everything I cant find the ACTUAL game starter. Usually the button you need to click to do so is a picture...there IS a picture and it doesnt open. It says MoM has encountered a problem and needs to close.

You're not the only one! I just tried running the game outside of the programming environment, and I'm also getting the error that it needs to close. This is confusing to me, since I did compile it for Release and zip up the entire folder.

I will post a new version as soon as it is available. Please accept my apologies, and thank you for posting about the issue.

News from Development Paradise... oh who'm I kidding, it's Hell

I feel like the answer here is "too many features still undone".
For all the time I've spent on it, I sometimes (read: often) get stuck trying to tweak or optimize stuff no one will see, and lose momentum. Or else I start trying to perfect the stuff people will notice as being imperfect. Kind of an OCD case, here. ^^;
Music would be an amazing contribution. I wrote a dungeon theme myself, but I think it needs a lil' work. Show me what you got :)


Thanks =) You're my #1 supporter (yes, you outrank even me, lol). I do appreciate it!

I guess it does get a little verbose with the extra words, resulting in new lines when there needn't be. That's a holdover from the old game. I recall it saying "You see there ...", but I think I'll have enough "flavor text" without it!


Yeah, the red bag right? That thing was amazing =D I always wished for one if I had a Wand of Wishing. The ultimate in holding technology.
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