NaNoWriMo - Write with me!

Oh and before I forget here's drafting bingo:

NaNoWriMo - Write with me!

Apart from I think one year I've done NaNo every november since ~2010. I'm working this year on an ongoing VN project but I'll get another 50-60k words in on it at least haha.

My advice would be:
- commit. hard. tell people you're doing it, post status updates on the official site, w/e. it's a lot harder to quit in the middle if you'd get shamed for it haha
- plan beforehand (real helpful advice now, I know)
- know your characters, it's a lot easier to write 50k words between believable characters with a shaky plot than with a well-thought-out plot and no characters. plot is easy to improvise by throwing obstacles at good characters.
- avoid wordcount "tricks" like unnecessary dialog, hyphen bs, or whatever filler people come up with... it's pointless
- don't allow yourself to reread stuff you've already written, that comes later
- feel free to skip over stuff that feels like it should be skipped over... if you know how a scene should go but can't formalize there's no point agonizing over it vs moving on and leaving it to fill in later
- booze

As for related events, I've found showing up to the in-person writeins to be extremely pointless, but writing with internet friends to be pretty decent. Back when I was part of a skype group for this thing we'd do races where we'd all take 20 minutes and report back with wordcount haha. But the in-person stuff just doesn't work out well because the point is explicitly not to socialize so what is the point of meeting up with random strangers anyway.

[MAFIA] Mafia - Behind the Mask - Game Over

unsure if I want to know exactly what I am a MOTHERFUCKING of

I still don't know how everyone made charts and everything yet none of us thought Cerulean showing up was weird and all just attributed it to switchery nonsense, up to and including Fomar's claim sheet having 6 roles and 5 players. I definitely also thought Rorschach was completely missing.

[MAFIA] Mafia - Behind the Mask - Game Over

"the problem i think is that, intent aside as I know you meant it to be like a puzzle thing (but we always make puzzles from a bird's eye so the difficulty is skewed) it essentially functioned as a trap set by the mod, when mafia should be town vs scum." I don't think town should have to figure out exactly what 'semi-open' means. To me, I just looked at the fact that several roles were alignment null and that answered the question for me.
This is fair. The missing ID wasn't exactly weaponized by clever scum, it was just town walking into a rake in the setup.

I did enjoy having all night actions be public and semi-anonymous. That stuff's like catnip to me. It might make a fun gimmick for a game without the additional rules around getting-your-id-outted-gets-you-killed scumkill method... I the whole spy-vs-spy adversarial chat thing with people who are trying to figure out your ID will always devolve into the stuff mentioned above.

e: the problem isn't just timestamps or whatever, it's just I'm here to hunt people based on knowledge they do or not have vs posting traits etc they do or do not have

[MAFIA] Mafia - Behind the Mask - Game Over

/me highfives fomar

@KF: Well you still managed to nail 4 town in a night haha. How much of a "this game is going to give me an ulcer" schtick was an act?

other stuff... I completely forgot I saved cave's ass night 1. At the time I thought it had a 10% chance of being helpful, 5% harmful, otherwise irrelevant.

re: moderating decisions, I can't say I saw anything wrong with the OP or the actual in-game decisions. The beholder thing might've been a bit questionable, but especially Cerulean Specter town had every opportunity to figure it out when that ID turned up but all of us just thought "some imposter junk is going on" and chose to ignore it. The weasel-wording in the OP did its job. What I would not do is describe the setup as semi-open though. I knew it wasn't /fully/ open when PA stated he couldn't play because he already knew the setup, which wouldn't have been a problem in an actual semi-open game. And that happened before the game even started.

[MAFIA] Mafia - Behind the Mask - Game Over

I'm somewhat relieved.

[MAFIA] Mafia - Behind the Mask - Game Over

Yeah let's just wrap things up vs waiting 57 hours, I'm not certain but I don't think there's anything more to do about it

#lynch kittenfood

if it's AE, well played, shame on me
if it's Oddrabbit, well, shame on you haha

[MAFIA] Mafia - Behind the Mask - Game Over

That's a good point re: the number of guesses.

I noticed that Ozzy post as well. I think he's being cheeky, as his ID was the one that scum was hiding in the Oddrabbit unmask attempts. I think they were planning for Ozzy to be their deep-cover scum.

[MAFIA] Mafia - Behind the Mask - Game Over

(I also have no idea what that chart is and I think the theme of this game has been "weirdass graphs from town")

[MAFIA] Mafia - Behind the Mask - Game Over

ninja'd, somehow.

But basically I agree. I'm willing to write off AE completely:
- the interaction with Liberty last night was really townish
- I haven't thought any of her other stuff all game was scummy (I don't buy the original D1 case)
- If scum was trying to cover their ass and disguise their ID last night by trying "endlight" as a demonlord ID, they tried it /after/ "daemonwoman" which would've been a guess and there was no guarantee that demonlord didn't die in one shot

re: Oddrabbit, I question the wisdom of a scumteam that spends the entire first day concocting an elaborate fake-attempt to kill Odd, obfuscates further by putting his pseudonym into the hat for Demon, and meanwhile Oddrabbit in thread has basically been begging to be daykilled from his second post. If he was supposed to be their ace in the hole he would've been posting white noise (like I know he can do) vs proclaiming a deathwish in his user title.