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[MAFIA] Limited Reveal Mafia - Sign Ups

Pre-claiming the turbo death miller

RPGmaker Mafia for Normal People GAME OVER [MAFIA]

Final notes:

@Cap you were on top of things the whole game and I think had scumreads on all of us -- I'm sure if I'd died as lawyer, you would've figured out the doc claim vs believing Fomar was scum

@Fomar please roll scum some time because you're always towniest town

@Jero I didn't have you figured you out until after the end of D1 -- although yes, I was intentionally trying to make the last part of D1 seem like as much of a chaotic rush as possible

@Demon all of scumteam was trying to get you killed -- so don't worry if it looks like no one will believe you, as usually those people have a vested interest in not believing you haha

@Tale if you haven't read scumchat, it was very frustrating to me that you played your guilty result properly and didn't announce it until all of us had checked in -- it forced us to commit whereas previously we'd all been sitting on our hands

@Odd I actually didn't solve your riddle until Fomar did, at which point I went back and solved it proper -- was fun though

@oldpat @ae this is easily in my top 3 mafia games and only behind like, the each-other game, so, here's to stupid scum plays -- let it be known the double doc thing was Emily's idea, I thought Pat should've cc'd Tale. Trying to argue my way out of a guilty read was incredibly fun

RPGmaker Mafia for Normal People GAME OVER [MAFIA]

Ahaha the double doctor claim was simultaneously the stupidest and most effective play, AE and I were sitting in scumchat dying at the end of D1.

This must've been quite the game from Jeroen's perspective.

I think even if I died today, the OldPat/AE doctor crew could've carried it. Our plan was to probably nightkill Tale and pretend that the doctor screwed up, so Tale wouldn't be able to verify Demon.

RPGmaker Mafia for Normal People GAME OVER [MAFIA]

@tale: in what situation? Like tonight if you were to get a positive reading? It'd depend on who was alive in the morning.

Nokill is alright. Although Demonlord needs to die eventually, and if he's the lawyer, then tale's results become that much more valuable.

RPGmaker Mafia for Normal People GAME OVER [MAFIA]

The miller is already known, ie, me. I don't think Odd will ever get killed because he has a means of 100% accurately exposing the fake doc.

Also, a "guilty" read from Tale would definitely be valuable. Most valuable on a doc, yes, but a guilty read on like Fomar/Cap for instance would salvage the game. And if the lawyer is pretending to be a doctor, they can't hide.

RPGmaker Mafia for Normal People GAME OVER [MAFIA]

@tale: I'd prefer demon to a doc. I'm ~70% confident in AE but ~95% confident in demon.

@demon: Those are pretty long odds. If you wanted to convince me you weren't scum, though, you'd have to be selling me a Fomar+Cap scumteam.

RPGmaker Mafia for Normal People GAME OVER [MAFIA]

I just hope the doctor can salvage this after I'm dead.

^ also, town is not resigned here -- the game /ends/ if a townie dies today

RPGmaker Mafia for Normal People GAME OVER [MAFIA]

Back from errands.

odd, if you're there? I'm thinking of completing a lynch, it's not any different from lynching demon. Anyway- my fault for whatever happens in this phase.

If you mean me, it's /very/ different.

RPGmaker Mafia for Normal People GAME OVER [MAFIA]

Yeah, Cap, you say you're okay with killing either, but that your vote is where it is is telling. Of the available options for a town-Cap, there's 1) me 2) demon 3) no-kill, and your prioritization matches what I'd expect from a scum-Cap.

If you're town, then, I guess I'm okay losing to scum-Fomar.

RPGmaker Mafia for Normal People GAME OVER [MAFIA]

#lynch Demonlord, or I'd be guilty of doing the same thing.