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GameNameGame - The generic fantasy game name generator

Shit. Hang on.

EDIT: It works now.

GameNameGame - The generic fantasy game name generator

EDIT: It works now.

I whipped this little program together in hopes of getting some inspiration for to name a certain project of mine, and in the process of testing it complied a "helpful" list of generic fantasy game name components. It now shoots out ridiculously bad fantasy game names at default settings. Just run _RUN.bat. It works works through the noun/adjective/template lists that come with it. The tool can actually be useful if you just want a few permutations of game names by supplying your own items in the lists, (documentation for that's in the readme). It's useful, but I think it's more amusing to just run it and see what it comes out with. How about a random set of ten...
Hundredth Paladin : The Magical
One-Winged Chaotic Explorer
Trilogy Ex
Magical Magus of The Last Angel
Red Fire : The Hellish
Deadly Storm of The Betrayed Phantasmagoria
The Golden Shard
Heretic Rune : Dragon of The Star
Temple : Tale of The Mechanical Hunter
White Blighted Mages

Though my personal favorites have to be "The Dragon-riding Zombie" and "Lingering Temple of the Imperishable Chronology." What other horrible stuff can people come up with?

Matsumori Days

1. I've never made a game in VX, I admit, but in 2K and 2K3 it was possible (with a bit of mucking around) to only package the RTP data that the game required so it only added a few MB to the file. It's not a huge issue though, I guess.
3. Yeah, sounds good.
4. Chojiro's face fits, but it just doesn't blend with the rest of the facesets. I'm going to guess you don't want to create a better face in the same style, so maybe just set it so that only major characters get faces in the first place? (as in, recruitable characters). Or just leave it as is.
16. a. It might not be too many for most people, I just have very low DBS tolerance after playing RPGmaker stuff for forever.
16 b. This should be fine as long as Burst Attack is at least usable in the first dungeon or two.
17. If you don't have much experience in game making, don't worry about it. You'll pick it up.
20. Yeah, it doesn't make sense to refight the bosses, but when they're defeated they say something along the lines of "come back and we can do something next time."
21. Leave it then, it's not huge
24. I knew the basic premise of that game, but I am way to cheap to actually purchase games. If you're enjoying making the game, don't change the premise.
25. Combine the best of these. I really liked just observing Masako for the first bit as she's a bit of an enigma. Controlling her from the beginning might lose a bit of the appeal. You could save yourself the bother of rewriting by having the first two chapters from Goho's perspective and then switch after that. (Whether you want to keep switching, I have no idea). And as much as I'm fond of visual novels it's probably the right choice not to try and convert this.

Tale of Hearts

I don't even know who's trolling who here.

How to make good puzzles

Step One: Don't make box puzzles.

Really, unless you feel you're doing something creative with the whole "shove blocks out of the way" concept, no one wants to play yet another box puzzle

(Well at least I don't, anyone else have an opinion?)

Strife for peace

Okay, expect a review in a few days then.

Matsumori Days

Hi, wall-o-text not-quite-review here.

1. You might want to bundle the RTP resources you use with the project for your releases, maybe just the final one. In any case, I didn't have the VX RTP and needed to go grab it. (Also, your instruction manual indicates it's necessary to plop the folder in the VX project files which isn't required)
2. As this is a dialogue-oriented thing, I think I'll be picky and point out misspellings/grammar errors. Ignore them if you want. But to start off, in Chojiro's dialogue he says "The point is, is that" where it should be "The point is that."
3. It's sort of weird to see the sprites inside the tiny doorways. Maybe change the events that prevent entry so that they're same level rather than below hero?
4. The RMVX RTP face graphics look out of place next to the atelier ones used for the protagonists. (Mainly talking about Chojiro, Sataro, and the parents)
5. The poster in Sataro's office depicts a "stren" man
6. If we're going to be really finnicky about commas, the dialogue of those two outdoor students shouldn't have any.
7.The events that repulse the hero from the auditorium, gymnasium, and campus exit push the hero backwards rather than up the path. This brings me to another point... The lack of boundaries on the maps is kind of unsettling. If you're going to have a "walk off the map to change maps" thing going, you'd do well to have the events on all exposed faces rather than just the pathways. It's a better idea to prevent the hero from getting to the edge of the map in the first place though. (If you still just want to have the event only on the path, at least add trees or something on either side so you can't step onto it sideways)
8. Those little one tile staircases can only be used accurately when going up a floor, not up an elevatioion level on the same map. If you look at the auditorium, the floor tile is extends farther south than it should if that stairway would indicate. The result looks like a random staircase on a flat floor. There are special sideways/diagonal stairs (not in RTP) that should be used in that situation.
9. These transitions are really jarring. It's strange to be walking to the right in the interior of a building and finding myself walking left on an outdoor path. If you're trying to avoid mapping the exterior of the buildings, at least make the transitions longer and change the BGM or something to indicate it's not a direction transition, like walking into a classroom. But a better idea would be to just add intermediate maps to make sure the player is always walking the same way out as in.
10. House music has a bit of a "fanfare" feel rather than "domestic." Not a big issue.
11. "First thing's first" shouldn't have an apostrophe. Sorry, I forgot to note down where this was. Might've been Kojiro's line or something.
12. "presence, today?" shouldn't have a comma. Think that's Dad's line.
13. "wasn't enterly expecting this" should be "entirely." Pretty sure that's Dad's as well.
14. Mina says "aught" where I think you mean "ought." "Aught" isn't really a common word, pretty sure you don't mean that.
15. The transition to dream world should be a little more drawn out (maybe a bed, sleepy music in there,) because right now it's weird to walk up a stairwell and discover that Matsumori High's up there.
16. The gameplay of this project needs serious attention. I'll make a sublist with the problems... Keep in mind I hate the DBS so I'll probably be overcritical here.
a. Enemies have too high HP so random encounters last too long. I fought two battles then ran away from the rest because of this.
b. The "burst attack" hardly does more damage than a usual attack.
c. There's nothing to make the game more strategic than "hold down spacebar."
d. Guarding against the bosses is ridiculously effective. You don't even need sodas. I thought this was neat, but it might be best to only hint at it rather than say it straight out.
e. The enemy normal attacks hardly damaged my characters.
17. The dungeons, while not technically mapped incorrectly, are still pretty boring.
18. The wall in the middle of the auditorium is sort of weird. I think you want it to represent a change in elevation but because of the roof chip on top of it, it just looks like a wall.
19. Sleeping to heal is a bit weird when you're already asleep.
20. It's not actually possible to re-fight the bosses, making their dialogue upon re-talking to them a little awkward.
21. In the sky island level, the wall doesn't tile properly when stacked on top. You also might want to consider fading the wall into the sky rather than just having it drop off like that.
22. Most students NPCs don't change their dialogue in day 2.
23. Um, the game freezes after Toshie comes in. I think the cause is a "wait until moved" event that is stalling the game because either Toshi or Goho is stuck on the table/each other.
24. I see you do list Persona 4 as a source of inspiration, and it shows. I haven't played it, and when I started playing at the dream world start (first playthrough, before reading your manual) I was immediately reminded of it. Your story right now has nothing to distinguish the game, nor does the gameplay. So I'd change up the general "premise" or else give one of these other elements a major boost. Sure, your story might take some time to develop, but not everyone will keep playing a game after twenty minutes of nothing too spectacular.
25. The writing/dialogue isn't bad at all, but it's not exactly outstanding. No one but Mitsuya Masako is very distinctive. Toshie and Nari definitely have personalities, but they're not much more than stock characters. Everyone else at this point isn't memorable. If you want this to be a story-driven game, those characters need a major ramping up. Also, I'm hoping this plot revolves around Masako, as her character is really there. Good job with that.

Ha, there's your feedback for you. Let me know when you release the final of this (or extensive demo, or whenever) so I can review it. If I've vanished from around here, you can probably reach me at Best of luck in your endeavors...!

Languishing Projects

Another thing that helps is having multiple people involved on the same project. It's much harder to let something languish when it's being actively worked on by other members.
This is as much an advantage as it is a disadvantage. When you have a project that relies on the whole team to finish, if some people fall behind, the whole project staggers. Also, some team members work faster than others, or some might just have a part that takes longer, and then, it will end up just as one or two working actively.

Ha, guess it's a smart idea to be cautious about who you work with then.

Also, sadly, this is how I picked up spriting. And writing. And illustration... Well, you certainly learn to make up for other people's laziness.

RPG with no repeatable battles

Whatever you do, if this is a system with a strongly customizable player party (which I gather from the "not simple" comment), I highly recommend you add in some kind of way to practice battle an enemy (group) from the menu. Nothing discourages customization quite like being unable to experiment with your build.

Eh, doesn't this sort of defeat the point? I haven't seen many options like this and I've never found it a problem.

RPG with no repeatable battles

It's not a matter of each enemy being unique as each situation. How many Darkspawn did you mow down in Dragon Age?

Sorry, never played... But reflecting, that's probably a moot point anyway. The whole "weakness" thing is pretty bland anyway; that wouldn't warrant unique battles.