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Mafia: Is This Werewolf? [MAFIA]

Wouldn't quickvote be Gourd and his scumpartner both dropping their votes right about now? does make it look like jero+gourd is not scumteam luckily

If Aneko is scum with someone other than Cave, I think the game is already lost -- Cave has some 100% reason why Aneko is town and I assume he's not willing to vote for her. If she's scum with a killing role then welllp yeah it's super lost. But I really do think she's town.

What I am much more worried about is scum screwing up who she shoots tonight, especially if Cave is town. If Cave is still alive tonight, it'll be obvious who she's targeting... the other guy. And so if scum has some hidden defender/transporter/etc, it'll 100% fail. There's still probably a decent chance of failure.

#cancel - consider my vote still on Cave, you can cast yours now Gourd and I'll hammer as I'll be around for day end. That way Cave can definitely make it back if he wanted to post his Aneko read or whatever else. I can't see this day ending in anything but him dead though.

Mafia: Is This Werewolf? [MAFIA]

Yeah, hm, regardless of how they'd do it Aneko/Cave would not target Cap over anyone else, true enough. I don't think Gourd/Aneko targets Cap either though... they'd kill you as an investigator, me as confirmed town, and if they were trying to incriminate Cave, they'd have said something today rather than Gourd pushing you/me as the scumteam and Aneko very vaguely FOSing Cave.


I think if a redirection role killed cap then it made him walk into scum-veteran-Cave. If Cave's not it then good chance scum gets shot tonight anyway. And killing cave in the day makes it ambiguous who's going to get shot at night, which I think is important.

Mafia: Is This Werewolf? [MAFIA]

Why is Gourd/Aneko more likely than Cave/Aneko?

Oh, right, so I don't mean the visitation messages necessarily belonged to the witch, maybe one of the two did, but I mean that such a role can exist makes the claim from cave say less about how he got the name.

What do you think of this post from Gourd? I can't tell if there's an ulterior motive for making this, I mean there has to be right

Anyway I cancelled because I'm trying to figure out if redirection roles would unconfirm Aneko (ie cap was killed by something redirecting onto him)

Mafia: Is This Werewolf? [MAFIA]

#cancel thinking, will post in a sec

Mafia: Is This Werewolf? [MAFIA]


Making some assumptions from the ToS wiki here: Witch is a role that picks up the role of a target it visits so I'm just going to assume that's how Cave or his scumpartner got their hands on the role name, claiming it with the intention of mislynching cap at endgame. I had also forgotten that redirecter roles could exist that potentially ruin stuff making it more important to hit likely scum now.

@Jeroen: If Aneko is still possible scum to you then there are bigger problems. I would think you basically have the game on lock right now if you're town.

@Aneko: And in case in needed saying, don't call who you're shooting beforehand. If you're x-shot or something please say so but I think it might be late anyway.

Mafia: Is This Werewolf? [MAFIA]

Alright with 12 hours left I think that's the best thing to do: take the the LockeZ approach and kill people at random until the crime stops.

@Aneko, I'm going to basically bet the game on your being town vig as you say. Put a vote down on and I'll follow. Then if you nk one of that same set tonight I think this can be wrapped up. Don't nk cave though in case he's scum-vet.

my personal opinion at this point is that gourd's alignment is questionable but his role I'm very confident about, so even though he seems weird he's probably town. plus it's traditional to kill gourd at lylo so I'd prefer daykill cave shoot jero

Mafia: Is This Werewolf? [MAFIA]

uh.... roleblocker? really Gourd?

Also if you don't like modconfirming my alignment, then consider it confirmed via Jeroen's thing (although I guess it's like 2/3 he's scum)

Mafia: Is This Werewolf? [MAFIA]

I'm tempted to say screw it, we have 2 basically confirmed town, 3 suspicious, and 2 town-directed kills before scum gets to kill anybody. We kill one of <Cave, Jeroen, Gourd> today, Aneko shoots the next one during the night, and if the job's not done we daykill whoever's left in the morning.

Mafia: Is This Werewolf? [MAFIA]

Aneko and Demonlord both received visitation messages, strongly implying they were visited by scum because no townies claimed to have visited them. Aneko's visitation was mod-confirmed. That implies that whatever scum's real role is, it generates visit messages. Two visits would imply both scum have visitation powers but maybe it's something weird that visits two people so can't say that with 100% confidence.

Mafia: Is This Werewolf? [MAFIA]

@Cave: is Jeroen or Gourd more suspicious to you?

For what it's worth, I guess I buy Gourd's medium claim but not necessarily his alignment. Jeroen's claim seems a little more questionable but it was the first mention of nights having "moons" and it fits the Town of Salem theme.

It occurs to me that this isn't actually LYLO if it's not a full moon, so we could wait for Jeroen's power to activate tomorrow, but I'm wary about doing this when scum have unknown night powers and Jeroen might be scum. What this also means though is if we don't hit scum today, Aneko can still hit scum tonight and salvage things.

I would think Aneko was scum with an additional x-shot killing role if Cap wasn't targeted. Scum is kind of handicapped with all the investigative roles and having half the number of nightkills. Possibly Cap was killed because as a veteran, they believed they wouldn't be able to kill him later in the game. Really not sure.