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[Mafia] The Exorcism of Mafiaville (GAME OVER)

We'll know the setup after tonight at least depending on if someone dies as POSSESSED or something before the nightphase anyway. Until then I think it's probably best to scumhunt as normal. I also think there'd have to be more to the game than having to guess someone the night they're infected, and I can't find where piano posted the thing about SMT -- but I think he did say it at some point or else he'd be hosting Spy vs Spy 2 right now.

[Mafia] The Exorcism of Mafiaville (GAME OVER)

@Ozzy: The most generic scum thing to do would be to nightkill CAVE just because that's like 75% of games he's in where he's not scum. What kind of setup would benefit by giving scum a daykill and not a nightkill?

[Mafia] The Exorcism of Mafiaville (GAME OVER)

wait what. demonlord died during the night, was my interpretation. like, piano put that counter up for nightphase first, and then demonlord's flip was more than 12 hours later, long after liberty's. it's just that day 2 didn't start immediately after the flip for some reason, which was probably, no reason at all.

Jeroen posted Liberty's flip. I assumed the counter piano put up was until the end of the night phase (which had started when Jeron posted the flip) rather than a separate counter.

I'll see if I can find that piano post haha, it's possible I'm misremembering something.

[Mafia] The Exorcism of Mafiaville (GAME OVER)

Crackpot theory: there's only one "demon" to kill and we have to lynch it. Otherwise it kills whoever it possessed and that person chooses the next incarnation during the night phase. I do remember piano saying he had taken some inspiration from the SMT game.

[Mafia] The Exorcism of Mafiaville (GAME OVER)

@Cave: It's possible the vig is multishot and still alive so that claiming would compromise them. But they would've have to have submitted during the day which is ???

[Mafia] The Exorcism of Mafiaville (GAME OVER)

@psy Demonlord was delared dead in the flavor for day one's lynch. After that flavour piano said that night phase started. And the night phase took a few hours. Is there anyone dead at the start of day 2? No. So either scum kills during day phase or there's a portector in the game who managed to save scum's target this night. Or the person that scum targeted was immune to nightkills?

I slept through all of piano's posts and completely missed this. In that case I have no idea what's going on. I guess it's *possible* that someone had a dayphase vig power and it's *possible* scum's kill was blocked but demon seems like a pretty random choice for either side to make.

[Mafia] The Exorcism of Mafiaville (GAME OVER)

whoops -
demonlord5000 is dead. He was POSSESSED.

[Mafia] The Exorcism of Mafiaville (GAME OVER)

Only 10 players left, how many scum players do we suspect?

Also, there was no nightkill, which can mean two things, either there's a protector that protected the right person OR scum does not kill in the night but in broad daylight.

What makes you think that?

@Cap: Yeah I don't think CAVE looks especially scummy. He could've been left alive to persecute me today, for instance. Also I think his style was schizophrenic because he was literally drunk. Dudesoft's vote was townish because scum would've been very self-conscious about slipping in during the last 30 minutes of the day to deliver the hammer after being absent for 24 hours. I would've expected a lot more detailed waffling analysis to accompany the vote.

re:flavor, yeah I understand it's not meant to convey game mechanics, but imagine a post that was just:
demonlord5000 is dead. He wasPOSSESSED.
That one definitely sounds like his role was "possessed" and he died by a nightkill from someone (vig?), vs the current flavor that makes it sound like possession literally killed him which I wouldn't otherwise consider.

[Mafia] The Exorcism of Mafiaville (GAME OVER)

If that was his cause of death then it seems weird he was /only/ listed as possessed, rather than possessed vanilla. The flavor though doesn't make it sound like he got vig'd.

[Mafia] The Exorcism of Mafiaville (GAME OVER)

@Ebeth: Yeah I meant there had been enough vote changes from people voting against Liberty from the time the first vote was cast that made it seem like certain people (odd, dudesoft, ozzy, you) would never actually vote against her -- which was disproved when two people immediately showed up to hammer.

@Shinan: Unless we reach a majority of votes, no one actually dies.

Anyway, re:demonlord, that's really strange. piano promised that this setup wasn't multiball so it's unlikely that there's some sort of possession-based faction in addition to scum, so it's possible that POSSESSED just indicates scum is the demons and they killed him. In which case I'm not sure why he was targeted. I know scum-CAVE targets lurkers but he wasn't exactly lurking. Rereading his posts, he might've actually been nightkill-submitting scum getting vig'd as he doesn't look too great playing safe and then one wagonvote on Liberty. Also possible he was some serialkiller equivalent?

Dudesoft I think is probably town. That was a weird-looking hammer for scum. cap is also probably town yeah.

I don't think odd not voting makes him town. If dudesoft and Ebeth were willing to hammer, no need for scum to get dirty. I'll get a better handle on stuff when CAVE and Ozzy show up.