The Surrealist Tarot

I am convinced of only one thing by Sam's response and it is that he has a delicacy and sensitivity that you seriously lack.

A "fragile heart," if you will.

But seriously though, if you post your work for feedback, you should expect criticism. Meaningless positive reinforcement is dumb and I can't see how anyone would defend it. It's true that you could call the article harsh in places, but it's not some deliberate attempt to mock the developers, it's honesty. Also please keep in mind that whatever's being said here, it's with regards to the games, not the creators.

Calunio's surrealizations on RMN Summer Games 2011

I personally don't find it jarring when games pull the WTF artifice, it makes me believe the characters are more like us, and more relatable.

Ahh, I don't agree with this... If a game's going to try and put you under a unique "atmosphere," it can't ever acknowledge that something's amiss. The weirdest games are the ones where something's clearly wrong but everyone just acknowledges it as normal. Take Asylum of Pleasure and Pain for example. The creator doesn't come out and say "I'm making an insane schizophrenic vortex of a game" but just presents it as normal, and that's how it gets its power.

Basically, I think a lot of surreality is just tampering with the definition of normality, or how normality is defined in-story.

Calunio's surrealizations on RMN Summer Games 2011

Hey, this is pretty nice. The "WTF Artifice" struck home; I realize now that's what's been annoying me and probably why I like Asylum of Pleasure and Pain so much.

Don't Repeat Yourself

The other cause is RM's language has the teeth equivalent of gums. I made an enemy skill that would remove all the items from the player's inventory and replace them after the battle. Replacing the items was easy, I had a common event that just had to be pointed to the start of the stored items array / variable ID and it would iterate though the list replacing items using the key and value to replace the items. Storing them on the other hand was a copy paste nightmare because you can't use variables to look at the inventory, you have to hand select them. That was a lot of copy+pasting because I couldn't iterate though them and I had to use two common events to do it to cut down on loading time in the editor. The store event was like half a screen at worst. Needless to say you actually didn't lose your entire inventory when the skill was used, just the usable items. Or ~80 items out of 500 or so.

If you want to use some of RM's default systems along with more complex events, take a look at BanenenJoe's DestinyPatch. It adds a simple scripting system to do things like that with a single loop.

Ageing with Pixels: Faces

She would appear to have a misplaced moustache.

RPG Maker Lingo

If anyone wants real engine descriptions, they'd check the engine pages. That's what they're there for and they do a better job then this. Why not just link to them?

Teamwork: Skillsets for your party of 4 (or more)!

Yeah, this'll get you a jRPG if you follow it but... Eh, doing stuff like the suggestions always seems so boring. Everyone's played games around these archetypes before. What makes a game shine is what it does that doesn't fall onto that list.

How to create a chest WITHOUT using a switch

...Or just get one of the many maker patches that allows up 2^8 switches.
2^8 is not much, especially if the maker doesn't have self switches.

Sorry, 2^16.

How to create a chest WITHOUT using a switch

Maybe i am missing something, but won't the chest return to its original facing state when you reload the map?
That's also my impression.

If you need extra switches, you can free a lot of them with a creative use of variables.

...Or just get one of the many maker patches that allows up 2^8 switches.

And yes, this resets on every map reload. Is there some procedure for taking down tutorials for that just plain don't work? Anyone unfortunate enough to use this is going to have to go replace all their chests.

Zelda 2: The Perfect RPG Template

So apparently this article is a failure.

Hey, it made be break out Zelda II again, that's saying something.
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