bob_esc and I used the on github pretty effectively for SaGa ( ) and he's not a programmer so that's at least viable. But that was more a solution of convenience since we were already on github and there's all sorts of new wave ~fancy~ planning boards like Trelo and junk that I haven't used so might be worth poking around.

But yeah it saved a lot of headaches, during playtesting especially.


Do you have an issue tracker set up for this sort of thing? It sounds dumb but I've found it really helpful haha

NEW CUSTOM GRAPHICS! Game being rebuilt from the ground up.

I gotta say, this looks a ton more appealing and easier to understand than the old ASCII stuff.

Japanese Beginner Learners Wanted

How did I miss this becoming a language learning game?

Gambling: The sure way of getting nothing from something

If you're gambling you should at least get comp'd potions

Would it bother you guys, and girls if I make it so you can't enter houses in towns, but can enter shops?

Map file size is a tiny, tiny portion of the final project size for a tile-based game. Especially if you put multiple houses in a map, as Gredge suggested. If you're only worried about filesize, there are almost certainly much bigger factors.

Replacing Tanking with Smarter AI

I think RM has always had a shortcoming with AI. At least in the later engines it's possible to script interesting behavior like this, but seeing how much it adds to the game, it's a shame there's not an eventing-like system in place.

Faenon has published a book!

Bombercan Post-mortem

Thanks for this writeup, actually. I'm in the middle of a similar learn2unity project and there's some good stuff here. I've found Unity's GUI really nice and intuitive, actually, especially compared the UI builder tools I'm used to... (junk like xcode's interface builder, cocos studio, etc). Did not know the WebGL version had graphics issues -- will have to do some research.

Oh, and agreed that tutorial videos for code are garbage.

Download is up

Okay, I finally figured out what was up -- dumb mistake on my part, the hero party bookkeeping gets mixed up when guest characters join->leave->join in a single session. Luckily everything is fixed, and for anyone else who's been experiencing this issue, the new version (1.01) will automatically fix broken savefiles that it loads. So even the old crashing saves should be working now!

Download's updated, let me know if anything else bad shows up.