Its awesome game (i think) and awesome choose of programming language (seriously, i love Java), but i have one big problem: on game start (game.jar or exe-file) after intro cinimatic ("moonbase"), game is shut down.
I currently update my Java to version 8.40, but problem still live.
Can you help me?
Anyway, thanks!

Hi, thanks for the error log. There's a bit of OpenGL setup that needs to take place in order to render the world transition effects, and it looks like your machine doesn't support that exact format. I'll change it a more widely-supported format next release so hopefully you'll be able to play. Will update when it's out. Thanks!


I'm not sure what's up with the infinite fragging but I made a few tweaks in 1.01 to try to mitigate the problem. The lag is probably a result of super-rushed coding to get the special effects in. I'll look at making some performance improvements now that there's not as much deadline pressure.

author=Max McGee
this was made with JAVA?? the hell?

Hey, this is a programming-language-judgment-free zone!

SaGa 4: Masters of the Demon World

I'm executing this game on Linux Mint 17.1 right now with Oracle Java 8 (set to default). Unfortunately, directly executing a jar by double clicking or right clicking treats the home folder as the current directory, which causes an error. Running the jar via shell script bypasses the error.

This is all I needed to put in the shell script, which is then placed in the SaGa4 folder.

java -jar game.jar

Some bugs I found:

Thanks for the bug reports, just put them in the issue tracker. For next release I'm looking into making an actual launcher for the game to get around that sort of Java problem, and I've seen similar junk on other platforms as well. Glad you were able to solve it.

SaGa 4: Masters of the Demon World

Yep, ammunition system is almost untouched, with humans/mutants/monsters/robots all interacting with it in a slightly different way. It's part of what makes the SaGa games unique so we've designed it as a core mechanic (as well as attacks not retargeting, deal with it).

Martial arts talents have been axed completely though, because yes it was stupid to buy 22 JUDOs and maybe 44 BUTTs while you were there. Without a complete redesign, they only would've served to encourage grinding (or as AGI fodder on robots). Fixed damage AGI weapons are more abundant to compensate (whips, bows).

SaGa 4: Masters of the Demon World

Is this one based on the one where you take out the pantheon? I remember loving this game when I was 7, but I ended up losing to Odin over and over since I didnt really know what I was doing and then I lost the game while traveling and could never find it again, maybe now 20 years later I can have my revenge :P

Yup, partially! We're drawing inspiration from all the FFL games, although I think the one you played was FFL2. SaGa as a series seems to have a weird obsession with godly bosses, even Final Fantasy Legend had CREATOR and FFL3 had the party kill off the Maitreya Buddha for some reason? Gotta keep some of that god-killing in there somewhere.

Final Fantasy Legend VX Ace

Wow, I guess everyone's working on SaGa clones these days. Neat.

Mica: Apoptosis

Well, that's another trip to Wiktionary today, thanks.


The game kept closing itself when the guest arrived :(, what I played seemed fun though.

That's a shame! If you throw me the error.log/info.log I should have a decent chance at fixing it.

Guild Raider!

Thanks for your feedback! I really need to fix up those problem spots and probably overhaul the magic system to get this thing shining.

It's been a while since I've played through -- did you try pausing the game to bring up the switch-to-other-party menu during the splitup?

Man's Best Friend

Thanks for the heads up, uploaded a version with the DLL included.