Adventure Ace

wut this mean? D:

It means William died on the mission and I forgot to not display the "returned" graphic.

RIP William.

Adventure Ace

Also, Adventurer Bum?! I DIGRESS D<

Unfornately this is the only title you're able to get in this version... ah ha ha... The end score is currently scaled closer to the full game / full year results. ._.

Haha, actually, as long as you didn't download in the first hour the game was available, it should be displaying rank correctly.

Adventure Ace

Some bugs I found playing briefly
In House 1 at the start: NPC changes sprite when you talk to her, depending on which direction you activate

Johnathan's revive skill can be selected on a dead party member, but will then cast the heal on the first living party member

Johnathan's heal also doesn't work in the menu

I am pretty sure this is not the game you're thinking of.

Mont Asall

Well I wanted you to decide whether you should move after you do a command, and not just end after you attack/use a spell or item. Or maybe you can leave the battle if you decide after that that the enemy still didn't die and you haven't to already be at the edge of the battlefield. But yeah I do see that point as well.

Probably the Plate armors fault for the slower battles, but I think maybe having less enemies could have helped as well.

Increasing the move speed to something closer to instant and having turns auto-end would be the two biggest thing. There's nothing wrong with low movement range, it just takes forever to watching it all animate.

Mont Asall

I played through this, neat little game for the time. I'll be more detailed in a review... (so far I've reviewed every RM game I've played through to the end, might as well keep that up)

White Magic

Oh hey time to check this out. I've always liked your reviews, let's see how the game is.

Sin No More

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Last Man Standing

"Ender Doom."

Elf Quest: Get the Shiny

What's the completion status look like on this one? Expecting it to be done soon?

Guild Raider!

Game-breaking bug, get!

????? 'RPG_RT.exe' ????? 00403AC ?????? 00000010 ????Reading?????

Used 'sixth sense' skill on the second floor (the green dungeon with all the decaying plants,) second room on the right (it has a patrolling ice spirit and goblin, also lots of freshly dug patches in the floor.) Game fatally crashed.

Assuming you mean this room, I can't replicate. I've seen this type of extremely unhelpful error before, but it's always been caused by me mislabeling traps. But in this case, there's nothing that relies on those switches in the room. Very frustrating, sorry about that. Thanks for reporting.