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A spiritual successor to the Final Fantasy Legend gameboy RPGs



The LCPANES Terminal Review

Ah, wow, guess you did get a review up. Thanks, this pretty encouraging. I'll definitely put some more time into my "real" visual novel project as it looks like there are those out there who appreciate it.

Trick, Treat, or Die: The Children's Crusade Review

Hey, thanks a lot for this. Next October you can bet this will be updated according to most of these points. I'm surprised about the bugs though... Maybe I did something last minute and screwed up the mansion house code... And certain things like the alternate maps would be easy to create and I never even thought of them. Thanks for the feedback.

Lament of a Pactkeeper Review

Thanks a lot for the feedback; I'm surprised someone troubled themselves with a review. This is pretty much the score I'd give the game myself. A bunch of ideas were thrown together for this without really thinking due to time limits, so it came out not really where we wanted it, especially the dialogue. There's way too much "plot" for a short game... It shows. Sorry if you actually completed it; writing is a complete mess at the end.

Oh, Paint was used to index the character portraits. They look slightly less terrible with a non-default pallette, but uh, yeah, there's at least two hermaphroditic portraits... ugh.

Hm, I might get around to salvaging this battle system for another project. But thanks again.

Linus: The Forgotten Days Review

By soft I mean the volume was too low, yeah. I played through the game with lousy speakers and thought there were empty spots. When I went through the music folder with headphones I noticed a few pieces with lower volume... So I'm not quite sure where music is missing vs quiet. One place where volume was definitely the issue was the pub, though. (Unless it was background noise and not music?)

This beats scrolling text wall by far. As long as the following story is engaging, it's passable.

Heh, feminine Helios, okay. I was more concerned you had no idea the face was supposed to be feminine but failed. I more found it amusing than problematic.

Linus: The Forgotten Days Review

Oh, and specific points that need attention... I've posted my notes on minor points that could use some attention. Nothing serious, just random thoughts for the author to keep busy with.
1. Corner cliff graphic abnormalities in introduction
2. The intro scene with children gazing at the moon would be a lot nicer if the camera weren't stuck at the edge of the screen.
3. Guy with mustache in combat introduction scene has an obnoxiously large head. Actually, they all sort of do. Never mind.
4. None/soft music during first dialogue.
5. Same scene, Sam uses "it's" instead of "its."
6. Same scene, Teign uses "who've" where "whom" is appropriate.
7. Russeau's dialogue, its/it's
8. Walking upwards through doors should result in walking upwards in the next room... not walking downwards out of a door. Minor.
9. Sam and his "army" of nine soldiers seem out of place in a stormy courtyard.
10. Howling's dialogue, it's v its
11. Possible to walk on a lower left patch on the pub exterior.
12. Horses appear out of place as they're double the size of the hero
13. Craven is very rarely used as a noun.
14. The Helios face graphic is that of Tanith, a female pegasus knight from FE9/10. Looks sort of out-of-place on a male.
15. There are a few spots in the later cutscene where characters enter doors without the doors opening.
16. Characters randomly screaming incantations is sort of out of place as well.
17. The FF batlte graphic looks out of place.
18. I'm guessing Simone must be Italian; otherwise Simone is a girl's name.
19. A few soldiers hike through a tree in their "charge."
20. Don't claim 30hrs gameplay on the project page when currently there is .5 hours.
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