Museum (Musée de Cire)
An unforgettable journey is waiting for you...



It's been a long time ♥

Welcome back! :)
Can't wait to see your improvements in drawing and game development!
And of course count me in as a tester!!

My dear Magik ♥♥♥♥

I'm so happy to see you again! Can't wait to continue this amazing adventure with you ♥ It was 4 years ago, I was not sure to see u again on rpgmaker.net! It's so amazing! I'm so happy ♥

What about you?, what's up?

Thank you another time for your support and your help ♥

Better than a thousand words

congrats my Dear, to have it done!!! I'm so proud of you!

I will buy it for sure!

100 downloads! Thank you!

Congratulations dear! >u<

Thank you !^^

Museum DemoV2

Late to the party...sad

The game is not horror enough for me, since the game says "need to save a lot", I expected something like Witch's house.
Your reference is a bit over the top (at least for me) so my "horror feel" go away a bit XD. That was funny.
The puzzles are simple...don't know if this is good or bad though :P
The sound effect is awesome and the map is beautiful, creepy beautiful :)
The character arts are nice. Different from the ones on the main page though?

And one thing
After I leave wolf's room, if I go back again, I will need to use Lilas key and the dialogue before I leave will show up again (the one at 18:00)

Overall, I love the game, worth the wait :D
For now, 6.5/10 from me.

Thank you very much!!! It was really interesting watching you testing the game!

Every clues for the puzzles are in the maps.
I will maybe make the puzzles harder for the release. And you're right, my game is not absolute horror. I will remove this tag I think :p I prefer creepy and scary things ^^

Museum DemoV2

I would like to thanks my precious and adorable tester, Make_it_MagiK, for her help and reviews.
AAAAAWWWWW!!! *blushes* >u<
Thank you for the nice words, purple!!!
I was really glad to be your tester! It was really fun! :)

Always a pleasure to work with you my dear :)

I hope to have some player's feedback.... Nothing for the moment :'(

Kickstarter now Live!


Museum - The trailer

That trailer is CRAZYYYY!!! wow! amazing! i have no words!! really looking forward to play it!!!

Thank you very much ♥ ^^

Museum - The trailer

God I feel awful for missing out on this trailer launch! School kept me so busy, but..I GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL 2 WEEKS AGO WOOOO! So yeah I should be catching up now ^^"

ohhh congratulations my Dear!!!!! ♥ ♥

I'm working on the game, but very very very slowly :p
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