Museum (Musée de Cire)
An unforgettable journey is waiting for you...



MUSEUM - Custom music - Game Over Title

This is really amazing. I love the mysterious tone to it.

Thank U Frogge :)

I've done this music this afternoon. I'm proud of it, it fits the special atmosphere of the game!

MUSEUM - Custom music - Title Screen

While the music is nice I mostly prefer softer songs on the title screen(like the game over theme). It's just a personal preference though ^^;

Thank U Frogge!

Maybe I'll try another song fo this Title

Still working on busts

By the way, do you plan on adding emosets to your busts?
It's extra work, but adds a lot more to the credibility of the emotions felt by your characters.

I went overboard with it in my own game, but at least make the basic ones (neutral, smile, anger, sad, laughing, etc.) especially for an atmospheric game.
I'll always remember that one game where a default cheery girl portrait was used and she was saying that the town was on fire. That felt really odd and kind of creepy.

I think about it yesterday :p
Of course, I'd like to, but that's really a lot of work ^^
Maybe not for the demo, but for the complete game, I will. ;)

I get a very disney but darker vibe from these busts!

Yes! Disney is my main inspiration (I love it so much)!! But my game will be dark, and my busts should reflect it :) That's why I've tried to do this Disney-dark, mixing Disney codes and using dark colour style ;)

Your art is very nice. I think it really suits the atmosphere for this game.

I have a question though--are you not going to use the old portrait you mentioned in your previous blog? Just curious.

^^ I've changed 3 times for the busts :)
Are you talking from the previous post (about 2 weeks ago?) or are you talking from the very first ones?(http://rpgmaker.net/games/7613/blog/15779/)
The first ones I used, won't be used anymore. They were made with a generator.

Later,a friend of mine has drawn a bust for Amaranthe in a manga style(http://rpgmaker.net/games/7613/blog/15864/). I've used the lineart and have used it to create the new "Disney" Amaranthe (as you can see in the actual pic).

The busts shown 2 weeks ago will be used in game, in a painting room of the Museum ;) (http://rpgmaker.net/games/7613/blog/16115/)

I'm so happy you love my style! I'm not a good drawer, but I try to practice practice practice! ^^


I like them, but Brenda's face looks a little too big compared to the rest :P

Thank U Frogge, you are absolutely right, i "zoomed" too much brenda's head ....


Still working on busts

I like your style. There's something in them that makes them interesting to look at.

Thank U Cabfe :)

Encore un p'tit effort et la démo sera là :p

Museum (Musée de Cire)

Loved the art you posted. This looks promising, can't wait to play it.

I'm kind of new here, so I have a noob question. Is there a way to get updates from a specific game? I'd hate to miss out on this just because I forgot to check.

Thank you very much BrokenMask ;)

zz Grimore Fort

Dear Frogge,

I've been quite busy the last past weeks, but promise, I'll finish the game to make a review for you.

I will!!!
Oh comeeee onnnn no one is forcing you to play the game haha X3

Oh but it will be a pleasure!!!!!! (if the clues won't be too hard of course :p)

Museum (Musée de Cire)

Can you make a mobile version?


Yes, why not. But, I use a lot of parallax mapping and effects, hope it won't be causing lag to the game...

Soon a demo

If you need a hand with the beta test, I can play the original French version.

Cabfe, thank you for your help.:)
Hope to give a demo soon, for the end of february maybe :p

zz Grimore Fort

Dear Frogge,

I've been quite busy the last past weeks, but promise, I'll finish the game to make a review for you.

I will!!!