Museum (Musée de Cire)
An unforgettable journey is waiting for you...



Menu customized in MV

Thank u :)

Museum (Musée de Cire)

tho i hate the horror genre visually i am interested to see what people can do with the new engine.
i look forward to this. do your best!

Hello shayoko, I promise that I will do my best :)
I played with parallax and overlays, it works like a charm.
I'm now trying to make a custom menu. That's a lot of fun in javascript:)

Museum (Musée de Cire)

Seems really interesting so far, looking forward to the game (:

Thank you :) I hope you'll love it

The art is beautiful and I love it:) can't wait to play it but oh yes it's not released yet. But anyway, I'm looking forward to this.

Thank you very much! Stay tuned, news are coming soon :p

Achievements in Museum

I will buy games again, just to have achievements so its easier to tick off the list of everything I've done in the game. Its much easier to put away the game as fully completed if I have a steam achieve or PSN trophy that says you did all the little stuff.

If it has multiplayer only achieves, or really annoying grindy ones, I won't bother.

You're right, sometimes achievements are really boring, and nearly impossible to get!

Oh god I can see this coming ;w;
''Museum(Musèe de Cire)-Part ???-FINALE-All Endings+Achievements''
Oh and will you release an achievement guide/ending guide if there will be multiple endings?

Lol Frogge, I have to finish the demo before thinking about the complete release:p!
But yes, of course, i will do a complete guide for the release.(the "quests/puzzles" in Museum will also sometimes be hard :p)

Achievements in Museum

the feeling of accomplishing something is quite nice xD

you're right! I agree!

Achievements in Museum

For me I tend to somehow reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally want to unlock everything in games *-* idk its an addiction even mini side quests too
even if I finish a game without unlocking them all I just have to do it again *O*
well, but after some time so i get to enjoy the game... but i can't forget about it e,e

Same for me :p

I did 4 times FF7 just to have the gold chocobo and the Alexander materia. Achievements bring challenges!

Museum (Musée de Cire)

This is why I hate going to museum :P

Come in, come in, don't be afraid :D

Museum (Musée de Cire)

This game looks awosome

Thank you! ;)


I will :)

Thank you for the advice :p (I love your avatar)


So pretty! It's original art right? Because it doesn't look much like the busts in the description.

Thank U and yes, Froggy, it's my original art! For the game, i've used a bust generator, but maybe I should draw them all by myself (a lot of things more to do :p)