Museum (Musée de Cire)
An unforgettable journey is waiting for you...




So beautiful! Sub+1! ♥

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Museum - The trailer

That trailer is CRAZYYYY!!! wow! amazing! i have no words!! really looking forward to play it!!!

Thank you very much ♥ ^^

Museum - The trailer

God I feel awful for missing out on this trailer launch! School kept me so busy, but..I GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL 2 WEEKS AGO WOOOO! So yeah I should be catching up now ^^"

ohhh congratulations my Dear!!!!! ♥ ♥

I'm working on the game, but very very very slowly :p

Museum (Musée de Cire)

That trailer though...I really can't wait!!!

Time to learn French :P

Thank you ♥

The game will be available in English too :p

Virgo vs the Zodiac

Looks beautiful ♥

Museum (Musée de Cire)

i honestly can't wait to play this game, it has this dreamy world yet creepy aura to it, which i absolutely love, et encore avec une touche française "chapeau"

Merci beaucoup ;) ♥

Museum - The trailer

This is the best trailer for an RPG maker game I've seen in a while. I can't wait to play this when it comes out.

Thank you very much!! ♥

Museum - The trailer

This trailer is excellent, very well done.

I really like how you use, stock footage to help establish an emotional connection with the player
and really sell the atmosphere of your game beyond the gameplay footage that's shown:

(This is how you make a trailer, guys!)

A lot of professional commercials use this technique, because there's only so much that gameplay footage - a game shot from an overhead perspective - can tell your audience

...The only thing I'd suggest, is to edit and try to find ways to shave off those extra 30 seconds,
and keep the total running time under 2 minutes (because there's a lot of frames in this trailer,
where the audience is just looking at a black screen, you want to get rid of those,
so the message of your trailer becomes sharper and more concise; so that no time is wasted)

Not only will your trailer come off much sharper and more effectively, but generally 1:30-2:00
is usually the maximum amount of time your audience is willing to pay attention for.

Otherwise, this is excellent, very well done.♥

I hope this gets on RMN TV.

Thank you very much for your comment! You are Right! I will work on another version,shorter.

Museum - The trailer

Totally differenth thing that you need to learn.
Yeah, I guessed it...

You have to give a try. You can find a lot of examples and tutorials on the net.

It's enough "intuitive".And if you know photoshop, it will be easier i think.

Well, maybe I'll give it a try... It depends if I have time for it or not, though...

Yes you really should give a try, it's worth it!!! ♥