Museum (Musée de Cire)
An unforgettable journey is waiting for you...



Museum - The trailer

Oh yeah I heard of it, but never used it myself... Is it difficult to use? I already have experience with photoshop, so... Could this make things easier?
Totally differenth thing that you need to learn.

Btw, this trailer is amazing, I can see how much you spent time for it.
Just curious, these stock videos or you did these live action parts by yourself? :3

Thank you!!
No,these are stock videos I bought! They completely fit my needs^^

Museum - The trailer

You have to give a try. You can find a lot of examples and tutorials on the net.

It's enough "intuitive".And if you know photoshop, it will be easier i think.
Mine is based on a template i've bought and adapted to my needs.

Museum - The trailer

Thank you my dear! (your trailer is really good too!!!!!)

It's realized with adobe after effect, it's like photoshop with layers, but for video things! An amazing program, but it needs a good computer to work.

Some news

This is so beautiful. :D

Thank you ;)

Lies - OFFICIAL Trailer

It's so good!!!!

The mapping is really good, with great lightnings effects!! I loved the music and your voice too, the trailer realization is very nice!!!

Great work my Dear!


My Dear!

I love it, especially the second drawing.

Trailer is also a very good idea, it's perfect for a good visibility!

Can't wait to watch it!!



Happy birthday lies!


This is beautiful!

Some news

Iiiiiih, don't forget little kat over here D:

Kate how can i forget you???

You'll soon have translations to approve for the game !

Stay tuned ^^ ♥ ♥

No longer the Earth

Nice to see you here! Your game looks great. Love the creepy atmosphere!