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Ignore my user title... I was a weird kid. ;-;

Seriously would I be allowed to remove it every time I look at it I die a little inside but I have no money I just want it gone help
SRW2: Yoshi's Archipelag...
More Islands = Better



[Poll] What Switch game should I get?

Oh yeah
Thanks for the vote, guys :P
I got Super Mario Odyssey like 2 weeks ago or so and it's been fun, lol
Sorry for not updating to say you can stop voting!

[Poll] What Switch game should I get?

I've got BOTW - I just wanted something different. :P

[Poll] What Switch game should I get?

What's a Switch?
PC Master Race :)

I mostly just play freeware on my laptop, lol. >3>

[Poll] What Switch game should I get?

Ah, alright. ^^
I'm gonna wait a bit for more votes, but thanks for the input. :3

[Poll] What Switch game should I get?

Hey, just a question I'm curious about. I'm curious about getting a new Switch game.
I don't have access to the Nintendo online service currently so I'm looking for a good single-player experience, and I lost my dock and don't have access to a TV anyways, if that matters much. I want something I could play for a while without getting bored, like a game you'd play if you were stuck on an island. :P
Not looking for suggestions, the games in the poll are the ones I'm interested in. I know three of them are best with multiplayer, but in Smash's case I still enjoy Smash games alone, and the other two are racing games which I've always liked with or without other people.

Super Mario Bros. X

While the added NPCs and such are cool, the fact that 1.4 is a completely different version that isn't that well documented and - based on what I've heard - is being made by someone who doesn't care much about their user base, and the fact that it's a completely separate engine from 1.3, kinda puts me off from using it.
I much prefer SMBX 2.0, a similar project that is said to have been directly built off of the old SMBX somehow, plus it has Lua support.

To be honest, shouldn't downloads be made/they be added to the Engine list, or perhaps replace the current SMBX since they are both treated as updates to the engine?

Level Design

Is the classrules site down? All the pictures in the first part and the links in the second part don't work. :(

Mario's Musical Marathon

I can understand, I imagine that I'd be the same way if I ran an event and that happened.

Mario's Musical Marathon

I assume not - no news for almost exactly two months.
I guess so much SMBX in a row burned everyone out. Makes sense, honestly.

Still disappointed I wasn't able to finish anything for either of the two SMBX events recently due to my living situation. :(

Super Dr. Toadly World

And I was looking forward to seeing Aquatic Base

even if it technically wasn't mine anymore