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Seriously would I be allowed to remove it every time I look at it I die a little inside but I have no money I just want it gone help
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Super Dr. Toadly World

I had to temporarily pawn my laptop for gas, and unless someone can make SMBX work I'm ducked until the first.
Food, drink, and gas comes before games. I'll see if I can do something in the ~20 remaining days(hopefully if I get my laptop back I could do at least a level and level edits in 20 days._. ) if I can get it back.

Super Dr. Toadly World

Just submitted my level "Aquatic Apotheosis", Dr. Toadly labelled Julian's factory. I'm considering it my easy or medium difficulty level since it's relatively short and safe, where most of the challenge lies in the second half of the stage in the gauntlet - constantly changing conveyor belts with moving platforms and enemies firing projectiles from below and the sides.

I won't say I'm too proud of it and I expect many changes to be made, but I don't think it's really a bad level.
I'll be getting to Hali's level soon. .3.

Super Dr. Toadly World

Ah, if I'm not interrupted/procrastinate today, I'll finish my first level today, test Hali's level(I probably won't be doing any video tests sadly but levels are coming in slow enough that I should have any problems testing levels unless I just can't play SMBX .3.), and start on my second level.
I was hoping to finish like, 3 days ago, but I kinda suck.

Super Dr. Toadly World

Having the player controlled graphic be only a box(think Metal Gear Solid), and yes it's possible to force that, and you would have to wait and see what I have planned heh I'll get it working one way or another. Player controlled or not.

I pulled in a few more graphics and starting working on factory type stuff. This is all just a testing area, a draft. Not final, just showing stuff.

Here's my graphics so far

There is a copy of a few Toadly's here that have invisible death graphics, made so that it looks better when they go through the assembly line.

The concept in the video is very creative and makes it very much like a factory. There is a problem I see though - why would a Dr. Toadly, who is trying to create a challenge for Mario, build a factory to kill his own minions?

You said it was just a test, I know it is, so certainly you have another idea to go from here. But regardless, this is still very strange. It's... not even killing them, I guess, but I mean, it literally weakens them to the point that they are merely fodder to be thrown around. Why would a Dr. Toadly do that?

Super Dr. Toadly World

Turn the player into a box...?
Please explain, I don't understand.

And it is possible to force a player to be a certain character when they enter a level, though why would you do that?

Super Dr. Toadly World

The engine does a lot of weird stuff but that I never heard of. Was the cannon set to Random so that it always aims in the direction of the player or was it specifically meant to fire left it right and it fired the opposite direction?
More importantly, is there a practical use? .3.

bullet: oh noes a plant i must flee

Super Dr. Toadly World

Alright. Should I just wait for the next version or should I still give my thoughts on the current one when I play it tomorrow?

I did use the leaf but it just didn't feel like that's how you intended it.

Super Dr. Toadly World

Ah, so asking for a new Hypno Toad graphic. Alright.

And plz don't maim me until I finish a level ;3;

Edit: I played AnimeBryan's level and while I didn't complete it once(I got to the end, died like the 5th time I had in the level I think(I kinda suck lol) and then was called away from my computer for a while), I did enjoy it.
Only issues I found was not knowing how you intend players to get the Dragon Coin after the 3 conveyor belts up near the ceiling and the reliance on RNG with the poison mushrooms.
I'll play the full level as all three characters and give my full thoughts hopefully tomorrow.

I feel like the Hypno Toads are really kinda creepy, they give me a feeling no other GFX gives me.

Super Dr. Toadly World

If you wish to override a Toadly, please submit a request form to Toadly Labeled: Seiromem

And the request form is where?
Do I just pm you and be like "hey dude, can I have a toadly?"
Could a Dr. Toadly boss be a miniboss or are all Dr. Toadly fights full-on bosses?

i don't want you to hate me for constantly asking questions that may force you to keep editing the event page i'm just asking for clarification on details i've been thinking about or things i don't feel are clear ;3; sorry

Super Dr. Toadly World

Ah, nice. And I was hoping to be the first one with a level in. Haha

From the video I noticed your level looked very barren - not many backgrounds at all, and the rooms looked really empty and overly massive.
Also, there is a submit option - is it somewhere on the page that it's said we have to send it to Seiromem as opposed to just submitting it? I know I read the event page so I don't get why you did that, I kinda wanted to play the level.

Also, I had four questions:
Is it possible to change the priority of some backgrounds so they don't take priority over one another? Some of my background objects aren't working right when placed in front of other background objects and I'm afraid some sections won't look right or be barren as a result. ;3;
Secondly, what's the limit on secondary themes? I was considering making a level based on Sonic Robo Blast 2's Techno Hill, a mechanized grassland. If I can find the tileset for it.
Thirdly, are all Dr. Toadly's the same or are there any differences between the clones, specifically in personality?
Finally, what's the limit on bosdfights?