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Mario's Musical Marathon

Aaand I'm back out
Had to pawn my computer.

So I have to wait a month to get it back.

I highly doubt even if open-ended I can get my computer back before all level submissions are closed. -.-

Mario's Musical Marathon

I'm back as a participant again! Yay! Still working on my level though. I've tested everyone's levels except Hali's. Got some kind of error that I can't remember right now. Guess I'll just have to redownload it.

EDIT: Just noticed that event extension. That's not much of an extension at all!

I kinda agree, but to my understanding, there's a chance this event is gonna be open-ended, so even after the event "ends" we can still send in levels for a short while through PMs and stuff.

Mario's Musical Marathon

Think anyone could help me out?
I'm making a level for the song "Candy Candy", and I already started placing tiles and stuff but I'm not sure whether to use a different tileset yet. Can't find a good enough "candy" tileset - current one is just *pink* everything, and I was tempted to use the Strawberry Cake tileset instead but I want it to be specifically candy so I'm not sure? ^^;
I guess I could probably find a way to mix the two, perhaps?

Meanwhile, think anyone could help me with candy-themed bullet bills(maybe a peppermint look to them?) or pirahna plants?

Edit: BTW, Hali's stage "Hocus Pocus" is really infuriating, sorry. ;3;
I've moved on from my crusade on the unkillable Orange Magikoopas, because that first fucking screen.

You made sure that player 1 won't get hit by the Red Magikoopa on the first screen, but a player 2 if they don't move dies from it. Shouldn't the player be safe to start the level without an unkillable enemy firing at them?
Also, that first power-up. I don't see that as the "beginning of the stage", even though it's on the first screen. That's because to get to it you have to get through enemies, and that's considering the placement of the player. It gets into a lot of technicalities, but in this case, power-ups guarded by 2 unkillable enemies with homing projectiles and another killable enemy with their own projectiles. Think about it like this: if the player dies in this stage or came from another stage with no power-up, they are doing all this... for a mushroom. You fall down the hole while getting shot at, have to dodge a bunch of projectiles immediately to get to the block above the spikes, then get out of that little alcove to actually start the stage, with the potential of losing that power-up you had to fight to gain.
At the beginning of the level.
I'm sorry, I'm not intending to be rude, these are just my honest thoughts. There's too much to deal with in that one beginning screen just to start the level.

Mario's Musical Marathon

Ah, I see. So version 1.1 doesn't have the Daisy sprites. Got it.

And *oh*, I didn't think about that. I tend to check the different sections of a level for stuff if I don't see the player start positions on the first one visible, so when I saw that those didn't have music I immediately "fixed" it.
I hope it doesn't somehow mess anything up ^^;

Mario's Musical Marathon

I got my computer back finally~!

Gonna test out all the finished(meaning excluding Fourth of July since it's considered Unfinished apparently) levels myself to get back into the SMBX mood and stuff, leave notes on them, then get started on my level if I can.

Electric Daisy by AubreyTheBard
-The song is really good, though doesn't really match with the level aesthetic. Also, isn't Peach suppose to be turned into Daisy? Guess you haven't made that change yet, not sure.
-That final section is really cool, and uses a lot of the basic SMB2 asses in ways I haven't seen that often. A cool little gauntlet of sorts. :3
-The first two sections seem very lacking in coins compared to the last two. Beyond that, good job.

Feel Invincible by AubreyTheBard
-Not sure what happened, but your music on most sections were set to None, so it wasn't playing. May I also note, personal preference, it's kinda jarring for the music to go from usual SMBX stuff to normal non-video game music.
-HOLY SHIT THAT WAS AWESOME. I didn't know what I was doing but that was still awesome!
-Awesome song choice BTW, I love all I've heard from Skillet but haven't listened to that much. This song is pretty badass.
-Can I say it feels a little weird to be like "best to play with this character" I guess for thematic purposes, such as with Electric Daisy, sure, but why play as Link in this stage? What does Link have to do with this...? >3>
-This song is blood pumping and the level fits it perfectly, but like, I can' seem to get past it. Oof.

Mozart Mario by Solitayre
-Not much to say here, really solid stage here with a strong theme fitting of the music.

Hocus Pocus by Halibabica
Wasn't able to beat it, the level is pretty difficult for me but lost energy as I did - not because of the level, it's personal reasons. Sorry ^^; These are the notes I was able to get for your level.
-I wish it were more obvious what each Magikoopa did. It's already a small gauntlet to me for the player to just get their first power-up, but a bit into the level you see an Orange Magikoopa. With hope, you think you can kill it - and when you can't, you are left confused. Then it turns out it's a lava lotus. Not cool.
-TURNS OUT YOU CAN KILL BLUE MAGIKOOPAS BUT NOT ORANGE ONES. WHY. I'm actually glad you can kill the blue ones, but nothing tells you that you can't just jump on an orange magikoopa to kill it and that is really kinda annoying.
-OK, so I assumed you couldn't kill a red Magikoopa because they acted like Pirahna Plants and you can't jump on those to kill them. Also, got to the second section finally - that lava movement is pretty cool.

Mario's Musical Marathon

Pyro, you needed to have proper youtube links.

Though, apparently, the youtube tag doesn't work well with the hide-tag, so that might have been part of the issue!

I see, alright then. As I learned trying to code my Death Battle thing, the hide tags are very buggy.

Basically, if the songs are supposed to be heard one after the other (ie. the music wasn't made with the intention of me only listening to song 2, disregarding songs 1 and 3) then it's perfectly fine, if the songs are linked by name alone then it's a no - Now honestly I'd say that they don't link but honestly I haven't even heard anything that sounds remotely like this before so I'll leave it at your discretion Pyro

I see...
Well, using that judgement, I guess not. I guess I could do Intro + Rabbit Hole, though. Intro is the beginning of the album Masquerade, but is at the same time the intro to Rabbit Hole - kinda like how Remnants is the intro to Asylum(both the album and the song. Weird.) I could probably make a case for it being the intro to Masquerade, but to include Outro would make an even bigger leap in logic given it's not even on the same album. ^^;
Eh, I've got time to think about it.

Mario's Musical Marathon

Are you okay Frogge?
I'm not a big fan of music pre-70s and I don't know much music pre-90s, and I agree with much of what you said, but you're riding the line between stating your opinion as fact as in saying old music is objectively bad, and getting defensive about others making their points or jokingly getting defensive themself. And that's the thing - you don't seem to be joking. ^^;

Mario's Musical Marathon

(Ok sorry for the double post but I think something got bugged on my end - none of the code seems to be working, nor the line breaks, and I can't even edit it :( )

Mario's Musical Marathon

[quote author=Intro][b]Your level must utilise your favourite song as it's sole and only theme[/b], remixes and alternative versions can be used in conjunction but it must be clear that the songs are obviously related.[/quote] So, that means I'm allowed to use "Rabbit Hole"'s intro song aptly named "Intro", "The Masquerade", and "Outro" all by Go! Child in one level since they are all basically the same song with slightly different lyrics? [hide][youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube][/hide] I had an idea for just Masquerade, but I figure if allowed I could use all 3 in one level to give like, a 3 act structure of sorts to the level.

Mario's Musical Marathon

I got the PM and, I'll admit, I'm surprised as to how quiet this has been.
If I get my computer back on the third of next month I'm trying my damndest to make a level :P

And the fact that this is a music-based event really makes me want to just jump through space and time to get my computer now, because I'm recognizing none of these songs so far and I want to squeeze in some of my own music taste.