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Wambu Combo: Ill Will Playthrough/Critique

Yeah, for whatever reason the website we used for that takes all the videos down after a while. I think we still have them somewhere, but we'll need to do some digging...

Now on GameJolt. Wish me luck.

Just sent a friend request!

I'm thinking of putting my game up on there too, but I may wait until I get a new beta out.


The houses, the houses, the houses are on fire... but the roofs aren't?



The mapping her is absolutely gorgeous. Keep it up!

New Combat System - Alpha Test

Overall I like what I'm seeing, but the long charge time that comes along with the attack is going to get very old very fast. Since this seems to almost always kill in one hit based upon what I see, you could either offer up some faster, weaker attacks to go along with the slow but powerful attack. Just a suggestion!

I bash thyself.

While this is just my opinion, I find the story of Enelysion to be one of the better written I've seen. While some of the major plot points do tend to come in later, the world building you set up made it worth while to experience. Every area has an air of life to it, and the character interactions you set up are believable and interesting. I actually really like how you handled Ralph's pacifistic characteristics when he left the party. You handled the archetype well, and I really enjoyed the decisions you made in his development.

Enelysion is a wonderful game, I believe. Keep up the good work in your next project.


Interesting! Those status icons are really really nice. It's nice and readable, provided there's an icon explanation at some stage.

I'm hoping that they'll be obvious enough so not too much explanation will be needed, but I guess if there comes a time where its needed I'll put in a brief explanation.

Cutscene art... and less than 1.5 months until D-Day. ._.

I like that you moved the Guide and the Gain Stats to the menu. It was getting a tad irritating to have to navigate the Status menu to get to the Distribute Stats.

I sent you my bug stuff for the demo a while ago, by the way. Hopefully it's still in your inbox!

Update + Wambu Combo RPG Review!

Let me know when the new version's up and I'll be sure to grab it- I somehow hadn't touched anything yet. BTW did you end up using any of my remixes in there?

Unfortunately no, we haven't. For the most part we've been making our own music.

I still really appreciate you giving us music! It's a really nice gesture :3