This is Gravity Pipe's memory in its most basic form. Different colors represent memory allocated by different users. White represents memory that no-one is currently using, and that gray box is your selector, which you can move around with the arrow keys.

Heaps of trouble

You raise a valid point, and it's something I've tried to be cognizant of the whole time I've been writing this. I'm not doing a lot of the more complicated and speedy things that I could be doing (delta graphics, using C instead of python, etc.) because I don't need to do them and they would my code rather bloated.

In this case, when I started I underestimated how fast Python was by a rather significant amount. By the time I figured out I was wrong, I had already finished. No biggie.

Gravity Pipe

interesting and extremely original, sounds like it could be a lot of fun (I hope it can be played by people who don't know wtf is going on in a computer, or barely, though I imagine it will be much more fun if one does?)!

Yes. The intended audience is people who are at least sort of familiar with navigating via a command line, but even that isn't required.


I see nothing wrong with that statement >_>
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