The Guardian

You will need to find and beat the ghost of rusta 4 times I think

The Guardian

Thanks for playing and giving me feedback, greatly appreciated!
I think the solutions you present makes sense, I'm also thinking that maybe agility increase-rate should never go above 1, then I'm thinking: maybe I should do a hard mode implementing all these features.

The Guardian

Do you mean like a FFVII weapon? Those hard to beat enemies that can be seen flying around randomly?

The Guardian

Yes, there really should be a Guardian ice and fire, I'll probably put it in an upcoming update.

Since 2 out of 3 attacks are magical why not make a balanced build this way:

spend all your BP on sword and armor (armor protects against both magical and physical attacks)

spend the majority of ap on m-attack since most enemies probably will have a magical weakness.

this will make you strong on magic attacks and cover both fire and ice.

also a high max-hp will help out a lot, say you have 300 max-hp, using a potion then will equal using 3 potions with a max-hp of 100.

Adding a fourth point of some sort to increase magic would certainly help me balancing the game difficulty, maybe not a bad idea.

About the forest with the gloves, maybe because all enemies there are weak to magic? :)

About the letters, they where added rather late in an update. I dont know if they add to the game or if they are just confusing and strange. Perhaps even poorly written? English is not my first language, feedback?

The Guardian

Good job! I'd love to see your stats after that 100% completion. Can you PM me?

The boss battles is a measurement of strength really. You use the same tactic as I do.

the dragon has 300,000+ hp, I guess thats what you meant.
the first boss wouldn't be so easy if you were using a magic build instead of sword I guess.

The Guardian

Thanks for playing! No cave that you can enter from the beginning should be too hard to handle, but maybe the game is too hard overall? I'd appreciate feedback on that.

The Zelda-style map transitions is the first thing I did in the development of this game, I'm happy with the result.

I got a question regarding random pickups but there is no random pickups, every pickut has it's own evented placement.

That remains a mystery... :) Shouldn't every game have a strange and mysterious room?

I have updated the download!

Lowered price on potions
Spelling and grammar fixes /Thanks bigtime and Roy
And (maybe a little overkill) stats and damage now support numbers up to 1 million

New downloads available!

You will have to beat at least the first castle to get there, they are not very weak.

The Guardian Review

Thanks for the review! The game has been updated and it's now harder to reach a ridiculously high agility stat. Still possible though as one of the first and most important ideas of this game is to let you as the player build your character however you like.

The Guardian

Congratulations! You are the first to beat the game as far as I know.

The Guardian

Can you help me a little?
Where is the Guardian Sword? I got the hint about it being hidden in the village. I couldn't find it with the dog with 7 scrolls. I can't find out where else to search.

I also suggest that you make a mode where monsters respawn. I can't move on because the only monsters I find kill me in 1 hit.

A little help for you
You must use the item found in Kain castle in the centre of the village

I'll make a special dungeon where enemies respawn on exit. / thanks for the tip.

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