Blackmoon Prophecy II: "The Crystal War" Story Expansion

New summons poll:


Umbral Soul

Been a bit but I'll also drop some encouragement for you. I am definitely still following the project and eagerly awaiting the update/rerelease/new version/whatever you'll call it but definitely take your time! You're basically making an entire new game on top of it so it's going to take a while!

PS my offer to beta still stands though thankfully I am no longer unemployed (unthankfully, I start at 4 AM so that sucks lol)

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

I started a new playthrough and noticed that you can't see Karina's legs when she is facing left or right and it's all I can look at now it's so distracting.

Shukumei Star

That makes sense. I could test it if you like, since I'm still early enough that a restart wouldn't bother me.

Regardless, hopefully I got the suggestion in under the wire for the sequel update. ;)

Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy

So cool to see this updated! Been going through and the early game is a lot more manageable now!

I have run into a really odd issue, though. I'm grinding (and grinding, and grinding... having rotten luck) for 1000 Needles, and Siegfried is healing Cactuars with his (non-elemental, I've triple checked his weapon!) normal attack.

Shukumei Star

Ah, more than those four. All right. I was considering restarting and holding off on getting stars so I could fully customize their paths haha. I'll keep on going then! Good to know about the Thief Cave, too.

As for the ATB, I distinctly remember Everlong used to have the slow bar issue, because the patch that fixed that is what got me to finally redownload and follow along with it so definitely that one may help. I can't remember if Blackmoon Prophecy ever had the problem, but it does also use DynRPG so it will probably help too!

Shukumei Star

Put a couple hours in since my last comment. Few comments/questions

1. The new difficulty changes are noticeable to me right away. I know you say it should be easier overall, but man the beginning feels really rough to me. Not bad at all, just tougher than I remember. Had to do a bit of grinding.
2. Once the thief guy joins, is it no longer possible to fight thieves in the cave? All I was finding were the other two enemies, which were much rarer than thieves before he joined
3. Are the four characters that I have now the only four I'll get?

Most important:

There is a script or plugin or something (I am...not well versed in RPGMaker terms haha) that fixes the ATB speed issues in RMN2K3 that I super suggest you look into. Most of the games that used RMN2K3 that still get updated (Everlong, Blackmoon Prophecy, etc) use it so you could maybe talk to the creators for more information. It really makes gameplay much less of a slog.

Shukumei Star

This update was a nice surprise! Now I have no excuse for not going through it. Never got too far in the past (looking at the star list, Corax Temple is the last thing I remember), but hopefully things will be different this time!

Do you have any plans for an update to the sequel as well?


I still have the installer downloaded. I'll re-install it. This actually isn't the first time I've had an issue with the VX Ace engine. I also have Umbral Soul, and Umbral Soul's game.exe keeps randomly disappearing. I don't have that issue with Elvenpath, oddly enough though...

Umbral Soul is being flagged by your antivirus (it's a false positive so don't worry). Just tell your AV to ignore it and it should stop vanishing.

Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy II

I found a bug with the Plus patch.

I hit the third world map, did some side-stuff (including getting all the optional characters and Lukahn's Lab) and when I try to get on Winter I get an error message and the game crashes.
Who did you have as your party leader?
Silas. Then I tried it again as Zephyr and it happened with him as well.