I am not a newbie I play about 24 years and I have a long journey of games before me count me in of course,only the best titles will get my subscribes ;)



Frequently Asked Questions

Well,everybody can defeat that rift entity...even for me.

lol he's got the point there yeah I myself did beat him 2 times ;)

Bug Reports

I keep getting an error that says unable to find file graphics/titles1/universe

Hey bro this page is for game bugs not for bugs for your lack of information and inteligence...But yeah i know no one have to know everything,no? :)

Testing: Bugs & Changes

You have to know there is a minor bug in the third town named Mobliz,when i click on the firewood down there it write some popup bug and close the game.I am playing right now.I am level 24 in sky tower but i thought i will tell you about the bug :) keep up the good work your game is really complex that's why I play 2nd day your game :)))
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