I am not a newbie I play about 24 years and I have a long journey of games before me count me in of course,only the best titles will get my subscribes ;)



Maker Gear Rising


Final Fantasy Discovery

I meant that I am a member for a few years but never mind it was at least a little bit overkill my language yesterday :D I hope december 2015 is a really bad guess :)

Final Fantasy Discovery

December 2015 :D lol you can go fuck with your game till that only my arse will be waiting for this shait that long :D now I can expect a ban after a few years no? :D

Final Fantasy Discovery

I have only one question :D When the game will be finished? It looks it will be in summer? Or it will be soon? I'll be happy as a BIG FF fan who finished every PS FF game even the 13/2 to have it soon in my soon then? :) honor


i'll try something too man :D something like crysis but it will take a while of course :)


GREAT AND HAPINNESSSSSSSSS !!! ;) I love your games :)))

Valiant Blade

Subscribed and patiently waiting :))) honor


Subscribed already your work is so good so far....but again give me some big boss to beat mission in episode 5 ok :) ;) honor


Another good job so far :))) honor

A Chained Destiny

Big talking and demo isn't anywhere...what's up?
I said it's coming soon.
It will be up later today or tomorrow.

my mistake i messed up the date i thought it's january of this year :DDD I will be waiting then i subscribed already because it looks great ;)
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